momentum for january

“You are Kotomi Ichinose, and your chest is intensely rubbing against my back!”

(Since I don’t want to give away or step on the upcoming thin slicing post, I’m not going to talk about any shows from winter 2008 until the thin slicing post is done. Deal with it.)


“Eh? Eh?! EH!!!”

I’m trying to figure out my favorite moment from Moyashimon, and I just can’t. I think it’s harder to figure out than my favorite moment from Gurren Lagann. It’s a fabulous series, but the latter episodes, once they started down the epic lesbian and trap goth loli paths, the focus shifted away from the microbes. I was actually disappointed. I enjoyed watching the microbes. I liked how all the microbes had their own seiyuu, with A. oryzae’s being voiced by Urd. It’s a great series that deserves more than eleven episodes.

(And is it me, or does even microbial anime turn into harem? Sawaki’s somehow is gaining the favor of Hazuki, Haruka, and Kei. I’m afraid if this series did go on, we’ll have the craziest love drama ever. Wait, that’s not a bad thing. Though we’ll need to get Aoi and her friend Ayu as well as some fermented devil rays involved as well. And definitely some jealous microbes.)


“The day before yesterday, I saw a rabbit. And yesterday, a deer. And today, you.”

One thing I’ve learned from Clannad is that all of life’s problems can be solved by throwing a party. Little sister trapped in a coma? Throw a wedding party! Hikikomori traumatized by her past? Throw a birthday party! The Kotomi arc is significantly more awesome than the Fuko arc, and Kotomi really becomes a top notch haremette. I’m not sure how Tomoya can choose another girl over her without Kotomi turning into a crazy murderer. I’m also pretty sure that if Tomoya wanted Kotomi to join a threesome with Kyou or Nagisa, she’d do it. Good grief. Why is Nagisa the end girl? Right now, I have (1) Kotomi (2) Kyou (3) Tomoyo (4) Ryou and (5) Nagisa on my scorecard. This is worse than (1) Nayuki (2) Mai (3) Wife Material Sayuri (4) Ayu. Yes, move over Nayuki! There’s more joining the Nayuki All-Stars!

(I liked two Kyou scenes from Kotomi’s arc: her bullying of Kotomi and when she got Ryou, Nagisa, and Kotomi away so she could have quality time with Tomoya. Of course, she was purring, “We’re alone now~~”, and he goes to sleep. If it weren’t my prior knowledge of Clannad, I’d be lumping Tomoya with Setsuna and Sawaki right now. Nonetheless, I’m bracing for Kyou’s arc. It better be good!)


Haruka is amazing. You’re under arrest!”

Episode 10 of Full Throttle brought back flashes of the live action series. The one where Natsumi and Nayuki got drunk every episode and slept around and had the Mariah Carey song. Though this episode did have two guys who incapacitated both girls and all they could think of was stealing their money. Um, what happened to the old, raunchier pre-2k You’re Under Arrest? It’s like Fujishima decided to turn Natsumi and Nayuki into Urd and Belldandy respectively. Maybe it’s overcompensation for how slutty they were in the live action series, but I liked the original YUA.



My current guilty pleasure. Didn’t think you’d see this series on Derailed, did ya?


“She will become my new minion.”

Miya-Miya’s “recruitment” of Azuma was fantastic. I loved the snake and frog imagery. I’m trying to nail down what I like most about Bamboo Blade, and it’s tough. Miya-Miya? Dan-kun? Miya-Miya’s stalker? Lion-chan? Sayoko’s DS-crushing ass? Amazingly, Tama’s like the least interesting character. She’s like the Nagisa to Miya-Miya’s Kyou.



The second OVA episode for Koharu Biyori got a real opening animation for Apron dake wa Toranaide!. And, and, uh, it’s haremriffic. No, really. Takaya’s an, um, lucky guy. Sometimes I watch a series like Zero no Tsukaima and wonder if it’ll do better as a softcore series, and I think it wouldn’t be too much different than Koharu Biyori in that case. And, no, that’s not an insult or dig or slight.

(For people who have been watching Spice and Wolf, when Horo goes on about how she doesn’t want to remove her cloak, “If you take that too lightly, you will destroy the dreams of men; therefore, I cannot allow that.” That could have been her talking about breasts and nipples, right? Well, let’s just say Yui doesn’t give the same speech.)


“This never ending loop.”

Seeing some craptastic animation for winter 2008, I’m upgrading Kimikiss to just slightly below average. I can’t believe I’m still watching this show. There’s no conflict, there’s no interesting banter, there’s no fanservice, there’s no… nothing. I can’t help but think of Drakon’s comment for Spice and Wolf 1 when I’m watching this show now: “‘Anime exclusive character’ Well thank you from saving me of wasting 20 minutes of my time.” Kimikiss has four anime exclusive characters!!! And there’s no nakkid fox girls! I think that explains it all.

