all i want for christmas…

… is a post overflowing with awesomeness.

(Too bad. You’re not getting it.)

… is an intervention from celestial being.

(Sumeragi can intervene all she wants.)


… is a drill that pierces the heavens.

(It is the gift that keeps on giving.)


… is Guchuko sleeping in my tree.

(So appropriate on so many levels.)


… are 99 voice mails.

(Good thing my mailbox only holds 25.)


… is a wooden starfish.

(Handmade gifts 4tw…)

… is a year’s supply of choco coronets.

(With complimentary membership to 24 Hour Fitness.)


… is a Nintendo Wii.

(Loli Samus 4tw…)


… is a swimsuit that fits.

(Mako-cakes… beach… this is a must.)

… is lesbian fanservice in my microbial anime.

(Or is this too much rigging?)

35 Responses to “all i want for christmas…”

  1. WHY isn’t lesbian fanservice winning??? What is WRONG with you people??!!

  2. You’re asking us to chose between lesbian fanservice and Spiral energy. Just how sadistic are you Jason? Do you have no shame for putting your readers in such a position?!! (Gurren Lagann wins in the end for me….)

  3. @Fat Nakago
    I wholly agree.

  4. I don’t know about the rest of you, but lesbian fanservice enhances my spiral energy, if you know what I mean…

    Of course, if it wasn’t hot lesbian fanservice, I think I might have voted differently. No offense to all those Meg Griffin doujin artists out there…

  5. Why IS lesbian fanservice winning??? What is WRONG with you people??!!

    Oh wait…forgot which blog I was reading…carry on then…

  6. I figured I’d like the drill, ’cause the industry provides us with a side of lesbian fanservice alongside half the shows aired (with a 56.25% chance of hot). And, Haruhi knows, we need more of the piercing of the heavens with the pointy tools of the carpenters.

  7. And I really wanted a wii.

  8. While I don’t mind at all that Gurren Lagann is winning, my contract with J.C.Staff compels me to vote for Guchuko.

  9. Sumeragi… intervene… yes.

  10. No idea where these celstial being or 99 emails are from, but im pretty sure its not as good as moyashimon. Ill take the fanservice AND the microbes.

  11. Lesbian fanservice is always good anytime, anywhere…

  12. Gah! Must.. vote… for everything… at once… urrk! *passes out from choice shock*

  13. ….that pic of loli Samus slayed me…XD


    >> “No idea where these celstial being or 99 emails are from”
    Gundam 00 and Ef, respetively.

  15. Funk the drill, and screw all the barstools that vote for it.

    Yeah, the loli Samus was hilarity in its purest form. I’m going with Moyashimon, I finally started watching it last weekend, and I must say, it was seeing that all leather pic of the three ladies that made me do it. And now, I’m glad I did, the story is such a breath of fresh air that I want to see more. Much, much, more.

    Lesbian action in my microbe anime, of course.

  16. Spiral Energy will allow us to kick reason to the curb and have hot lesbianism in ALL our anime. Spiral Energy let’s us have our cake and eat it too!
    …At least until the cake uses up it’s spiral power and dissolves into pretty sparkles…
    And in this case, it’s more like watching two delicious cakes have and ___ each other…
    But I think my original point still stands, more or less.

  17. …I want a Kyou and Ryou fanservice option…

  18. I already have a Wii so the next choice would be lesbians although I should be responsible and say; Lesbians are for life, not just for Christmas.

  19. No. I want Tomoyo to meet Kyou (The tough twin) [:

  20. They say the part of your brain that reacts to chocolate is right next to the part that responds to sex. So choco coronets seems like a good backup plan if things don’t work out with your fanservice.

  21. Where’s the first picture from?

  22. Think about it this way…

    Once you have a drill that Pierces the Heavens, The Lesbians will come to you…

    The shear awesomeness of Spiral energy… Yay!!

  23. >> Spiral Energy will allow us to kick reason to the curb and have hot lesbianism in ALL our anime. Spiral Energy let’s us have our cake and eat it too!

    Second. Spiral Energy is the will to succeed and accomplish anything we set ourselves to, ranging from kicking ass to hot lesbian fanservice to getting that nintendo wii. It’s everything you want to have and going for it.

  24. Ignoring that, where the hell is my powered by potemayo option?

  25. Is it just me, or does Miya-miya look like Lucy from Elfen Lied?

  26. <///]

    though I’m not prepared to have guchuko go down to a wooden starfish.

  27. I’ll take 99 voice mails in my mailbox if you know what I mean.

  28. Sumeragi can intervene on my Celestial Being if you know what I mean

  29. last wish all the way!

  30. Where is the post overflowing with awesomeness option?

  31. If it’s an intervention from Sumeragi, I’ll take it. Though it’s difficult to choose over Lesbian fan-service.

  32. >>Spiral Energy let’s us have our cake and eat it too!
    The cake is a lie.
    I already have a Wii.
    Lesbian fanservice gave the spiral power a run for its money but in the end a galaxy sized Gurren Lagann would have ALL KINDS of chicks “all up ons”

  33. >> Where’s the first picture from?

    H2O, a new anime starting in January. I wouldn’t get my hopes up… it’s by the Sister Princess team.

  34. A drill that pierces the heavens is no match for a sumeragi intervention in my lesbian fanservice microbial anime…^^

  35. Drunk, mammoth titted Tsundere captain FTW!

    Though I think I might want to change my vote for the coronets. I <3 sweets and That scene looks so warm, and cozy, and welcoming and…AHEM.. I’ll stop there..

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