minami-ke ~okawari~, a secret excuse for evening hospitality

Symmetrical docking… a decade too soon.


A good tonic for a dreary, cold, wet San Jose day. Haruka’s got the right idea in enjoying a hot drink and curling up with a nice book… while ignoring the storm of idiocy around her. Episode three brings yet another bath scene (though if the first episode was about flotation devices, this would be about raisins), more Hosaka, a possible new character, and the return of blaxploitation music. I’m thrilled we got blaxploitation music about a minute after some classical melody.

I’m also thrilled that, once again, pointlessness and frittering away of precious time dominates the lives of the Minami-centric world. As soon as Chiaki stated that she had too much homework to do, I knew where this express train was headed. Um, yeah, doing homework together will be faster. Um, yeah, gathering at Chiaki’s has many perks. And, um, yeah, these perks will be the reason why none of the homework will get done.


In other news… food! I swear, between Spice and Wolf and Minami-ke ~Okawari~, I’m going to gain like ten pounds. They weren’t kidding when they named this series Minami-ke ~Seconds~. If powers to be made another sequel (I sure hope so, just not next season), I wonder if they’ll call it Minami-ke ~Bon Appétit~. But I am beginning to understand Hosaka… it’s tough not to think delicious thoughts when it comes to red bean sticky rice and Haruka.

Funniest Moments


Didn’t we already get a Hosaka fantasy about hot pots? Asread, if you’re going to toss it to Hosaka wild imagination mode, at least show us some ridiculous Hosaka x Haruka antics. Just two seconds of quasi-fanservice is disturbingly not enough! I’ll overlook it this time around, but next time, the fangs will be out.

(No one messes with prime Hosaka x Haruka antics. No one.)


In the frigid northern pacific islands, this mid-sized minamis domesticus tries to assert control over the clan. It first seeks out the lesser minamis domesticus and gains superiority over then. Then it goes after the alpha pack leader.


Golden opportunity missed. This could have been the funniest scene in the whole episode, but, alas. When Fuyuki gave Haruka a present, I think it would have been hilarious if after he leaves, Haruka peeks into it, and then blushes like crazy. We’d be like “WHA? HUN?” and then she’ll quickly hide it. Much like Jack’s present to Matt Damon in The Departed, we won’t know, but we have a really good idea. Why? Because earlier…


… Possible Young Housewife Haruka greets his dad by waving her frilly bra around. Or maybe I’m just as broken as a Minami-ke cast member. Andohbytheway, even though Fuyuki seems like the dorkier Fujioka (maybe they metrosexual upped Fujioka to make it seem more disparate), he’s going to be broken even if he isn’t right now. It’s not a question of when, but by who. I’ll place odds on Haruka.


Delicious sticky rice intermission.


“Even Wikipedia can’t contain your stupidity, bakaero!”


Sisterly violence! If the Minami girls parodied Black Lagoon, Chiaki would be Revy, Kana would be Eda, and, of course, Haruka would be Loli– err– Balalaika. Mako-cakes, of course, would be Hansel and Gretel.


Most appropriate meme?

(A) I, for one, welcome our new lords of sexually harassment.

(B) Are you bullying me? Please don’t bully me!


(D) All of the above.


The best part of Kana realizing that she needs to do something about Chiaki’s and friend’s bust sizes was Haruka’s slow realization of what Kana means. And by slow realization, I mean, slow morph into the Bible Black face. Previously, this effect has only been used as a jarring effect, but, in this case, it didn’t work too badly as a more timed effect.


Kana’s such a dumbass. She’s fantastic.


I thought one of the original gags from Doumu’s take was that Chiaki tried on Kana’s shirt, and it felt tight on Chiaki. This series would be a lot funnier that way rather than this way. Oh, well, at least they can all work at Raisins together.


Fujioka! You’re almost as bad as Chiaki for not realizing that Makoto and Mako-cakes are the same person. I wonder what the two of them talk about. I’m sure it’s all revealed in the upcoming bestseller, “I Loved a Minami Sister.”


