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This post is full of words and makes me tired.


Wait? Actual plot-like substance in my Raki Suta?!? Most of the episode felt like any old Lucky Star episode, with only less Haruhi-related advertising than usual, and the portion about Konata’s mom caught me off-guard as if I were sitting on fastball and take strike three looking at a curveball. My gosh, not only was it enjoyable, contained some backstory, fleshed out the characters, heart-warming, and was mildly funny, it was pretty more character development than the past 50 episodes of Bleach. (Don’t worry. Won’t be the last Bleach reference for this post.)


In addition to the bit about Konata’s mom, this episode had it’s share of enjoyable one-liners. I’m share some in the next section, but a few more episodes like this one, and Lucky Star would be back in the race for an end of the year award not named “Best Molesting By Petting Zoo Deer.” On the downside, this episode did feature very little Tsukasa… but it also featured very little Miyuki. Also, we’re upgrading the Chris Hansen Homeland Security Alert Level for Konata’s dad from orange to red.

Shooting Stars


Wait, Tsukasa has a remote for turning off her lights?!? I want one!

(Am I referring to Tsukasa or the remote that turns off the light? Mmmm…)


Gotta love LOL FANG-SENSEI’s nose as she goes into Baseball Tonight mode. Didn’t think she was a baseball fan… but I was impressed by the two spin-off rants afterwards. Miyuki’s was memorable just because I kept wondering, “Miyuki definitely needs to be involved in an incident with tentacles.” Then Konata’s follow up about how the American’s deem their champs as “World Champions”… well… considering that the USA got its ass kicked in both the World Baseball Classic (ridiculous, contrived event) and the FIBA Basketball Championship (ridiculous, contrived event… I mean… travelling? In basketball? What is this? 1976?!?) in 2006. But remember that most of the world’s best players play in the American leagues. Japan’s best are in Seattle, New York, Boston, and elsewhere, and the Pride of Taiwan is a frickin’ Yankee, and I haven’t even gotten to all the Latin American players yet. In Basketball? The best German got embarrassed in Oak Town, the best player from Congo got mentioned in a State of the Union address by Bush, the best tall Chinese dude is in Houston, the second best tall Chinese dude will get exposed very badly, the French dude bagged a Desperate Housewife, and on and on.

If the NBA and MLB has the best players from around the world, then, yes, I can support their claims of being “world champions.” If MLS tried it, I would laugh as loud as I did watching An Evening with Kevin Smith.


Ugh. Forgot this is my anime blog. A Yukata grooving along to headphones is fine too. The top spot on my iPod currently is held by Darren Haye’s On the Verge of Something Wonderful. The song is fantastic, and the video is great as well… people who watched MTV in the 1980’s before they stopped showing music videos will appreciate it. Ugh. Forgot this is my anime blog. Again. At least #2 on my iPod is Eiko Shimamiya’s Naraku no Hana, which I’m enjoying tremendously. It’s the single best thing about season 2, and I can only forecast a Shion/Mion/Rena/Takano wet T-shirt contest as topping it. This has got to be the first time in history that an anime blog links to a video featuring a gay Australasian pop singer and a video featuring little girls holding blood-stained butcher’s knives as is somewhat relevant to the post.


“I’m still underaged.”

Wha– ? Why was Konata commenting on Kagami’s gesturing and not on the “I’m still underaged” comment?!? I’m brimming with questions about the context in which that sentence was used.

(Andohbytheway, Konata, play some Wii with your spare hand.)



(Sorry, couldn’t help it.)


Careless with borrowing other people’s videogames… careless with loaning other people games… Misao sounds like one of those hedge funds that horded subprime loans. I’d keep my copy of Jeanne D’arc away from her.


Definitely enjoy Tsukasa’s carefree, clueless look, but she’s reading (I think) Bleach. Ugh. Thinking about it, what would be the funniest thing Tsukasa be reading in this situation? Death Note? Some random h-doujinshi? Love Hina?

(Wait, Potemkin? They’re making a 3D Guilty Gear game… only it’s a not a traditional fighter. Ugh. They should just make a shark-man type character and have Sol gunflame over him just to seal the fate of that once proud franchise. Note to self: I write an anime blog. Anime. I forget sometimes.)


I enjoyed however little of Tsukasa we got in this episode, and I enjoyed her trying to sleep montage, which is spectacular on many levels: Sleepy Tsukasa, Wide Awake Tsukasa, Tsukasa surrounded by bears. But what really makes it really great? The fact it is so easy and (in)appropriate to make comments like, “Why do I become wide awake at the sight of [fill in the blank]’s throbbing manhood?”


In ten years, Kagami will weigh:

1. More than Nia.
2. More than Yoko’s melonpan.
3. More than Gurren Lagann.
4. More than Rossiu’s ego during episodes 18-23.


“This is a Konata that will open a bag of chips!”



