screams “b-movie”

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is being turned into a live action movie. Besides screaming b-movie and ketchup-styled blood effects, can they find twin actresses in Japan as well-endowed as the Sonozakis? Or are they going to CG that?

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  1. Well, if you can’t wait for the Live Action you can also get the AV version:

  2. [quote]Or are they going to CG that?[/quote]

    For some reason, the mental image of Shion pulling a Leonidas over Mion came to my mind.

  3. Oh man I can’t wait.

  4. [quote post=”1140″]Or are they going to CG that?[/quote]
    The question is can CG even manage to do it?

  5. casts(K1->Mion->Rena->Satoko->Rika)


  6. [quote comment=”152785″]casts(K1->Mion->Rena->Satoko->Rika)


    The scene when Shion pulled out her own nails made me cringe, but the guy that is playing K1 just straight up made me shit myself, in the bad way.

  7. This is gonna suck. Good thing Hanyuu isn’t in it. *goes into Shion mode* She…isn’t in it….right?

  8. o_- why is K1 being played by some chick with Joker makeup on?

  9. [quote comment=”152794″]o_- why is K1 being played by some chick with Joker makeup on?[/quote]

    No one knows….but the question is, once it airs….will anyone notice?

  10. The trailer is out, I don’t have high expectation for this one. Maybe it’ll be good, maybe it’ll suck. Instead I prefer waiting for the now-annouced third season!

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