minami-ke, pattern of love

Haruka! Food!


Happy to finally get some decent Haruka screen time. You know whenever Chiaki and/or Kana get into trouble and Haruka doesn’t want to deal with it but she knows she has to? Haruka develops the same o_o;; that Maria has whenever Nagi and Hayate “misunderstand” each other. I swear, put a meido outfit on Haruka, and it’s like Maria’s twin.


In other news, I’ve been enjoying both Minami-ke and VectorMagic. It does a good job for relatively uncomplex images, but really has problems with shading and gradients. Almost wish it had an outline out where we can just color ourselves. Also wish it was better at forming logical polygons to make editing afterwards easier.

Original; Click for Final Result

Also, no one has gotten my mystery series right. The first hint I gave out was that it has never been mentioned in this blog before, so if you do search and find it, it’s not that. The second hint relates to Minami-ke: the mouth.

Funniest Moments


The grabbing between Kana and Riko. The amazing thing isn’t the defective personality of Kana, but how Asread (the animation studio) managed to fit in a skirt-grabbing gag that didn’t involve any skirts between torn off. If this happened in any other series, the skirts would be flying with a 50% chance of fanservice. By not going that route, that’s inspired comedy from Minami-ke, my friends.




Some unholy combination of Shaft’s video game nostalgia and Kenny. I don’t think randomly parodying video games in anime is that funny, but I do think that the game was hideously absorbing enough that Kana and Chiaki couldn’t stop playing, thus leading to Haruka’s Maria face. Now that’s funny. o_o;;


We need to arrange a pay-per-view beach volleyball game between Nia and Haruka. I’ll set odds at Nia minus 6.


Since I don’t care to remember his name, I’ll just call him “The Sweaty Guy.” Anyway, the conclusion to the first Sweaty Guy bit was funny just because he was fantasizing about Haruka wiping his sweat, and that’s exactly what she did at the end. Anyway, I find him sickly hilarious, almost like Minami-ke‘s version of Kankuro, only he doesn’t go “~nyaa” and instead of challenge letters, it’s Haruka wiping him down. In both cases, both men live in delusional fantasies.


Minami-ke‘s version of SEED mode!


Minami-ke‘s bizarro version of emo facial distortion!

(They get un-distorted and look realistic. Horrifying!)

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  1. One thing I noticed from Minami-ke is how entertaining the boys are. Sure, nobody watches moe comedy shows for the boys, but when used properly, boy characters can serve as comedic counterparts for the lead girls in a way that other girls just can’t. Tragically sweet and unfortunate Fujioka, sweaty delusional prettyboy Hosaka, and impetuous (and traptastic!) buffoon Makoto have me laughing pretty much whenever they’re on screen.

    Minami-ke is turning out better than Strawberry Marshmallow (Ichigo Mashimaro) so far – and I love Strawberry Marshmallow.

  2. “Call me Papa” rofl

    Actually, this one is animated by Doumu (Ichigo Mashimaro, Cabbage Love). Asread’s version (Shuffle!) should be out in January (instant remake, I presume, since the manga has only 4 volumes out).

    I hope Asread’s version includes the fanservice; in the manga, Chiaki’s and Kana’s panties are fully visible in the uncle section shown in this episode.

    I usually don’t care about fanservice, but I actually care about the minami sisters enough to make me want to see them in underwear :D

  3. Chiaki is a gradeschooler, I am going to have to vote “no, thank you” on the fanservice, there.

  4. “All seiyuu performing in this series are age 18+” ;)

  5. After ep 1 and 2 was wondering why I was watching this and now after 3 and 4 I’m really enjoying it. Sketbook on the other hand.. no … 4 episodes and i’m still falling asleep.

  6. minami-ke is growing on me. I agree with sixten that the male characters have been well-utilised so far. I’m getting the feeling that m-k is a less-OTT version of School Rumble, what with the vignette structure and the fact that it’s really quite funny. I’m laughing more than I did at Lucky Star.
    In other news, the noise that Sweaty Guy makes when he’s sweating is icky.

  7. >>By not going that route, that’s inspired comedy from Minami-ke, my friends.

    Oddly enough, this manga also came from the artist who did the Jailbait fanservice-rama “Today in Class 5-D” manga. Guess he got it all out of his system.

  8. Kaze no Shoujo Emily?

  9. For the mystery series, I would’ve said “Lovely Complex”, since they also make that triangle mouth face a lot, and that ended early October, but you mentioned it in the Spring 2007 thin slicing.

    Maybe Katekyo Hitman Reborn! since that’s the only other one I know that ended in October and hasn’t been mentioned on the blog, and Reborn has the triangle mouth too.

  10. “Anyway, I find him sickly hilarious, almost like Minami-ke’s version of Kankuro, only he doesn’t go “~nyaa” and instead of challenge letters, it’s Haruka wiping him down.”

    I’m glad I’m not the only one getting that feeling from him. It’s like Kankuro, plus the delusions of Ohta, plus a little Lighto-kun overdramaticism (especially the hairflip) to seal the deal. This is not the first time this show has reminded me of MKM (Kana = Miki, the emo facial non-distortion closeups), and that is a good thing.

  11. Is the mystery series Mushiuta?

  12. Voting History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi for mystery series just for the pure unlikeliness of it.

  13. I’ll guess Idolmaster Xenoglossia for the Mystery Series. Goddamn, when is the last episode going to be subbed?

  14. I was about to say Kenichi as well. How about Kekkaishi for the sheer unlikeliness of it?

  15. Minami-ke’s bizarro version of emo facial distortion!

    (They get un-distorted and look realistic. Horrifying!)

    Or as certain people are describing them, “Bible Black” faces. I had to go double check this (any excuse) and the similarity is scary!

  16. I was going to say Nanoha StrikerS, but you’ve mentioned that several times before, and the last episode just popped from yesy the other day.

    Of course, maybe he’s trying to trick us, and meant like, october of 1965 or something.

  17. Well, after reviewing your last slicing pots; I came to this conclusion:

    1) Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Tou Dai Ni Maku
    2) Juusoukikou Dancouga Nova

  18. Tokyo Majin was a horrible series. I can’t imagine he’d want to watch that show. Dancouga was a rather dull series, but there was a bit of fanservice so that’s possible.

  19. If it’s for the mouth shape, maybe Ookiku? The main character did that A LOT! XD

  20. The MOUTH SHAPE, of course! LOL was trying to figure out what that last hint meant… Well it’s definitely Ookiku then, unless there’s some major misinterpretation going on… Heck, why SHOULDNT it be Ookiku Furikabutte, even I found it such an endearing sports show myself, strangely enough, despite me seldom ever touching sports anime and never actually understanding the baseball dynamics of the show…

  21. I love you Chiaki!

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