shakugan no shana second 7

But Mouse, you are not alone,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew,
And leaves us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!


Wait?!? No depressed Shana? No melancholy Yoshida? No Flame Haze/Tomagura battling? Eh? Eh?! EH!!! I feel like Mikuru trying to understand the paradoxes that her time traveling has caused. Despite being demoted to slice-of-life status, this was probably the most tension-filled episode of Shana so far this season. And it centers around Ike. Ike! Now if that isn’t a cry for help, I don’t know what is.

(Or one can just interpret this episode is “I don’t care who we’re seeing brooding, as long as it’s not Shana again, I’m fine with it!” We’re so beaten down.)



Ike standing in line while waiting for the roller coaster was probably the most randomly tense moment of Shakugan no Shana Second thus far. There was plausible tension (speed of the line vs. Konoe and Yuji returning), there was plausible conflict (his motion sickness), and there was even a plausible love story (Yoshida). Is this a good thing?

(Ike seems to mumble a lot to himself. He’s very close to snapping and running off with Yoshida a la Phantom of the Opera.)


Ike, at least in the beginning of this episode, reminds me of a cross between Adrian Monk and Light-o. If there ever was a more harmonious union between obsessive compulsive behavior and “Just as I planned!”…


Shana actually enjoying herself and behaving as a teenager… Eh? Eh?! EH!!! I think it’s safe to say that our beloved Flame Haze has snapped out of her funk, or maybe it’s just because this episode is told from Ike’s and not Yuji’s POV and thus we’re not noticing Shana as much.

(Most of Shana is told through Yuji’s POV, except the Shana-tan escapades… which this episode kinda felt like. Only nowhere as entertaining. URACHAI! URACHAI! URACHAI!)


Delicious melonpan… wait, that’s not it… ponytails turn me on… wait, that’s not it either… dammit… my brain has meme locked thanks to Shana licking an ice cream cone.


OH GAWD SHANA IS BRAVE?!?… yeah, I’m meme locked. Dammit, I hate it when this happens! LOL TEETH-TAN… ? Delicious an-pan… ? Gah!


Tip on how to impress women: I don’t think they care about your organizational abilities or your time-keeping skills (unless they’re Lindsey Naegle). I do think they care more about not tossing chunks during romantic moments. Nothing says “I love you” than partially digested hamburger and fries. If there’s any chance of motion sickness, don’t do it. Though I am surprised that Ike wasn’t smart enough to actually visit the park and scope it out beforehand. That seems like someone he should have done– yes– that was his mistake: he wasn’t organized and prepared enough. He needed to do a test run.


So the war for Yuji is over? It seemed like a perfect backdrop to continue Shana’s, Yoshida’s, and Konoe’s battle, but nothing happened. Or maybe it’s because of Ike’s perspective, he just didn’t notice this happening. And why exactly are we moving into slice-of-life territory without resolving the Hecate/Konoe plot point? Is she going to linger until the very end, much like that Valentin Mironov bloke in The Good Shepard? (Did you know that the CIA reviews movies? I sure didn’t! I’d have a joke here, but they are the CIA.)


I think we’re onto something here… a sword-swinging game in the mold of Guitar Hero. Honestly, this is what I hoped Twilight Princess would have been like. Sigh.


I was really hoping that this was Sydonay. That would have spiced things up… either that or introduce Bonta-kun! Yes! Three posts in a row with a Full Metal Panic reference. Is it too late to get Kyoto to start working on a remake of the original?


Melonpan! I notice that the two other princesses didn’t bring their usual boxed lunch for Yuji.

(Watching Ike wallow in his own self-pity for this scheme self-combusting… I can’t decide if he grows up to become Pink Supervisor or the leader of Celestial Being… or both.)


Shana looks really cute with that cat pool thingie. Maybe it’s that outfit. If Shana starts changing outfits like Ms. Wang, I think we can save this baby.

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  1. Here Here! for shana changing outifts a la Ms. Wang…

  2. Kyoto should remake FMP! Absolutely. I’d love to see their take on things, although Gonzo was pretty faithful to first novel (haven’t read the 2nd yet) as far as an adaption goes. But frankly, Gundam 00 is drawing so many FMP comparisons that I’m half expecting Bonta-kun to actually show up somehow and utterly own Tiera’s ridiculous excuse for a gundam (hell, the pilot qualifies for the ‘I’m pretty sure he’s gay’ and ‘I’d love to see him die in a fiery explosion’ awards IMHO).

    The CIA reviews movies? I want that job. Seems like fun. Working there would be pretty awesome, take a break from planning counter-insurgencies in Latin America and review a friggin movie.

    I’m glad I don’t feel sick on rollercoasters. Along with mosh pits, riding a terrifying machine designed not to kill you is an instant GAR pickup. When you forget that its engineered to be safe that is.

  3. Jason, you are going to like episode 8. No more slice of life, some actual fighting, Depression-era America (refer Bioshock, only less ADAM-riffic), and Margery-san. Lots of Margery-san.

  4. At first, I was almost sure that the thing that Pedo-lion gave shana for winning the game was a pillow. But now im not so sure…

    And yes, Shana looks great in that outfit with thew ponytail.

  5. Thank you for confirming I should just skip this episode too. On to ep. 8!! By the way, is this 13 or 26? I mean, did we just waste HALF the friggin’ series on angst, or merely one quarter?

  6. Ep8 is a lot better. No more Harem drama.

  7. I still wonder who thought bunjie jumping with a short skirt was a good idea. That’s just the “Ummm…” moment that came to my mind during the episode. Not like I bet Shana cares at this point (her job she does with a sefuku probably leads to that.)

    And stuff.

  8. Its taken awhile but we may just finally have a plot starting with episode 8.

    Even if its all just Margery backstory(ha! “just”), the first 30 seconds of this episode convinced me it was the best episode this season, and that it actually delivered on a possible set up on plot renews my hope in this series.

  9. >Shana looks really cute with that cat pool thingie. Maybe it’s that outfit.

    Ah… it’s because the size of the container makes her look like she’s five.

    Paging Chris Hansen.

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