the less said, the better

Just finished watching Gurren Lagann 22 and wanted to say something: I love this series.

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  1. Don’t you mean “Gurren Lagann 22“? o_O

  2. >Gurren Lagann 22
    I’m about to watch this. After I close my browser for taking up too much CPU usage.

    While Gurren Lagann’s not my favourite these past seasons (actually, it’s quite low on my anticipation list), it sure works some magic between all the hyper chaos and powerful epic moments. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so action-packed and manly-tears in the animation scene.

  3. gurren lagan has made it into my top animes i’ve watched. in fact it overtook FLCL in terms of crazy limitless energy and power :D

  4. Gurren Lagann 22 is great.
    The only thing that makes it even more greater is the fact that we still have 4 episodes left! (Imagine what will happen?)
    Watching Gurren Lagann is like watching 2 or 3 seasons of other anime. There are so much stories, actions and character developments that sometimes it is hard to believe that this is only just 22 episode in the series.
    IMHO, Gurren Lagann have just set a new bar. It would be hard to enjoy other giant robot anime after having watched Gurren Lagann.
    Rock on, GL. :)

  5. If I play a game… And I get to choose my weapon… I will choose a drill…

    Anyway, can someone tell me wth did it trying to says at the commercial cut?

    “Row Row, Fight the Powah” ?

    or did they engrish’ed the “Roll roll, with the power” ?

  6. Simply amazing. Can’t say much more than that – can’t wait to see the final, arc, the Simon arc and see how what is already by and far my favorite anime of all time comes to an end.

  7. I am loving this so much that I NEED to watch it the first possible moment. Which is why I download it at work, wait untill everyone goes, then ‘borrow’ a more powerfull laptop (as my work PC cant handle the MKV).

    [quote post=”1150″]we still have 4 episodes left![/quote] *cough* 5 episodes.

    I always thought it was “Go, Go! Fight the Power!”
    Well, turned into “Go, Go! Fight the Powah!”

    [quote post=”1150″]It would be hard to enjoy other giant robot anime after having watched Gurren Lagann.[/quote]You know… Now that I think about it, I stoped watching Gigantic Formula and Idolmaster Xenoglossia around when I did start watching this….

  8. I’m still lagging in terms of watching it, barely even reached Episode 10 yet but I’m still loving it to bits as well. ^^

  9. Agree

  10. gee cyclops that’s a real sacrifice…. lol

  11. [quote comment=”152930″]Don’t you mean “Gurren Lagann 22“? o_O[/quote]
    This is why I stopped blogging past my bedtime. Can’t even get a 15 word post right. Simon’s ability to break time and space also broke my post. :)

  12. Usually when I watch an episode like GL 22 where a series does something so incredibly over the top like they did (twice, even), that’s where I start losing interest, since in most cases, it’s over the top because the writers thought that was a good substitute for an actual coherent plot. But for some reason it just works with GL.

  13. i think Yoko must have somehow taught him that ability a while back before the time jump.

  14. Ore wa dare ga to omotte?

  15. [quote post=”1150″]Simon’s ability to break time and space also broke my post.[/quote]
    As a note, for those who didn’t realise it…. Simon’s drill is one that just pieced the heavens…

  16. err, pierced not pieced… Wow. that is the worst spelling ive managed for a while…

  17. Nia! You must survive!!!

  18. gargasm

  19. For those who are having problems getting episodes after gl13, go to BSS on and their bots ([BSS]Kamina and [BSS]Nia) have eps 14 through 22 available for XDCC.

  20. I hope this doesn’t mean you’re not gonna do a big post on this episode. I need an order of sports cross-referencing with a side of GL.

  21. My jaw was dropping.
    During part 1.

    I have no idea what my mind was doing during part 2 since the OTT AWESOMENESS was preventing me from thinking straight.

  22. Simon’s ability to break time and space also broke my post.

    My first thought when I saw that happen was, “Dude, he just knocked that guy outta the universe with that punch!”

  23. [quote post=”1150″]I love this series.[/quote]
    Who doesn’t?

  24. Me.

  25. [quote comment=”152973″]Me.[/quote]

  26. [quote comment=”152966″]Simon’s ability to break time and space also broke my post.

    My first thought when I saw that happen was, “Dude, he just knocked that guy outta the universe with that punch!”[/quote]

    I was thinking it was something like the ending to Scrapped Princess, which I won’t spoil, but essentially revealed why their world was so curious…

  27. Is this really going to end at 26? It seems like there’s still so much to do. Intergalactic Government? That doesn’t sound like the anti-spirals to me; it’s something much bigger. That’d be a major rush job for 4 eps. Maybe there will be a second season.

  28. It looks like there’s gonna be a SECOND time jump in 23. Simon looks rather more mature in the next episode thing.

    What’s the proper term for part 1….Robogasm? Gattaigasm? Gattaigasm works well.



    I only hope and pray that the Evangelion remakes are this packed with giant robot goodness. They can safely drop, oh, 99% of the ‘story’ from the originals and I’d be happy.

    Gainax is starting to kick ass again, after the low point that was NGE. This, Gunbuster 2, the one long fanservice fest that was Abenobashi…(I think I was one of the few who didn’t like FLCL because it was just too damn random. If you’re going to try to be dramatic, be dramatic. If you’re going to try to be a gag series, be a gag series. Trying to combine the two makes baby Jebus cry. And can result in cases of Mai Otome.)

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