(The new animation for the OP is great. Not only does it not show any anime exclusive character, but it actually animates the girls moving! I can’t believe JC Staff splurged like that.)


“Unlike you, I’m not a lesbian!”

Quite possible the greatest line since “Are you going to bully me?” to describe female friendship. I enjoyed Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun as it’s a very good fanservice romp. It’s just so inexplicable. I still don’t understand the succubus angle, I still don’t understand the training, and I still don’t understand how Ninomiya hasn’t tapped those asses yet. He shares a heart-shaped bed with the Stopgap Mikuru for Oyashrio’s sake! Despite the half-hearted attempt at a plot, I did enjoy the final arc just because Reika tied Ninomiya down and tried to rape him in a Bible Black-type of sacrificial way and Mayu got fiesty. I liked it when Mayu accused Reika of being a lesbian just because she’s capable of fighting back, which is one better than Mikuru. I’d love to see Mikuru accuse Haruhi of being a lesbian, with Haruhi smirking and replying, “You’ve found me out, Mikuru-chan~~ <3“.

Also, I thought about Ninomiya-kun when I read Sheba’s comment from Gundam 00 14, “Like the female cast doing a cheerful cheerleader dance in pompom girl uniforms.” Yes, the Gundam 00 girls doing Fure Fureppon Pon! would be tremendous with a terrified Setsuna starring at the nakkid girls at the end could only be topped with the guys doing the dance with a terrified Veda starring at the nakkid mecha aces.

So I started thinking about other possible hilarious OP/ED parody for Gundam 00. The new Aozora Loop animation would be great, and, again, the male version with the Meisters puckering up and playing with balloons would top the female version through horrific amounts of unintentional comedy. Megu Meru would be pretty good for moe for the girls side. The guys standing in front of the mecha would be like… uh… Gundam Seed‘s OP. The Gundams doing Hare Hare Yukai would be boring. It’s been done before. Motteke! Sailor Fuku is kinda the same way. Love Destiny would be great, especially if Setsuna took Karen’s role. Honestly, Love Destiny is great for any comedic project; it has aged so spectacularly. (Though I’d love to see a Sister Princess remake.)

But I think the most hilarious would have to be Ichigo Complete. The female version would have the appropriate loli versions of Sumeragi, Ms. Wang, Marina, and Christina with Felt as Nobue, and this would shatter various moe scales. The male version would have the Meisters… I’d say Tieria in the Miu role, Allelujah in the Ana role, Lockon in Matsuri role, and Setsuna in the Chiaki role. Oh man, trying to picture loli Setsuna and the other Meisters wearing matching strawberry print Sunday dresses almost made me laugh up a lung.

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  1. Why is Nagisa the end girl? Right now, I have (1) Kotomi (2) Kyou (3) Tomoyo (4) Ryou and (5) Nagisa on my scorecard. This is worse than (1) Nayuki (2) Mai (3) Wife Material Sayuri (4) Ayu. Yes, move over Nayuki! There’s more joining the Nayuki All-Stars!

    I dunno, I find Nagisa and the way she is portrayed more likeable than Ayu. I don’t see Tomoyo as becoming more than good friend. Etc…

    Oh, you forgot Fuko and Makoto in your rankings.

  2. Dude, I feel the same way about Kimikiss in every aspect as you, after every episode I wonder why I’m still watching it yet, when the next ep comes out I undoubtedly download it. Maybe its cause Noto Mamiko has a role in it… I’ll just go ahead and blame subconscious urges.
    Goddamnit if Kotomi leaves the show i’ll be pissed.. hell at least Mai stayed in the show, just chilled out in the hospital for awhile.
    I’ll second the vote on Nagisa > Ayu

  3. (abbreviated ‘forgot to fill out spam filter’ excuse post)

    Re: The Kanon rankings: Someone’s either forgetful or not converted to the ways of vanilla ice cream -ism yet.

    Re: The Clannad rankings: Ryou deserves another 3 or maybe 10 spots higher, because she functions as a great Tsukasa / Shiori hybrid. Otherwise, would agree on Kotomi and Kyou. I love how this is all I talk about, harem girl ranking.

    And for KimiKiss, I think it’s a good show because it’s so plain and down-to-earth, not to mention there’s not one central guy for the girls to throw themselves at. Plus, there’s plenty of foreshadowing for conflict, what with Kouichi being caught between Yuumi and Mao, Mao being caught between Kai and Kouichi, and Kazuki triangling himself up something fierce.

    (And four original characters? Wow. Kazuki, the frog girls – hopefully – and what, Konoe Kotomi whatever rich girl Mamiko Noto does this time? That’s surprising.)

  4. >>> I don’t see Tomoyo as becoming more than good friend.
    on the other hand, Tomoyo is the only one with an 18+ sequel

    >>> And there’s no nakkid fox girls!
    wolf girl~~ i mean title kinda make it obvious. though she does resember firefox logo pretty well

  5. I second the thought with Kimikiss. There always seems to be conflict just around the corner, but it always ends up so mild! I’m just waiting for Sakino+Futami or Hoshino+Mao to snap and go at each other Yuno-style.