Makoto is nowhere as entertaining as Mako-cakes. And does Mako-cakes have the most significant bust out of all of Chiaki’s friends?

(This scene reminded me of the Ikea scene from Fight Club only instead of Ed Norton and Brad Pitt, it was Ed Norton and pre-Tom Cruise Katie Holmes.)


Reminds me of the Potemayo episode where Potemayo gets sick so she runs through like half a Costco-sized Kleenex box. Except I think Kana’s just doing this to be annoying. It’s interesting how Haruka pretty much lets Kana run wild while Chiaki takes the most offense to her sister’s idiocy.

(Same sweater design. Notice how Chiaki and Haruka share the same colors while Kana’s colors are just totally different.)


And from last time…

Kikaifan: ~Il Teatrino~ Hissssssssssssssssssssssssss it burnses us!

LOL. Now that’s comedy.

Bob: TBH, apart from the creepy black faces (which, while I understand is a cultural thing, freaks me the hell out more then Mako-cakes) and Haruka’s disturbingly large water breasts (with those monsters, I’m surprised she hasn’t had a wardrobe meltdown!), I don’t see what all the bruhaha is about. This new one is just as awesome as the first, what with Haruka’s brush with ultimate power (I can imagine Haruka as first World Emperor, subduing rowdy nations with a single Mob Boss look), Mako-cakes edging closer to the day when he-she says “Screw it” and goes in for the sex-change op, and poor, doomed Fujioka and his life as Kana’s bitch. Roll on Episode three, and Hosaka’s bat-shit insane laugh.

The funny thing is that while Haruka’s absorbed water like a sponge, Chiaki’s went the other way. Obviously, it isn’t hereditary.

(Why does Mako-cakes need a sex-change? I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. No way there’s a penis to begin with.)

Haesslich: The lack of faces is what really bothers me about Asread’s run at it, given that Doumu and even Imagin are giving the background characters faces…

The faces are still fully drawn, just with a black contrast. I don’t think they’re doing it to save money, as I think it’s more work to draw everything and then have a squid poop on it. I think they’re doing it either (a) they’re going for a Shaft-ish effect or (b) they’re trying to make Minami-ke seem more like a hentai series, since that’s a staple of that genre (or so I’m told…). It’s at least better than )(Zoku) Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei which just puts the kanji names of the character on their faces… and these are main characters, not background characters.

wp: Well, they should have reused the OP and ED as well.

I like the ED. For pretty much all anime, when they change seasons, they change the OP/ED. It’s a way to sell more CDs… which is the entire point of having an OP/ED.

(Versus American TV which gets revenue from commercials, anime get most of their revenue from DVD and CD sales.)

Endz: Wait what is this Bible Black face? I don’t know about it

Yep… these are not my readers.

18 Responses to “minami-ke ~okawari~, a secret excuse for evening hospitality”

  1. Mmmm, Chiaki and Uchida showing skin… wasnt able to concentrate after that.

  2. since that’s a staple of that genre (or so I’m told…)
    …Hmm, do some of your other readers ever send you samples of pr0n they like? I’m just wondering.

  3. >>And does Mako-cakes have the most significant bust out of all of Chiaki’s friends?

    I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. No way is there a y chromosome in Mako. Just…no. No way.

  4. Why don’t Kana’s hips shake in time to the beat in the ED?!?
    Sorry, that’s been bothering me the most during the transition.

    Oh, yeah: obligatory “mmmh, just-past-DFC”

  5. No, Mako-cakes is pretty flat, as Haruka found out when she measured her er, HIM for a bra back in Episode 6 of the last series. It’s just that, of all of Chiaki’s friends, Mako-chan is the most feminine of the lot of them… way more so than Uchida or Yoshino, which itself is mildly frightening, especially given how he responds around girls’ clothing now (see next episode). And yes, the change of Kana’s bust size was one complaint I levelled against the first ep, due to the loss of the joke (“Too big. Just right.”)

