hayate the combat butler 38, 39

Mine is a nekomimi meido that will pierce the heavens!


I thought Hayate couldn’t top his ridiculous Belldandy impersonation from episode 36. I was wrong. Dead wrong.


Nekomimi Meido Hayate!!! I’m not sure what’s more amazing disturbing: Hayate looking not bad in Belldandy’s robes; Hayate giving Klaus a massage in Belldandy’s robes; Hayate looking not bad in a nekomimi meido outfit that’s supposedly the legendary butler outfit; or that it wasn’t until an hour after watching this episode that I finally realized, “Wait, why didn’t we get Maria in that nekomimi meido outfit?!?!” before starting a tantrum that must have rivaled Milt Romney’s after he saw Huckabee and McCain beat his ass.

If it hasn’t sunk in yet. Ne-ko-mi-mi-mei-do-ha-ya-te.

(We had a great fanservice shot of nekomimi meido Maria, I would retroactively go back and put Hayate a half dozen spots higher in Best of 2007. If we had nekomimi meido Mako-cakes, I’m not sure what I would have done. And I don’t want to find out!)


At least the girls had a somewhat normal response, with both Hinagiku and Nagi getting flustered over Hayate. Even Nagi’s bodyguards were getting flustered. Still, it’s unforgivable that the writers couldn’t come up with an excuse– any excuse!– to get Maria involved. She was already drunk and flustered enough with Megami Hayate; I really wanted to see her response to Hayate possibly usurping her job. I wonder how much manliness does Hayate have left? I think we need to hold a caucus to figure this one out.


Of course, it lead to the arc’s most epic moment, when Nagi has to costume rape/strip Hayate as a valid plot point. To recap, a tsundere loli has to costume rape/strip a nekomimi meido/butler trap while the student council president battles a bisexual snake woman and Gurren Lagann in the background. Am I in Soviet Russia yet?


Yes, lost in this whole mess is the Gainax parody going on in the back. I think Hayate‘s writers lost track of which Gainax series they were referencing, with, of course, our favorite hot blooded mecha, but it entered using an Evangelion tactic. And Himekami used Angels as his special attacks. There were also a few moment ripped out of FLCL as well. The funny thing is that Hayate parodies one of the manliest of anime by featuring a nekomimi meido trap fighting against it.


And that doesn’t even involve the best Gurren Lagann ripoff: Viral!

I loved Viral’s appearance, especially his special attacks, “Tenjou tenge!” and “Hikari ni narue!” I would have loved Hayate’s line, “An attack I’ve seen won’t work on me again” more if it wasn’t a lone Kenshin reference in a see of Gainax hot bloodedness.


And, of course, I loved the eyecatches. They’re even better than the Mikuru/Louise combo back from episode 10. Hinagiku Yoko 4tw!

(I want to find better quality versions of these eyecatches so I can use them as my wallpaper for my dual monitor setup now.)

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  1. That third screencap is just Moé gone wrong…

  2. Wow, we watched these episodes right after watching the first 10 eps of TTGL, which me and a friend are trodding through because of it’s recommendation by several blogs, mainly including this one.
    What timing.. really..massive LOL
    This is definitely a great series to me to have followed from the start and I’ll definitely see it to its’ end.
    I also hope to see alot more “Princess God”

  3. Epic episodes, ’nuff said.

  4. It has to be fairly unique for a show to feature it’s best episode ever at the end of the third season. How does that happen?

    And no, I’m not prepared to argue if it in fact was the best episode of Hayate – in my mind it was.

  5. Belldandy Hayate is the most girly of them all…

    Only in anime can the most girly character be a guy. =/

  6. How did I know you couldn’t resist a post on this?

  7. TTGL, f**k yeah!

    Epic references in addition to being a good episode. The butler suit’s final form was taken from Saint Seiya unless I’m completely mistaken. One final reference to NGE, which quite a few seem to have missed for some reason, was the humongous cross in the ruins. It was also amusing how they altered their animation style and visual effects in action scenes to make it more TTGL-esque. Now the only thing missing (besides Maria’s involvement of course) was Hinagiku pulling an Utena again.

  8. This episode equally broke me and killed me.

    It killed me with its massive number of TTGL refs. I was in heaven – dead and loving it!…

    But… The Nekomimi Meido Hayate……. It still hurts to think of it….

