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Countdown begins with #10, #9, and #8.

#10: Hayate the Combat Butler


o_o;; I really struggled to write in a series name for #10. There were just too many possible choices, but I went with Hayate the Combat Butler for one simple reason: after 36+ episodes, it’s still enjoyable. It has a great mix of Maria, comedy, parodies, Hinagiku, trap Hayate, Izumi, and fanservice. There’s nothing that I think Hayate does extremely and awesomely well, but it does try to do everything and does it well. For example, there are series to be revealed in the rankings that have better fanservice, better comedy, better drama, but not many do everything consistently well as Hayate.

One of the aspects of this series that I really enjoyed was all the Utena-parodies involving Hinagiku. I’m all for Utena-parodies, and I always wondered why there wasn’t more Hinagiku… she was only the most popular character in the manga! I also wonder why there isn’t more Maria, but that should be no surprise to anyone who regularly reads this blog. Here’s to more of Hayate, Nagi, and Maria’s adventures in 2008.

#9: Lucky Star


Ohayo lucky! Lucky Star arrives at #9. There were times there just was painfully nothing going on, but it’s not exactly easy turning a 4koma into a full length series. I think in terms of being the moe-evolutionary Azumanga Daioh, it succeeded. While the comedic aspect wasn’t as great, the moe aspect just blew Chiyo-chan out of the water. Between finding out Taniguchi’s next antics, seeing Akira’s next meltdown, witnessing yet another Tsukasa is fine moe mode, or devilishly curiously awaiting how Kyoto will fill yet another 24 minute episode, I found myself looking forward to Lucky Star every week. It wasn’t exactly the easiest series to write for, but it did have an occasional strong pay-off.

Some of my favorite moments from Lucky Star included Tsukasa getting bullied by the reindeer, the Keroro cameo, Taniguchi singing Koi no Minori Densetsu, Konata singing Sorega Aideshou, any scene involving Patricia Martin, and, of course, Tsukasa trying to send a text message. Lucky Star‘s not a main dish, but it’s definitely a Pocky-class snack.

#8: Gundam 00


Kyrios, how could I have miscalculated? Gundam 00 intervenes at #8. First off, I’d like to remind people that as long as I have done my end of the year awards, my policy has been that any winter series that is still airing, if I consider it eligible for one year, it is no longer eligible for the following. It’s to prevent double counting, and which year I count it for, it’s at my discretion (usually there’s no issue since very few top ten worthy-series suck badly in the first 13 episodes anyway). The exception is if it runs for more than 26 episodes. So why am I rehashing rule? Because I really, really hope I didn’t rank Gundam 00 prematurely. Sunrise has not been kind in that respect. But, for now, Gundam 00 is top ten-worthy.

Everyone, including myself, were highly skeptical that this series could work, and, for the most part, it has exceeded all of expectations. Blew them out. There’s a half decent and half coherent plot. There’s four messed up Gundam Meisters. There’s a possible romance between a 24 and 14 year old. There’s Ms. Wang’s outfits. There’s the bridge bunnies. There’s great animation (never thought I’d type that for a Gundam series). I’m giving Gundam 00 the benefit of the doubt, even if it falls off the cliff in 2008. After all, since when has a Sunrise freefall catastrophe been not fun to watch?

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  1. Wooo First! I am looking forward to the next of these. Hmmm I sadly have yet to even glance at Hayate… Well I guess I should do that. Yar Merry Day After Christmas.

  2. Wow, if Gundam 00 was all the way up at 8, I’m going to be shocked at whatever you put 1-7, except Gurrann Lagann though, I’m not surprised I didn’t see that so high up.

  3. episode 36 hayateasbelldandy. nuff said.

  4. shuthorite: “episode 36 hayateasbelldandy. nuff said.”

    And apparently #39 is full of GAR and HOTBLOOD and manly tears, heavens a-piercing style… Can’t wait for that sub…

  5. My bet is Guren Lagann in the top 3, very likely as #1. I bet a Shion/Mion x Akira emo facial distortion medley.

  6. we all know gurren lagann is probably going to take top spot, with its never ending MANLINESS and HOT BLOOD.

    So what i think would be interesting, though, is to try to predict where the other series will go…I’m guessing a Minami-ke and ef in the top 5…

  7. Potemayo is in the top 10 for sure. I would like Potemayo to be second only to Gurren Lagann, but that’s just me. The second place will probably go to a series with more substance, such as Guardian of the Sacred Spirit, or a series with more Haruka, such as Minami-ke.

  8. whats the source for the first picture(s) in your past two posts~? They are super cute…

  9. >> “whats the source for the first picture(s) in your past two posts~? They are super cute…”
    I think they’re called gununu faces, and there’s several metric tons of them out there.

    I think it’s a safe bet to say that TTGN and Bible Black-ke will be in top three of Jason’s Top Ten list. Although I’ve nothing in particular against Hayate, I don’t think it would rank in my top list of ’07. Broadly speaking, The best bits are the jokes, Hinagiku and the occasional Maria service. The rest… there’s stuff that isn’t simply working for me and the butler thing is slowly getting a little old. It’s not a bad show, I would rank it way above average, just not into top ten.

  10. I dont have a good feeling about this. The top 4 should be quite obvious, #4 Minami-ke, #3 Denno Coil, #2 Baccano!, #1 Gurren Lagann. But I have a dark cold feeling im going to see something like EF and Clannad there, with Denno Coil and Baccano! nowhere to be found.

    I understand you have the right to your opinion, but in mine, a claim that Hayate is better than Nodame Cantabile is lunacy. In addition to Nodame, my list of the unappreciated includes Hidamari Sketch, OverDrive and Kodomo no Jikan among other things.

  11. Good choice with Hayate in the # 10 spot.

    I enjoy that series for the countless parodies and references from another series, manga, comics, pop culture, etc. Episode 36 was epic with Hayate/Belldandy performance and the Evangelion references (the AT-Field and the Lance of Longinus). More Hinagiku would be fine, but Nagi’s antics over Hayate are enough for me. Sadly SS-Eclipse has been a little slow with this one; don’t blame them; they’re working in 4 series after all (Clannad (2 versions), Shana II, Rental Magica and Hayate).

    Spot # 9 for Raki Suta, I can see it a few places abode, but since you got a few concrete points about it, I guess if fine. I just wanted to believe the people will remember Lucky Star for something else and not for being a Haruhi infomercial. The series got great moments with everyone on the cast; from Konata to Tsukasa; and from Minami to Patricia. Two thumps up for the series.

    I smell a traitor in this place. You’re against your beliefs for picking Gundam 00 on # 8. We love DFC on this place, but you picked Gundam 00 for the melon pan, I can’t believe it. I felt betrayed right now.

    I can’t wait for the top 5.

  12. Ah, excellent – you brought in the Maria Daito episode for that shot. Very good, very good times there. I love how they’ve managed to work in more Hina with every episode, as if they were listening to the fanbase out there… which Hina commands a good portion of, since she’s got a better tsundere than Nagi, and manages to win both boys AND girls over.

    I’d probably swing Lucky Star in over Gundam 00 at the moment, just for Nadleeh Gundam alone with its fat-suit, and the (somewhat puzzling) usage of Saiji and Louise. What’re they doing there again?

  13. Norhternshadows: “I think they’re called gununu faces, and there’s several metric tons of them out there.”

    Wasn’t Gununu one of the rival Keronians working for Giroro’s brother in the KG Special Forces Arc? ^_^

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