in soviet russia, bunny girls are “a” cups

Something just isn’t right. Can’t put my finger on it exactly, but DFC and bunny girl go as well together as potatoes and mayonnaise. Though I chuckled at the fact that Tsukasa is in the Mikuru position. They can’t be more opposite in the melonpan scale.

(I love how Wikipedia’s entry for brassiere is being under dispute for “neutrality” and how it has 59 references. The entry for Henry Ford only has 38 references. Of course, both are dwarfed by Britney Spears and her 151 references.)

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  1. …but DFC and bunny girl go as well together as potatoes and mayonnaise.

    Potatoes and mayonnaise, potatoes and mayonaise, pote…waitaminnit! Is this supposed to be some kind of sublimial commentary? You have something against Potemayo?! Huh?! :P

  2. Come to think of it…what I really want to know is why isn’t Shiraishi in the imouto-chan position? Preferably sporting his twin drill hairstyle, of course.

    All right, I suppose Akira-sama would work, as well.

  3. It is weird, I admit. That Miyuki is in the Yuki spot is also sort a show-paradox (really everyone is pretty much in oppsotely-endowed locations.)

    And stuff.

  4. the image link has an extra (br /) at the end which is screwing up the link

  5. Opposite ends of the melopan scale, I suppose. But a Tsukasa is fine too. At least that’s how it works for me…

  6. It’s Kagamin’s expression which really makes that picture for me. Like she can’t quite work out how she was talked into being in that position, and is hugely embarrassed now that she is.

    Pure Kagamin. Tsundere for the win.

  7. And a cat is fine too… though only half is visible.

  8. Everyone knows bunny girls have to have sufficient melon pan, this image does nothing!

  9. If you were to correspond the positions of his pic with the Haruhi one I’d have to say they go something like this:
    Konata’s clearly in the main character placement,
    Tsukasa’s in the ‘most moe character of the series’ position,
    Kagami’s the ‘alternative best’,
    Miyuki’s ‘somewhat neglected’ which is the kind of the feeling I got from Yuki most of the time (even when she was right in the thick of things – only excluding the Asakura fight),
    Yutaka’s the ‘if you like that sort of thing’ girl being the most loli of them all which compares to Lol Fang-Tan’s being overly genki,
    Iwasaki’s the one they added in to fill up some space.

    Personally, I think Yutaka’s weird pose ruins the whole picture. Kagami’s doesn’t suit her so it’s kinda strange but I don’t mind it, while everyone else’s is suitable and fitting.

  10. Communism means Tsukasa and Kagamin wearing a bunny girl costume? Now this really changes my political attitude.

  11. Even the show ending can’t stop the LS folks making Haruhi references.

  12. Everyone’s blushing except for Konata (who has no shame, so it makes sense) and Iwasaki (???).

  13. Doesn’t potato salad consist mostly of potatoes and mayonnaise? See, they do go together, and so do flat chests and bunny girls.

  14. Iwasaki’s confused, but probably wants to stay composed foe Yutaka’s sake. I’m more disturbed by the idea (based on roles) that Mi-Yuki will kill Ryo-kagami, and disappointed Patty didn’t get to be Mikuru, especially after Konata got to cosplay Suzumiya in the show.

  15. Another proof that Wikipedia is going stranger year by year.

    (why Henry Ford ?)

  16. Actually Iwasaki is blushing… a lil’ bit. My question is, exactly what sort of dirt did Konata dig up on all of them to convince them to do this photo, hmm?

  17. >> Actually Iwasaki is blushing… a lil’ bit. My question is, exactly what sort of dirt did Konata dig up on all of them to convince them to do this photo, hmm?

    Iwasaki probably came along as soon as she heard Yutaka was doing it, nodding consent. Miyuki and Yutaka were probably ram-rodded into it, ditto Tsukasa, and Kagamin was likely the only one who needed any sort of blackmail, emotional or otherwise.

    Now MY question is ‘where is Patty? She would’ve taken to this like a duck to water’

  18. Chris Hansen is going to be all over this like a new outfit on Ms. Wang.

  19. >> Now MY question is ‘where is Patty? She would’ve taken to this like a duck to water’

    I’m wondering too. Patty-chan is turning into one of my favorite retroactive Lucky Star characters.

  20. It’s a pity – they put in Yutaka and Minami… but left Patty out. What their excuse is, I have no idea; Yutaka and Minami are in the same grade as Patty, and Patty works with Konata at the cafe. She’s appeared in the show as much as Minami IIRC, and she’d have fit better than Minami might have.

    Perhaps the reason that she’s left out is because they had to limit the number of girls? You can’t have Yutaka without Minami and vice-versa, which means the imouto spot is locked down by Yutaka unless you were willing to shift Tsukasa over that way…. and you can’t have Kagamin without Tsukasa. Yet Miyuki can’t be ditched either, so…

  21. I would get rid of the cat and move Yutaka to Kyon-Imouto’s spot. Or for more spice, move Konata into Ryoko’s spot, and then have Tsukasa sit on Kagami’s lap for Haruhi’s spot. Twins count as one. :3

    Oh, don’t click this link if you don’t have something to gouge out your eyes handy nearby.

  22. They could have used Patty as the LOLFang-tan position and put the lolis in pink. Instead they have the cat ball thing replacing Kyon no imouto.

    WHY. D:

  23. Patty is probably taking the picture as Hiyori got too embarrassed to take the shot. This would probably be Konata and Hiyori’s idea. Patty would have been in Kyon-Imouto’s spot for irony of the tallest playing the shortest.

  24. Eh, they could’ve gotten one of Kagami’s classmates to take the shot – I’m sure they’d have happily taken it, especially since Hiyori’s either too embarrassed or passed-out to take it. ;) Then that would’ve freed Patty to fit into Tsukasa’s bunny suit, freeing her up to do something else.

  25. I was reading the wikipedia’s brassiere article, especially the measurement sub-section, as a lover of epic melonpan.

    I need to say it, lingerie makers really needs to come up with a common standard . It’s so damn confusing when you know that a japanese F cup bra is not the same thing as an US F cup that is different from a UK F cup that is, again, different from a EU F cup, so when I look at a hot model profile, I need to know what standard wikipedia is using.

    As example, I was kinda disappointed to find out that Suou Mikoto’s D is no more than USA C cup.

    At least, they agreed that A is Shana-class.

  26. Everyone’s right, though: The should’ve gotten rid of the cat and put Yutaka in Kyon’s Imouto’s spot, switch Miyuki and Minami’s places, and put Patty in Yutaka’s former spot instead.

  27. miyuki is the best looking one in this picture…to my opioin at least…im also a big fan of the show and i say miyuki (the one with pink hiar if you wer wondering)is the most sexy one cause she is moe ..she dose not resemble moe she IS moe….that my opioin…any was i put this pic as my youtube backround so thanks who ever made a big fan of the show

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