minami-ke ~okawari~, is it okay to clean?

Haruka is amazing… amazingly scary!


The crux of this episode of Minami-ke ~Okawari~ is Haruka in full disciplinarian mode. My gosh, those rumors about Banchou Haruka are true! Because Kana and Chiaki goofed off, Haruka decides to “punish” them by making them work on an off day. However, knowing Kana and Chiaki, do you expect them to work? Of course not.


We get a lot more of Fuyuki this epsiode, and Fuyuki just isn’t very interesting. He’s a typical doormat/goody-two-shoes, and he actually curries Haruka’s favor, something I’m not sure if he’s too interested in… which is opposite of Chiaki and Mako-cakes and Hosaka who are desperate for Haruka’s attention. Because Haruka thought so highly of poor Fuyuki, both Kana and Chiaki alternate between despising him and wanting to break him. I’m sure they’ll succeed someday, but not today. Today, Haruka lets the hammer down.

And Angry Haruka… wow… if Asread tossed in an actual emo facial distortion for Haruka, I would have been like, “Doumu who?” Dammit, missed opportunity. Nothing curries my favor like emo facial distortions and Haruka in a meido outfit.

Funniest Moments


Bar none, the funniest moment of the episode was when Mako-cakes discovered the cache of clothing that Haruhi was saving for Mikuru. The twisted smile that Mako-cakes had afterwards was priceless. Epic.

(I wonder what will be more expensive for Mako-cakes in ten years… a psychiatrist’s bill or a sex change operation?)


The second funniest moment was when Kana said that she’d give everyone ~$1,000 if she found ~$1,000,000. Well, Mako-cakes announced that Mako-cakes would buy a new skirt! The “…” faces that Uchida and Touma had were just as priceless. I think I had the same face when I saw the new Gunslinger Girl.

(The snow… fantastic watching it on high def. Snow effects are great, except when Ayu Tsukimiya is involved.)


The third funniest would be a shirtless Hosaka joining the fray. His whole act just kills me. He’s a walking comedic machine; it’s like someone morphed William Shatner, Baywatch Hoff, Taniguchi, and Kamina into a two-dimensional tour de force. I can’t remember the last non-Taniguchi male anime character to be this intentionally unintentionally hilarious. Kankuro would be a distant second to Hosaka.


Five cute little girls…


She aimed for the sausage… a sausage! That’s gotta have some meaning, doesn’t it? I wonder what Sigmund Freud would say about someone who stabs a sausage with a chopstick. I also wonder what he’d say about Mako-cakes, Hosaka, and the people who watch this series and then discuss it on-line.

(Note to Hosaka: if you ever get on base with Haruka, do not, I repeat, do not let her near any chopsticks. And bring a videocamera.)


Poor Fujioka. After seeing Kana nakkid, he hasn’t really improved his standing with her, has he?


At least one Fujioka is happy.


Written in my notebook: “Wait, did I press play for Minami-ke or some shota hentai?” The black faces really turn up the creepiness notch this episode. I felt like I watching a cross between Paranoia Agent and Bible Black.


The odds that Kana will grow up into one of those 300 pound guests of Jerry Springer has been taken off the books in Vegas. She might as well start dating sketchy white trash and move to a trailer park in West Virginia.


Uchida is a candidate for the Rukia Useless Anime Characters All-Stars, isn’t she?


Is that the Hoff?! That better not be the David Hasselhoff. Oh man. That’s a kick in the nuts.

(I wonder if my readers were more disappointed about the Haruka changing scene than with my “announcement” last post.)


And from last time

Phuong: Concerning the poll, for the Fujioka choice, do you mean whipped Fujioka or teddy bear Fujioka?

Does it matter?

Colin: That image of Mako-chan has warped my fragile little mind O_O. He’s beyond help now,isn’t he?

Gotta wonder if Mako-cakes kept those dresses Mako-cakes found this episode. I’d say “yes.”

Beowulf Lee: …Hmm, do some of your other readers ever send you samples of pr0n they like? I’m just wondering.

I don’t get a lot of NSFW stuff, which causes me to believe most of my readers e-mail me from work. I do get a lot of “Hey, this is cool, please write about it!” e-mails. I’m usually happy to get those since I get to find stuff like Mirai Nikki. I’m usually less happy when I’m sent something like a Bleach fan fic… but unlike that wacky Zetsubou class or Fuyuki in this episode, I will say “no” to that duty.

(Honestly, subject lines like “don’t click nsfw epic horo fanservice” just make me want to click more. Maybe I shouldn’t have shared this tidbit of information.)

Haesslich: Okawari blew THAT joke out of the water with its C-cups.

