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Oh wow, we’re almost done with the series, and we get yet another new character. I’m enjoying Touma, Chiaki’s new nemesis/little brother/crossdresser. We definitely needed a reverse Mako-cakes, and we got him… her… I dunno. I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. As great as the new Touma/Mako-cakes alliance is, I’m wondering what is it in Chiaki that causes her to make such strange friends. She’s like the perfect recruiter for Celestial Being.

I still think Mako-cakes is funnier than Touma, just because while Touma knows what is going on and kinda goes along with it, Mako-cakes remains clueless and is easily carried off (and manipulated) by the current (i.e. Kana or whatever compromising circumstance he’s in). Both are equally standoff-ish with Chiaki, but Mako-cakes has its alter ego, Makoto, who is redefining stupidly as we speak.

Funniest Moments


I wish I knew how to quit you, Mako-cakes.


Mako-cakes was great this episode, and his rant about being an egg was even more nonsensical than usual. At this rate, he’s on target and then some to become a Gundam Meister.


Hell’s Kitchen! I also enjoyed Mako-cakes’ attempt to chop up an egg. If he doesn’t make it to become a Gundam Meister, he can always be a staff director for Shaft.


9 is the new 29.

(I think we need a Time Slip Minami-ke just to see 17 year old Chiaki, All Woman Haruka, and if Chiaki ever out grows Kana.)


Sometimes I do wonder if hentai-ish activities is going to break out. Minami-ke‘s been walking a fine line.


I love this look on Kana. It definitely conveys “I’m going to make someone else’s life miserable and laugh about it later.” Now that’s some good animation.


Haruka is amazing. Even when studying a cookbook as intently as I study every Yoko, Nia, and Darry pin up in Megami magazine.

(She even had a minor Harukagasm when she got the cookbook. My gosh, how can Mako-cakes be so smart about Haruka yet so dumb about everything else?)


This scene slayed me. I’m not sure what was funnier, Mako-cakes’ entrance, Chiaki’s bewilderment, Haruka’s innocent clapping, or the blaxploitation music going on in the back. Poor Mako-cakes has gone past the point of no return.

(I wonder if they’re just going to drag out Mako-cake’s dragness forever or reveal Mako-cakes in a blaze of glory by pulling down his pants. Because, at this point, that’s probably the only way he’s going to convince Haruka and Chiaki.)


You know how they say that in real estate, it’s all about location, location, location? Is there more prime real estate than where Mako-cakes was underneath the kotetsu? I believe he owes Kana big time for stuffing it down there. The heat? Bah. Location, location, location.


Stupid is as stupid does.

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  1. The only thing missing were scorecards from the four Minami…God, I don’t care anymore. No way there’s a penis on Touma.

    We got reverse trap sideboob, for god’s sakes. I love this series. I truly do.

  2. Poor Makoto. At this rate he’s going to grow up into a very, very confused young man. :P

  3. He could always get a Trans-gender operation. He should hurry up and get it done, the younger you are the easier and cheaper, and better the results are.

    I think the rest of the world would be thankful, too.

  4. at every 30 seconds or so, i had to stop and daydream about the doujinshi’s being created because of hat moment.

  5. >>I wonder if they’re just going to drag out Mako-cake’s dragness forever or reveal Mako-cakes in a blaze of glory by pulling down his pants. Because, at this point, that’s probably the only way he’s going to convince Haruka and Chiaki.

    Really? I think they’d actually be more worried that “Mako-chan” had somehow grew a ponos… they could be that dense.

  6. I’m just glad that I’ll have lots of time when doujinshi season starts…

  7. The scene when Mako-cakes was under the kotetsu reminded me of Love Hina when Naru hid Keitaro under one and he accidentally poked her thigh (in the manga vagina) thinking it was the switch.

  8. Even the shirts people wear on this show are funny. Top notch.


    On second thought, I think Id rather be the one doing the boiling.

  10. I checked the Minami-ke japanese wikipedia entry and, if the info there is correct, this is going to be 13 episodes (the title of the last one says something about love, so Fujioka could have a break lol), which leaves Asread with about one manga volume to work with. I’m not sure if I prefer an extension on the existing chapters or original material.

  11. Mako-caaakes~! “Ore wa… OTOKO DESU!” *shine*

    Although Minami-ke didn’t exactly come out of the left field, as I had read whatever of the manga that had been translated, I’m still of the mind nominating this as my black horse of the Fall season. Bible Black-ke is much, much better than I had initially expected. Regarding doujins, I believe it is the very duty of every Derailed citizen to issue an alert whenever they find one.

  12. Damn, that first image of Mako-cakes is cute…

    NO! Must… not… think… that…

  13. No mention of the sentai pose as Mako-chan appeared on the kotetsu? I was impressed he took care of all the small details in a stressful situation.

  14. Haruka-nee is amazing…^^

  15. No, there’s NO hope for Mako-chan at this point… just because Touma came out first as being a crossdresser who was pretending to be a boy. Between that and the ‘Touma atop Chiaki’ bit which greeted Haruka and Kana when they got back, it was almost inevitable that they’d see Mako-chan’s confession as ‘oh, so she dresses as a he too’ thing. It does NOT help that he looked more feminine than Chiaki in that long yellow dress… despite sharing the same general figure. Heck, Touma has a more masculine voice and manner than Mako-chan does.

    Of course, the problem here is that Mako-chan’s practically begging to be dominated, the way he submits to just about anyone female, and Chiaki loves doing that to people. Poor boy’ll never, EVER get anywhere with Haruka. Of course, when Touma mentioned that indirect kiss thing… well, I think Kana quieted her down to make sure that the former didn’t note that Chiaki and Haruka, as well as Chiaki and Mako-chan, had shared what was effectively a three-way kiss…

  16. Kana is absolutely the evil-genius in the family. Mako was completely at her mercy the entire time. She let him stew under the kotatsu until she’d had her fun, and only then came up with the “magic trick” idea. Chiaki better watch out.

  17. I’m figuring everyone who has watched this episode is questioning his sexual preference…

  18. I guess Kana was right about how Chiaki keeps her eyes half shut so she sees what she only wants to see. First is not noticing Mako-cakes is Makato and now only seeing Touma as a boy because of an assumption about her name. Even though Chiaki is very book-smart, I don’t think that she realizes how horribly stupid her stubborness is. The way Kana can frustrate Haruka and play on Chiaki’s weaknesses, I agree we all know who the true genius is.

  19. Series isn’t really over soon even if it is, since the 2nd adaptation of the show starts in January from a different animation group. Go figure.

  20. Mmm… a ‘telling a white lie’ Haruka-banchou is fine too. Especially with that low voice she affects when she’s on the phone with Touma’s family.

  21. The best moment was undoubtedly the moment where Makoto realized that once again, he had perpetuated the Mako-chan myth. Close runner up would be Ninomiya-kun and the amazing Sensei not having a bad end, even though the amazing Sensei was doing the old box-sword trick with her. It was like an old episode of South Park where they didn’t kill Kenny.

  22. Sometimes I do wonder if hentai-ish activities is going to break out. Minami-ke’s been walking a fine line.

    Their Bible Black faces are already a first step in that direction.

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