Why did Yukata take some of this stuff out of the jar, want Konata to close the jar, then try to open the jar afterwards? Doesn’t she want the jar to remain closed? And if it is the famed jam-mu, shouldn’t it remained sealed under the Yucca Mountain range?


Another highlight was after Konata asked for her dad’s definition of “lolicon,” she tells him that he fails at life. Classic. Except, the joke is on her! He bagged a loli-like-substance-wife and currently lives with two that would follow in her footsteps. By his own definition, he wins at life. Of course, this begs the question: is Konata’s dad a best case scenario for the typical anime fanboy with a worst case being a cross between Pink Supervisor and anyone nabbed by a Chris Hansen journalistic report?


My response to Kanata’s query in is in the form of a 1980s music video about the fate of her cute daughter. Enjoy.


Laughed at Kanata’s mom’s response at Konata’s dad asking Konata about h-game tips for unlocking h-content. Anytime you can interrupt a heartwarming family moment with some h-game-fueled comedy, I’m gonna laugh. I’m that easy.


Konata’s dad’s new camera looks like a typical Canon PowerShot. Didn’t he have an SLR a few episodes back?


“The energy that some people put into their hobby is scary.”

Mmm… 1,093 posts and let’s say 30 minutes on average per post… about 23 full days of my life writing about anime. I suddenly feel kilograms of despair. Then I realized I have game saves of FFX, Disgaea, and Halo that encourage hundreds of hours… plus the time I spent on FFXI… WoW… and it then I suddenly feel megatons of despair. Or how about the rounds of golf that I played or NCAA football games that I’ve watched. If only I had the chance to read this book when I was younger, maybe I could have improved the lives of others instead of just taking anime screenshots and searching for delicious ツンデレ fanservice. After that sandstorm of despair, I realized that thinking that way is just the path of failure (see Supervisor, Pink and Rossiu) and that whatever hope I bring, it’s enough.


Wait?!? No Akira?!? No Taniguchi?!? I’m in serious, serious withdrawal. After two weeks without watching any Lucky Star, I don’t get Akira or Taniguchi?!? Noooooooooo! Oh, well, at least Real Life Taniguchi is still up to his real life antics. Remember my post where I suggested someone like Brad Pitt should do live action Kamina? I think I changed my mind… Taniguchi! He’s a perfect fit. And if they made a live action ice show for Gurren Lagann, all better for a fit.

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  1. you forgot blanket-up-to-nose tsukasa

    and that looks strangely similar to akiko jam…

  2. Yeah that kanata part just made the entire episode awesome for me.
    I wish for more miyuki.

  3. is that a full version of naraku no hana you’re listening to? I’ve only found the tv size. link like you provided us with the konata “sore ga ai desho”? please?

  4. That’s a Nikon Coolpix, I think. I have that camera at home.

  5. [quote comment=”153225″]is that a full version of naraku no hana you’re listening to? I’ve only found the tv size. link like you provided us with the konata “sore ga ai desho”? please?[/quote]

    try nipponsei

  6. Okay, You live in the Bay Area, are addicted to sports, games, anime, and presumably Savage Garden fan, and now you tell me you’re Taiwanese to boot? If I didn’t know that your name is different than mine, and that I don’t write this blog, I’d just as soon think that I had a split blogging personality….

    This is eerie.

  7. hey testsuei, i’m all those things too. wanna hang out

  8. Hehe, I was hoping you’d have something interesting to say about the whole baseball segment. Not being much of a sports fan, I didn’t really have any interesting material to work with.
    Also, your iPod selections earn a hearty Nice Guy Pose™ thumbs up from me.
    And as for the “I’m still underaged” comment, obviously they were inviting her to have a drink. It sounded like it was one of her dad’s business associates, judging from the nature of the conversation and her keigo. Exchanges like that are actually surprisingly common in Japan, so no cause for alarm.
    Plus, Kagami’s most likely already 18 at this point in the series, so drinking is the only thing that she could still be underage for. ;)
    Anyway, the segment with Kanata was indeed the highlight of the episode, and caught me rather off guard as well. I liked that it didn’t feel contrived or out of place even though it took a much more serious tone than usual. Oh, and welcome back! :d

  9. Jaalin, now it’s starting to get creepy.

  10. Come to think of it, Potemayo just had an episode full of uncharacteristic seriousness, plot-like substance, back story, character development and heartwarming emotion featuring the mother of a main character. And it didn’t feel out of place at all either.

  11. lol Jaalin, didn’t know you were a blog stalker. ;)

    Although I live in SoCal, I’m in the Bay Area pretty frequently. We should have a big anime blogger get together. :D

  12. [quote post=”1157″]Plus, Kagami’s most likely already 18 at this point in the series, so drinking is the only thing that she could still be underage for.[/quote]
    You forgot smoking

  13. she is underage in japan

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