    And yes, the Blaxpoitation music shows up more… which is pretty danged interesting, given how it appears around Mako-chan more often than not. Between that and ‘hime-sama’ being tossed around Chiaki herself, it’s a heck of an episode. Heck, they even illustrated ‘orz’ for the portion of the population that doesn’t know what that means, with Kana as the example.

    By the way, you need to watch Ep 4, for more Mako-chan based humor. You haven’t lived until you see how he reacts to… certain outfits.

  6. Interesting that Makoto would show up as Mako-chan even though Chiaki was definitely expecting a “he.” There’s no returning for Mako-cakes. And I would say this is the first episode to sell me on Mako-cakes. That outfit is absolutely adorable… oh god, what am I saying?!

  7. It’s Kana’s response that sells the outfit, wp: even she’s surprised by the amount of detail Mako-cakes put into it (bows on boots, frilly handbag, dress over a long-sleeved sweater draped JUST so… and the realization that Mako-cakes has outdone Kana in terms of making him look feminine.

    Heck, she’s more feminine than Chiaki now, or Yoshino even. And that’s the joke – she doesn’t only not recognize Mako-chan anymore (even if she insisted on Mako-cakes showing up as ‘her’ instead of ‘him’ in episode 1), but.. well, just watch Ep 4.

  8. I mean, seriously – frilly handbag, necklace… those are not accessories most guys would just decide to pick out. I don’t think Mizuho put that much thought into her outfits. Mako-chan truly has left the nest, and Kana, behind. Especially when she finds more outfits.

  9. “Yep… these are not my readers.”

    Ohhh, Jason..If I remember correctly you went a few episodes into Minami Ke before making this admission

    “Andohbytheway, since I honestly have no clue what the plot or premise or deviance of Black Bible is, I checked out it’s Wikipedia entry.”

    My how quickly tables turn…

    I watched all the episodes that are currently translated long before Minami-Ke. IMHO Bible Black is teh best Hentai. Period.

  10. Symmetrical docking… a decade too soon.

    Three girls wouldnt be triangular docking?

  11. >>I thought one of the original gags from Doumu’s take was that Chiaki tried on Kana’s shirt, and it felt tight on Chiaki.

    You have it backwards. The chest area was just right, while the waist was too tight.

  12. I expect new kid Fuyuki to fall in love with Mako-cakes and declare Touma as his love-rival…

    Is it just me or is Touma the most developed in her/his/I give up age group?

  13. “(Why does Mako-cakes need a sex-change? I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. No way there’s a penis to begin with.)”

    Of course he has a penis. He flashed Touma during the dressing-under-the-kotatsu bit. I’d just prefer Mako-cakes has the sex-change so that the strange and disturbing feeling in my pants is a little less strange and disturbing.

  14. Concerning the poll, for the Fujioka choice, do you mean whipped Fujioka or teddy bear Fujioka?

  15. Finally an OP and ED that I can watch.
    I’m digging this new animation style, although the quality seems to have degraded with the change of studios. I’m glad they kept the black bible faces. As for the new hair colors, nothing really bothers me but I am loving Chiaki’s new two-tone.
    Good Stuff, I hope to see more Hosaka fantasies soon.

  16. I think Uchida will be the “biggest” of them once she grows up. Why? because 1.) She’s an idiot 2.) She drank Kana’s milk 3.) Cause I says so~ I think she’ll surprise everyone once she “matures”

  17. Kherubim: No, the waist was ‘too loose’, compared to Haruka finding it ‘just right’… while the chest area was too tight for Haruka, but ‘just right’ for Chiaki – which suggests Kana’s flat and bigger around the waist than her sister Chiaki but has the same waist as Haruka… which is the worst of both worlds – not the most slender, but neither is she busty.

    Okawari blew THAT joke out of the water with its C-cups.

  18. That image of Mako-chan has warped my fragile little mind O_O. He’s beyond help now,isn’t he?

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