    *goes off to beat image out of head with brick… again…*

  9. I need to see the Vegas spread on a knock down drag out moe fight between Mako-cakes and Hayate. Just saying.

  10. oh gawd, hayate + nekomimi meido =WIN!!!!

  11. I see you got here to TTGL-nekomeido paradise without issue. As for Himegami’s title, look at his name: hime and megami – Princess Goddess. He made it masculine as Hayate’s the only trap there.

    Mmm… Hinayoko and Niagi.

  12. “I don’t care. Just shoot me. There’s no way there’s a penis on this.”

    Because it had to be said.

  13. Also, given how stoked Maria was about Bell-Hayate and Nagi’s eagerness to strip Hayate, she would’ve either had a nosebleed or stripped Hayate down and gone Tomoe Marguerite on stage there and then.

  14. I’m being tempted here. But I know damn good and well that there’s porn out there way better than this crap.

  15. Maybe it’s just me, but since when was Sakuya so “well developed” as in ep 38?

  16. what the, why am i listed as from australia, i’m no where near there…

  17. Notice that the VIral character is actually a combination of Guy Shishio from Gaogaigar, and Viral, since they have the same voice actor (If you never heard of Gaogaigar, think of Gurren Lagann, but mid to late 90s and for a younger age group). The attacks he uses are all sendups or exact copies of GGG attacks: “Broken Magnum,” “Hell and Heaven,” “Goldion Hammer”. They also do a great job on Gaogaigar’s major theme: COURAGE!

  18. Lol Jason, you going gay for hayate? You know you are…

  19. Wow. That was… wow.

    Fourth season already? I almost forgot this started around the same time as Lucky Star and TTGL and it feels like those ended ages ago.

  20. you sure there’s a penis on that? :X

  21. I’m actually in awe of this show… I hadn’t seen a single ep until ep 36 (after all the seasons concluded I needed something to watch, I couldn’t wait.)… I watched every single one in a weekend and haven’t looked back, I love it.

    Now i’m wondering what other shows i’ve missed the boat on.

  22. Yeah, Banchou is right; Cyborg Butler is more a parody of the Shishio Guy of GaoGaiGar. However, the Viral face still makes sense, because Shishio Guy and Viral were both voiced by the amazing Nobuyuki Hiyama.

    Personally, I thought that while the TTGL parodies were awesome, the animation team absolutely sucks at emulating Gainax’s style. Still, the effort was muchly appreciated.

  23. Last half of the third season has been full of WIN so far; these two episodes even topped the nearly-untoppable Maria date, and the one with Nagi and Ayumu was great, too. I wonder how the fourth season will go (they’re going back to the manga next episode).

  24. uhh, zipperhead- I think your criticism of the parody is hilariously unfounded because most of the animation staff from gainax worked on this ep. Check out the credits at the end. I’ll even save you the searching.

    There was Imaishi (director of GL), Amemiya, Kubota and Sadakata from Gainax and some more because the animation director for this episode (Satoshi Yamaguchi) is one of Gainax young animators (actually there’s a rumor that says he resigned after GL). But none the less everyone came to support him. There was also a pretty good freelance animator like Kenichi Kutsuna (who also worked on GL) that appeared and some others related to Gonzo since they produced this episode.


  25. Question…. why does Nekomimi Meido Hayata-chan have cleavage?

  26. The answer is always “Why not?”

  27. booo boooo, Ill stick with my Mako-cakes.

    Wait, did I just say that?

  28. “To recap, a tsundere loli has to costume rape/strip a nekomimi meido/butler trap while the student council president battles a bisexual snake woman and Gurren Lagann in the background.”

    Winable, quoteable, and loveable.
    (goes for the episode, and the quote itself)

  29. Viral? from the screens i think its GAI from Gaogaigar…

    gotta watch the show to find out

  30. You don’t know about GaoGaiGar? I… I can’t look at you anymore. You have failed so hard…

    FYI, Viral’s VA is the same as Guy’s in GaoGaiGar.


  31. > “An attack I’ve seen won’t work on me again” more if it wasn’t a lone
    > Kenshin reference in a see of Gainax hot bloodedness.

    O_o That’s a reference to Kamina vs Viral.

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