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Oh? A challenge?!? Actually, probably not directed at me since AoMM is not the Costco of anime screenshots but definitely a veiled shot at a few bloggers. This begs the question: if Snakes on a Plane was heavily influenced by bloggers and pandered to bloggers, is it a good thing for an anime series to do the same? My guess: N-O. Oh, well, I’ll dedicate this post to my second favorite Hayate character: Hinagiku! Let’s sing her praises.


I am highly disappointed that we get a fanservice beach episode, and both Hina and Maria are MIA. So starved of good fanservice, these started to look good… shudder:


Wait a sec… OH GEASS NO:


Aside from the lack of Maria fanservice, I had a few good laughs during this episode, especially the Twilight Zone-ish scene at the end when Katsuga-sensei finds you-know-who piloting the plane as well as the mecha for the sake of mecha. The scene where they found out what rooms they had was pretty good too. And, of course, Orange-kun.

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  1. Unkai! Unkai!

    And what’s this? Shota, in my Hayate? I’d had about enough of Taiga-bocchan in the last episode, and now this? :P

    This episode had some good moments, but it seemed even more random than usual. The combined with a serious lack of Maria fanservice, and I give it a solid rating of meh.

  2. The wierdest part of the episode for me were the Zambot 3 vs. Lancelot sequences… References are all good and well, but they didn’t exactly flow right.

  3. Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    So they figure the ED part with her in a swimsuit is enough but all the other chars get more? Blasphemy!
    I bet her room would have been full of flowers and vacuums, all surrounding a pool table.

  4. What monkey is she… that’s physically impossible

  5. i couldn’t help but cry laughing at the parodies in this one. Negima?! had it coming too.

  6. No Maria in swimsuit? I’m soooo disappointed. -_-
    With SZS picking up pace too, seems we have no less than three series airing that like to make references (subtler and less subtle) to other shows. Is this a new trend amongst the studios or something?

  7. I’ll be darned if I can find it now (the curse of hitting too many blogs and forums) but the screen capture otaku have been at work. That didn’t just mean small images like you (and I did the same) captured. No, these guys captured those pan-and-scan fanservice images and quite impressively too.

    As for the episode, I loved it. I didn’t see the “Negima!?” reference though (if Unscrupulous Sousuke could let me know, that’d be great since in my own blog entry, I tried to note some things (including the first mecha, which was from “Muteki Chōjin Zanbot 3” (which I’d never heard of, but I got lucky in tracking down the parody reference).

  8. Not enough Hinagiku, no Maria at all…

    damn, that was the whole point in this beach episode :(
    not that I don´t say no to Nagi, but just not enough fanservice.

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