shakugan no shana wallpaper blue light special

1600 x 1200

Now with more higher resolution and widescreen varieties.

(Egads. Looking back at my archives makes me feel old. I did my original Shana wallpaper post two years ago.)

(I recommend using the Save Image in Folder add-on for Firefox.)

1920 x 1200
1680 x 1050
1680 x 1050
1600 x 1200
1920 x 1200

14 Responses to “shakugan no shana wallpaper blue light special”

  1. The link to the wall where Shana looks like she’s 25 is this:

  2. Shana should always look like shes 11. It should be illegal to display her any other way, or atleast immoral. Pedo-lion wouldnt give her a pillow(?) is she looked 25.

    Still, she looks good there anyway, somehow.

  3. I need more Shana in my life!

  4. Mr. Miao, I’m going to have to grade you a D+ on this one. There was no Wilhelmina or Margery fanservice, a grevious error considering the previous post and the most recent SnS episode, respectively. Most egregiously, there was almost no melonpan. We’ve already got enough of that between SnS season 2 and certain mammary-phobic members of the class (you know who you are…), and frankly, I expected better of you. The Kazumi-chan in a bikini shot (right-click, save as…) kept you from getting a straight D(…fc), but it’s still not enough. I’m afraid I’m going to have to schedule you for detention, where you will be required to watch 3 hours of Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun in 720p, and write “Boobies. Are. Good.” 1000 times. There will also be a quiz on Monday on the subject of Ms. Wang, so I suggest you study whatever you can find on her.

    Don’t let this happen again, or I may have to take harsher methods, and that could be dangerous. If I have to break out my Siesta x Cattleya x Jessica doujinshi, it may end up taking things too far the other way. Don’t want you going Eiken on us…

  5. kenny, be grateful we at least get shana fanservice. some entire blogs has less fanservice than this post alone.

    Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun (sensei! ninomiya-kun!) has spoiled you, dood. We’ve got to learn to live with slightly lower standards…

  6. Thank you very much. Some of these are great wallpapers. And finding >= 1920×1200 wallpapers is kinda hard ;)

  7. Nice choices of Shana wallpapers :)

    And atleast for me, your “I did my original Shana wallpaper post two years ago.)” link send me to a http:/// page.

  8. Well, for those who don’t like the blank link in the original post, the vociferously big mouthed flame haze Phil Collins, an amazing Genre-shifting musician in his own right, will link you. Just don’t ask about Peter Gabriel, we Genesis flame hazes just haven’t been able to put our differences aside and work together in decades.

  9. Jason.. check out Shana II Ep 8. They MUST make a wallpaper from that eyecatch. Must. It only needs a meido outfit like that in the Shanatan specials to be perfect for you.

  10. Haesslich: That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Margery Daw is one flame haze who definitely knows how to fill out a far too (gloriously) low-cut dress. Dayum…

    tidal: I will not settle for anything involving the words “at least”. I will pierce through the DFC-laden heavens and break through to the “marshmallowy” center on the other side. I will believe not in the one who believes in me, but I will believe in the me that believes in the one who made loving the Wang (Ms., that is) socially acceptible behavior among heterosexual males.

    Now, that doesn’t mean I have anything against our less well-endowed lovelies, which by no means implies I wouldn’t put something against our less well-endowed lovelies, if you know what I mean, heh-heh (provided they are of legal age, of course, Mr. Hansen). As is true with all important things, quality > quantity; but as is also true with most things, quantity > lack of quantity.

    God gave us melonpan because man cannot live on flatbread alone. If I “settle” for anything else, the lolicons win.

  11. >quigonkenny

    That post had so much GAR and spiral energy, i will concede.

  12. break through to the “marshmallowy” center on the other side

    Strawberry Marshmallows?

  13. sixten:
    > Strawberry Marshmallows?

    Not unless you count the more realistic Nobue eyecatches of the OVA’s.

    quigonkenny: Indeed. But long hair is nice too, and that eyecatch showed it working with that dress just fine. Heck, Wilheimina in that dress, or Marjory-from-the-eyecatch in Wilheimina’s usual maid uniform would be nose-bleed inducing. More so than she was with her hair up, frowning,and wearing glasses: she does NOT look good with them, I’m sorry to say.

  14. One of my dreams have come true: my edit (4th one) in Derailed :D If someone wants original edit (9 meg psd)

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