    As for Kenichi, I watched it loyally every episode to the end. I’m not sure why, since it really doesn’t do anything spectacular, and it is a rather run-of-the-mill anime. I think I was drawn to it just for simple, basic fun. Or maybe it was because of Shigure or Valkyrie and her cats…

  6. For the record, Tama-chan is love.

    Funny you say she is the least interesting character; in the latest volume of the manga, she gets teased by the rest of the girls for being “boring” (in Tama-chan’s case, uninterested would be a better term) and at least one instance where she tries to be more passionate.

  7. These are the Kimikiss game characters. Eiji (the musician) and Kazuki (the soccer player) are anime original characters. Mitsuki (the rich girl) and Nana and Narumi (the frog girls) were in the game.

    But I think it was actually a good decision to add those boys. I don’t think Kimikiss would have been better as a fanservice harem comedy. There’s way too many girls in Kimikiss, and if they were all going after the same boy, there’s no way all of their stories could be explored with substantial resolution. And if they focused only on two or three girls, too many other girls would be left out. By adding different boys with different talents, you have a shy writer to pair up with Yuumi, an athlete to pair up with Asuka, and so on. More happy girls at the end.

    And there’s conflict and character development to be had, it’s just not intense. A declaration of war like the one between Kei and Miyako from ef would just not fit. Kimikiss is too down-to-earth for that. But if you look at it, the Mao-Eiji and Yuumi-Kouichi relationships have been seriously threatened. A rivalry is shaping up between Eriko and Asuka. The threat of losing Yuumi is making Kouichi evolve from needing Mao to push him everywhere.

    Kimikiss isn’t the Honey and Clover Team at its best, but it still has quite a lot of good points.

  8. “One thing I’ve learned from Clannad is that all of life’s problems can be solved by throwing a party”

    How could you not get that from Kanon?

  9. “My current guilty pleasure. Didn’t think you’d see this series on Derailed, did ya?”

    No, HSDK is a good series in my book and I think who did Kenichi is doing the male lead in “They Are My Noble Masters”.

  10. I love Kenichi, its not the best show in many areas, but the overall entertainment is pretty high. Needed a bit more fan service, but the pace of the story is pretty good. I rate it a 7.5. In a martial arts subcategory its a 9. Basically combins all the best features of most “good” shonen anime into a nice “real world” martial arts package with a concise storyline.

  11. Your thoughts on Moyashimon are exactly why Yakitate Japan should have ended after the first (Pantasia) arc. I have a feeling if Moyashimon went on anymore, the entire microbe focus would be long lost and it’d just be a crappy school-life show, abeit with cuter girls (and kei). Similarily if Yakitate would have ended right after that first arc, it would forever be remembered as one of the best comedies in animedom right up there with Ranma 1/2.

  12. it would forever be remembered as one of the best comedies in animedom right up there with Ranma 1/2.

    No offense meant but I liked Highschool Kimengumi later :3

  13. No offense meant but I liked Highschool Kimengumi later :3

    Woops I meant “better”.

  14. “The day before yesterday, I saw a rabbit. And yesterday, a deer. And today, you.”
    If you were wondering, that quote is from The Dandelion Girl.
    Interestingly, it’s the short story that Rahxephon is based on.

  15. Oh shit. Now that I think about it, is that a spoiler?

  16. Hopefully you’ve seen this, then =P

  17. Muahahahahah

  18. Okay, totally unrelated, but I had to get it off my chest, because this is something I’d fully expect to see on this site. Totally Vic in No-Cal, not showing up too often, and you don’t know what you’re going to get.

    Am I the only person that fully expects to hear “BURNING FINGER!” every few seconds on KimiAru? Because I think that’s totally the one thing that’s missing.

  19. Meh, Clannad is just as stale as Kimikiss. During the Kotomi arc, Kotomi got a free gardening job, a teddy-bear and a broken violin. Thats pretty much what it was, free stuff for the rich girl that is supposed to be smart, but doesnt think at all.

    Its a good thing Bamboo blade is still going strong. And I like Tama, though maybe its mostly because of the hot fold-outs.

  20. LOL. I clicked on your “Nayuki All Stars” link and saw the following, now humorously dated, quote…

    “I was watching Hayate the Combat Butler 8 and was fairly giddy whenever Hayate mentioned “the Maria ending” as maybe we’ll get more than just a tease. Yes, I should know better than get my hopes up, but… it’s very tantalizing but ultimately crushing… much like Houston Texans fans over a year ago when they thought they were going to get Reggie Bush but ended up with Mario Williams.”

    As a Texans fan, I gotta laugh…

  21. [blockquote cite=”Sheba”]Oh, you forgot Fuko and Makoto in your rankings.[/blockquote]
    I’m pretty sure he didn’t forget.

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