Haess, man, I think you’re off a bit. Maybe those those are class C flotation devices (as in able to support a life raft like those on a 747), but they’re definitely not class C Japanese bra size.

(The plane’s going down! Quick, grab onto Haruka…)

paparaharaha: Mmmm, Chiaki and Uchida showing skin… wasnt able to concentrate after that.

Yep… these are my readers.

23 Responses to “minami-ke ~okawari~, is it okay to clean?”

  1. I finally figured out what to call hosaka, ‘fabulous’.
    Now if only he’d strike a JoJo’s BA pose i can die happy.

  2. >>but they’re definitely not class C Japanese bra size.

    The lack of picture in your link disappointed me.

  3. (The plane’s going down! Quick, grab onto Haruka…)

    I laughed like a Beavis and Butthead-class dork.

  4. Some minor points here. One, Fuyuki is apparently an anime-only character. Two, I’m siding with Jason at this point: with the enthusiasm Mako-chan viewed the discarded cosplay items, it’s a miracle if he DIDN’T take the clothes back behind everyone’s back. Third, while Hosaka was as wierd as ever, it merits pointing out that he was compacting Japanese beercans with his bare hands. While some of these are your typical soda-can variety, the ones he were crushing looked like the ribbed numbers you’d expect Yebisu to use, which are particularly tough…

  5. The poster looks more like Brad Pitt to me who, let’s be honest, is in every teenage girl’s wet fantasy.

    The reaction of Touma and Uchida was definitely high on the WTF-o-meter. It couldn’t beat Hosaka’s possible future career though as a can crusher. Not to mention: athlete, chef, delivery man, butler. What’s next? Gundam pilot?

  6. The Rukia Useless Anime Characters All-Stars? I’d like to see this pantheon. But would they really be considered All-Stars?

  7. So what can Hosaka NOT do, besides acting normal?

  8. wait, 5 little girls? i thought…

    oh right. nevermind.

  9. Five cute little girls… Pfft.

    Chiaki is not cute.

  10. The other expression Mako-chan could have made after finding the clothes should be something like this.

  11. I wish Haruka was my sister.
    No not in an M kinda way…..
    This Chiaki two-tone hair is brilliant I must say this a second time.

  12. Hosaka’s so manly, he doesn’t shrink even if half-naked in snowy weather.

  13. He won over Dio in SaiGAR. It was loltastic. Too bad it may be the last victory while Gurenn Lagann will just effortlessly roadroll the competition.

  14. While the Mako-cakes moments werent plentiful, they definately were quality. His skirt declaration and the reaction from Uchida and Touma were great.

    I hope we can see this nice skirt in an upcoming episode. Though, I would also like to see his parents getting a look at his closet, though the funny reactions would be ruined by their completely black faces…

  15. Those were KANA’S c-cups. Haruka’s gone into F+ class, on the Japanese scale. But yes, they blew one joke to put in… well, more jokes. And Mako-chan with bondage wear. Poor boy, he’ll never, EVER recover from the idea of discovering cosplay outfits… which he may subsequently keep. He looked both horrified (at discovering the bondage suit) as well as pleased in a weird way… given this expands his collection of outfits.

    And Uchida may be useless, except as the butt of jokes (like Ep 13 of the last season, where she tried to keep Mako-chan from removing his underwear while wearing her kimono).. but she’s cute, so we’ll forgive her for that.

  16. That’s definitely Brad Pitt there. It came from a Rolex(?) watch advertisement.

  17. Hosaka pulls through SaiGAR Round 2 by getting more votes than both of his compeditors combined. I don’t know if he can pull through Round 3, but he won’t have any competition from Gurenn Lagann crowd until the Semi-finals.

  18. Snow effects are great, except when Ayu Tsukimiya is involved.

    Can Shion stab Ayu and bury her under the snow?

  19. ~Uguu?

  20. Ayu (23:57:21, #156236) :


    Your creation is a big mistake in the visual novel anime adapatation history, and thus will serve as a reference for future writers on what type of character to avoid.

  21. To get a sex change, you need a psychiatric evaluation to make sure you are a true trans gender and not just a confused metrosexual. xD

    While my education on this subject isn’t complete, I’d say Mako Cakes would pass with flying colors. He isn’t corrupted or broken, quite the contrary, he’s on his way to being fixed. lol

    In other news, evil Haruka + the creepy atmosphere was very nerve racking. I kept expecting someone to get abducted for usage in strange satanic rituals, performed by Haruka Banchou!

  22. It honestly took much too long for me to finally get that 5 little girls joke.

  23. For those of us who think Hosaka should be a main character:


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