harem sabermatrics v4

Been a while since I updated this spreadsheet. Rev 4 is ready. Check out the archive of rev 1 if you have any questions about what any of this gibberish means. I think, in the future and if I have time, I’d love to add in some hard stats, like measurement/height/weight if I can actually find that info (Wikipedia generally doesn’t have it). If anything, to support my theory that Sakai Yuji has both the oldest and shortest non-Bottle Fairy harem in anime history.

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  1. why have nanoha and fate in the pic when they’re not on the chart? want nanoha and fate on the chart somehow

  2. You forgot the most infamous harem series in the history: School Days.

  3. In the game of school days, there are no winners to chart.

  4. >You forgot the most infamous harem series in the history: School Days.
    So… NICE BOATS needs to be a category now?

  5. I’m baffled as to how Ichigo 100% and I”s got left off the list..

    I mean, that’s as harem as harem gets.

    Also, motion to bar School Days from the list on that Makoto is a pimp, not a harem-having loser.

  6. 4% in MILF

    which one is that!

  7. I motion for a Girl Next Door category.

  8. ^__^ Excellence has come oncemore. For a second, I thought this was going to be a post comparing VORP and FIP to common measures of harem success. Who would be leading the league in getting on base?

  9. Going to note that Makoto being a pimp doesn’t bar him from the list. I shall note Kanon 2k6 Yuichi seemed to have a decently strong pimp hand in my opinion.

    Seconding the addition of Ichigo 100% though. Seriously, the hell? Even has childhood friend/lolibate in there.

    Also randomly curious as to why include Nanoha and Fate, but the little chibi pictures are neat nonetheless. Need to find higher res versions for fun laters.

    And stuff and stuff.

  10. >> I’m baffled as to how Ichigo 100% and I’’s got left off the list..

    ‘cuz no one submitted a harem table for that those? I don’t do all the work myself. You are more than welcome to submit more data for the spreadsheet. ;)

  11. And now a more important point: In the spreadsheet, the key on the .pdf lacks the background colors to explain which is which.

  12. “So… NICE BOATS needs to be a category now?”

    I second the motion. o/

  13. you killed the key colours. How should I remember what each colour means now?

    You know… this is getting big enough that it could almost ask for its own database driven page…. imagine hovering over for a picture… following links… being able to distinguish between two people in the same category when one of them is the winner….

    Damn, i think I know my next useless half-finished project…

  14. Momoka should be removed from’s Keroro’s row, and Mois should be placed under childhood friend. Pururu also belongs in that field.
    For Fuyuki, whose harem is more substantial:
    Rich girl: Momoka Nishizawa (also classmate)
    MILF: Aki Hinata (<–in the lead, not even joking)
    Older Sister: Natsumi Hinata (not really an onee-sama, though)
    Underclassmen: Haruko (from side story)
    Classmate: Chiruyo Tsukigami
    Mysterious girl: Angol Mois (?), Alisa Southerncross, Mermaid from Nontoruma
    Itsuki: Saburo aka Mutsumi, Keroro

    under consideration: Koyuki? Sumomo? Neko-chan? Poyon? Poyan? Rabie? etc. etc.

  15. Also, Athrun Zala should be removed from the Magikano row.
    I don’t know what that’s doing there either.

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