my new wallpaper

1900 x 1200

Success! I just need to find the other one for my other monitor. :)

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  1. Congratulations, it looks great. I just hope the girl cosplaying Yoko is not going to fall and break her neck. Also, the flashes added character to the original, IMHO.

  2. That’s Hinagiku, and given how athletic she is.. I wouldn’t worry too much.

  3. Awe…

    Hayate is one of the few shows I watch and… and… I ANXIOUSLY AWAIT TO SEE MORE!!!

    Getting a little antsy here.

    Nice wallpaper snag!

  4. for those of us who are still stuck with 4:3 screens (me at work…. home is getting the full version of this) here is a version for you…

    I hope you find a high-res of the second eye catch. that has awesomeness so overflowing it hurts!

  5. Aw great wallpaper I think I might add it to my rotation to my laptop.
    speaking of TTGL, me and a couple of my friends just finished watching it today and man…. you were definitely right, that was full of epic-ness, Gar-ness, absurd-ness, and a hefty scoop of bullshit that made it very entertaining to watch with a out of the box mindset. Its been the only anime I’ve ever seen that made us feel pumped up during the entire time, just having to laugh at the massive multiplication of drills and ridiculous GATTAI’s that happen. But it wasn’t until the end of the series when it hit me that within 27 episodes they came from just people underground with drills to chucking galaxies at each other in epic-sized mechs. Very glad that I decided to watch this, and drag some friends in with me on your recommendation on the show. But I personally believe that Kamina was more GAR than Simon even though some bloggers say differently.
    Thanks again, it was well worth my time.


  7. Awesome. And the logo isn’t there either. :3

    I was actually half expecting to hear “ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH!” when I saw the eyecatches in the show. :P

  8. Way late in commenting, but I figure the comment might actually be seen here:

    If you’re looking for a new name for the blog, one that unites the classics of old with the fresh newcomers, you definitely want Kotatsu Kakushi. Your banners could then be all the classic “male characters trapped in the sauna of heaven” scenes, such as Love Hina and Minami-ke. That would be pure bliss…

  9. Since I quite obviously have too much time on my hands, here you go.

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