i left my fanservice in san francisco

I’m going to be out of town this week, so, you know what that means… service service! For today, I have goodies. First is that Sixten, the person responsible for all of the awesome Derailed banners, posted his version of Dango Daizoku song (mp3 version). You must check it out; it’s great. Only if he managed to get Taniguchi and Graham Acre to do vocals could it be better. (There’s also a Katamichi Catchball arrangement by Sixten, but it’s not as haunting as the dangos… dangos… DANGOS!!!) Second, I found this doujinshi (mirror) from my stash. Lovely Mikuru x LOL FANG-TAN action. Lastly? Oh right. Goods good that we can someday move Hidamari Sketch out of the Muteki Kanban Musume Why Only 13 episodes?!? Memorial.

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  1. Have fun storming the castle! Seeya in a week!
    I’m excited for for Hidamari Sketch. It’s one of the most unique and hilariously offbeat shows I’ve ever seen.
    Also, the Dango Daikazoku remix is surprisingly good! Great, clean guitar technique; fun to listen to. I just wish they had used better recording equipment. ;_;
    And it could’ve used more dynamics, but that’s probably partly a side effect of the recording quality.

  2. Oops, “for more Hidamari Sketch”. Me needs to learn to proofread. OTL

  3. Didn’t see no Mikuru x LOL FANG-TAN action. Nosiree.
    Only treated to Asakura Ryoko x LOL FANG-TAN action.
    And some Implied Imouto Incestuous Imagination.

    Good job.

  4. If that was Mikuru, the artist definitly took liberties with her bust size (decreasing it, that is).

  5. Getting my post thrown to the audience by Jason is a double-edged sword. It feels great to know that many more people will be viewing my post than normal, but it also makes me extremely embarrassed about the quality of my playing and recording.

    I agree that the volume is very uneven and the recording is horrible (a single USB microphone hooked up to a PC running Windows default Sound Recorder). And my guitar technique, while definitely not crap, is still unrefined and far from professional. There are reasons why I went to art school instead of music school. I have problems paying attention to dynamics when all of my concentration is focused on hitting the proper notes with the proper timing.

    I won’t be able to release an Anime OP/ED Covers CD without first seriously raising my guitarist level and upgrading my gear.

    That said, I would like to thank Jason for this exposure, for putting my amateur recording out there for the world to see (and giving me a much higher compliment than I deserve). Every artist, regardless of medium or skill level, needs an audience. To let him know what to improve. To provide the proper shock and humiliation to motivate him to try harder. And to give him praise for his hard work (if he’s earned it).

    Jason has provided me with the best of support. He has used my below-average art in his banners when there are so many better artists out there (I mean, seriously, the winners of the AnimeBlogger mascot contest are twice as good as me). He’s cheered me on and offered advice while I struggled to write my own doujin. He didn’t hesitate to point out what I was doing wrong and how to fix things.

    I am just one of his thousands of readers. I’m not the only one who has emailed Jason to show off stuff, to ask for advice, or to just joke around about anime-related topics. That same service he has given me, he has given to everyone who asked, always generously and with a smile, and without grudge or condescension.

    And nobody who reads Derailed regularly will doubt this. There’s something more to this blog beyond the great writing, great commentary, great maids, and even greater sense of humor. It’s love. Love like Mikuru, Maria, and Haruka. With every post it’s clear that Jason loves blogging, and lives to serve and entertain his readers.

    All hail Jason Miao, the greatest anime blogger on earth.

  6. ah, that acoustic was wonderful! gj sixten :3

  7. Can’t wait till we get into dark rituals and bishoujo offerings in the name of Jason Miao.

  8. Nice job with the acoustic dango sixten. All it lacks is a giant creepy moon rabbit :p

    Ahh, the same day I finish hidamari I learn there will probably be more? That sorta thing needs to happen more often. If I had an art teacher like that I probably would have stuck with it.

  9. “My breasts, megas squeeze them.”
    Man, that doujin always crack me up. (It’s Askaura, not Mikuru BTW)

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