thankful for meido power rankingsâ„¢

It’s back. It’s finally back. A tryptophan-inspired Meido Power Rankingsâ„¢.

Meido Power Rankingsâ„¢

Maria, Hayate the Combat Butler

I’m thankful for those who dote with worry…

Wilhelmina, Shakugan no Shanar

… because it lets me know that I am loved.

Mikuru, Haruhi Suzumiya

I’m thankful for the shoulders of giants…

Patricia, Lucky Star

… such that I’m able to stand tall.

Yoriko, Da Capo

I’m thankful for the old memories…

Chihiro, ef

… and for memories yet to be forgotten.

Louise, Zero no Tsukaima

I’m thankful for willful determination…

Siesta, Zero no Tsukaima

… even if against impossible odds.

Yui, Koharu Biyori

I’m thankful for being able to write everything from “DFC” to a discussion about solar energy to “NICE BOAT” to delicious melonpan with a side of tsundere to “GAR” to “a Tsukasa is fine too” to “symmetrical docking”…

Mayu and Reika, Ninomiya-kun

… without the readers missing a beat.

L, Death Note

I’m thankful for the community’s inspired sense of humor and creativity…

K1, Higurashi

… and for the steel deadbolts on my door.

A big thanks to everyone who stops by and shares a few minutes out of their busy day to visit this blog. Happy Thanksgiving to all of Derailed by Darry’s readers.

21 Responses to “thankful for meido power rankingsâ„¢”

  1. The L image roffled my waffle and, simultaneously, frightened me. Why do people draw such things? It makes no sense! It has nothing to do with anything at all! Of course I’m thinking more of the yaoi fangirls than the L-as-Meido peeps, but neither one is fun to consider, you must admit.
    (Meido bat-wielding K1, on the other hand, is merely scary in the ordinary sense. That’s a relief.)

  2. Haha, I didn’t even realize those sentences actually related to the corresponding pictures until the chihiro, ef one.
    Mmmm some of these pictures are as delicious as the turkey i just finished inhaling.

  3. K1 = And the Nekomimi Meido Man returns! Thanks again for the newest Combat Meido Power Rankingsâ„¢ Jason Oneesama.

  4. No worries. Wilhelmina is the San Antonio Spurs of Meido. Not always #1 in the rankings, but the shes the champ.

  5. Lovely Maria is lovely.

    (and your readers are (mostly) thankful for you too, Jason.)

  6. Wilhelmina! Wilhelmina!! Wilhelmina!!!

    This season is flooded with fanservices (for me it’s Shana 2, Prism Ark, Ninomiya & more recently OO)

    Hopefully more plot-like substance would return soon *shivering*

  7. Meido Keiichi scares me.

    Yet I’d still love to see it in Higurashi…

  8. Mahoro is still the best of all time.

  9. Nice ^^ But really… Yoriko should be much nearer the top =P

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Meido Keiichi is win

    I rest my case

  11. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  12. This blog needs more Maria. Like when Maria was thinking about what ‘arranged marriage’ meant… ;)

  13. Isn’t it sad, Hisui and Kohaku?

    Otherwise, highly entertaining feature as always. Especially the Chihiro and L maids.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving, Jason.
    Lol @ L and K1 meido.

  15. To see Meido Keiichi (non-violent), check out the special “Cat-killing episode” that was added to the end of Higarashi season one. Hilariously fan servicey.

  16. L was quite unexpected, but I didn’t expect K1 to be ranked so low. T_T

    Happy American Thanksgiving!

  17. I am thankful for having a grateful fatherland and a glorious struggle, honor and blood for the meido way.

    Happy Thanksgiving and good hunting on Black Friday.

  18. I think I’ve got the wrong blog. What on earth is Louise doing in the #7 of 12 spot??!

  19. You’re welcome, sir!

    I hope you had a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Jason… see Hayate 34’s preview for the next ep. Maria bunny ear fanservice. Maria dressed for a DATE fanservice.

    There is meido love next episode.

  21. Damn!! That L meido reminded me of a L meido cosplay! Seriously!

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