minami-ke ~okawari~, can’t take back a served tea cup

Donkey eating carrot stuffed animal? $20. Live eel? $30. Glass rabbit charm? $50. Earning the wrath of Haruka? Priceless.

(I’d include a “White cotton shirt? $15” for Hosaka, but he doesn’t seem to need it…)


I think one thing ~Okawari~ is bringing home is the fact that Haruka is, undeniably, someone that you just do not want to mess with. She’s one side goddess, one side dominatrix. And, uh, I think I have a lot of willing readers who would want to be disciplined by her. My biggest complaint about Minami-ke ~Okawari~ right now would be… I need my Haruka fix! It’s like after they deployed her flotation devices, I want more. It’s like a drug. I’m eagerly awaiting more ~Okawari~ just hoping for the next hit of Haruka goodness. No wonder they named this series “seconds”! Oh damn you Asread, damn you.

Funniest Moments


How can Haruka not be tapping that?! Honestly, on a scale from 1 to 10, how gay are you for Hosaka? I’m about a 12. And I think Maki wants Hosaka all to herself, hence why she’s not letting Haruka see him shirtless.

(~Okawari~ desperately needs a Hosaka-centric episode. Preferably with more ridiculous Haruka daydreams… like can we get one with a 25 story tall shirtless Hosaka scaling the Empire State Building while clutching a plunging neckline Haruka? Can we get one with a shirtless Dr. Hosaka and plunging neckline Nurse Haruka? I mean, it’s an A+ episode waiting to happen.)


Really enjoyed Haruka’s outfit this episode. I’m beginning to think that Yoko is Haruka’s and Hosaka’s love child. How else can you explain the anti-modesty and the ass at the same time? Plus Yoko has a “don’t fuck with me” mode, which definitely comes from Haruka. She can also daydream, which definitely comes from Hosaka.


“Aren’t you going to answer that?”

Though the best Haruka moment of this episode was when she broke Chiaki and greeted Kana at the door. That was… Harukatastic. Between the previous episode and this one, I’m wondering what’s scarier when mad: Haruka Minami or Haruhi Suzumiya? In any case, this scene reminds me of any cheesy scary Japanese movie. I’m shocked that Kana didn’t pee in her pants. Fantastic end to the episode… well… except if you’re Kana.


And, right before that, Chiaki’s turn. She’s freaking out like Sarah Michelle Gellar in a bad Hollywood remake of a classic Japanese movie. Hosaka, if you ever get on base with Haruka, do not even look at other women. Just do not. Though it does explain why Yoko was an orphan…

(Chiaki’s face when Haruka put her hand on her shoulder… it must be the same exact face that every Phoenix Suns fan had when they heard that they traded for Shaq.)


“Gomen nasai gomen nasai gomen nasai.”

A few years ago, whenever I saw a scene composition like this one, I thought about The Shining and the ax. Now? I think about Rena and a butcher’s knife. How anime has reshaped my world. And I still can’t go to the supermarket, look at a head of cabbage, and not break down laughing. Needless to say, it’s been a long time since I have successfully purchased any.


Poor Uchida. Pobrecita.


I didn’t really get the Fujioka-kuma ronin shtick, though the bazooka bear was funny. But it would have been 10,000 times more awesome if Bonta-kun showed up. And 100,000 times more awesome if that mechanical thing in the running dream from Clannad showed up.


Kana is becoming more and more like Fredo every episode. Her completely inability to give good directions and her impulsiveness… well… it’s either that she’s Fredo or she’s Celestial Being’s Veda.


Chiaki… when you are ever going to learn… never, ever trust Kana. If hugging live fish in a sexual way in a public marketplace is a 10 out of 10 on the scale of bad ideas, trusting Kana is at least an 11… eleven hundred.


Two things that would have made this scene significantly more hilarious: if that hat on Fujioka-kuma were Fuko’s, and if Chiaki’s milk carton had a picture of Fuko on the side with a “Have you seen me?” caption. I’d laugh.


Baka Gundam… launch!

(The blaxploitation music was tremendous during Kana’s searching scene / Chiaki’s meditation scene. If you can’t meditate to blaxploitation music, I don’t know what can you meditate to.)


And from last time

Sheba: Can Shion stab Ayu and bury her under the snow?

My top five anime characters that I want to see go stabby looks like… right now…

5. The chick from True Tears (not the crazy one or the one who cooks… the jealous one… I really should remember their names…).

4. Any of the Kimikiss heroines. Please!

3. Nagi Sanzenin after she catches Nekomimi Hayate in the throes of passion with Maria.

2. Nena Trinity. Probably fate that there’s two Rie Kugimiya characters on this list.

1. Haruka Minami.

sh: I finally figured out what to call hosaka, ‘fabulous’.

BZZZZT! Nope. GAR. He’s definitely applying to the pantheon along with Simon, Taniguchi, and Dan-kun. We’re actually starting construction on the Gar Pantheon this spring.

PQQ: The Rukia Useless Anime Characters All-Stars? I’d like to see this pantheon. But would they really be considered All-Stars?

Hell yeah! Why not? Though I did think about calling it the Relena Peacecraft All-Stars instead… though Rukia is the stereotypical useless female lead in a shounen anime. Whenever I think of Relena, I think of wet blanket more than useless, so maybe it’ll be the Relena Peacecraft Wet Blanket All-Stars… but I think Nemu is the queen of wet blankets… mmm… Rukia it is!

Ayu: ~Uguu?
Nayuki: Your creation is a big mistake in the visual novel anime adapatation history, and thus will serve as a reference for future writers on what type of character to avoid.

I’d say Makoto was the worst Key haremette. Seriously, how is a girl who is mentally rapidly degrading harem material? Unless Key has a lot of visual novel fans who always wanted to bed a cat turned underaged girl who is quickly regressing into a toddler. Oh gosh. Don’t answer that. The thought of any non-rhetorical answer makes me feel like Chiaki after Haruka finds out about the rabbit. (Fuko’s a close second though. Dozo!)

Chen: The poster looks more like Brad Pitt to me who, let’s be honest, is in every teenage girl’s wet fantasy.

Hosaka > Brad Pitt. I’m definitely rooting for a Mr. and Mrs. Smith parody with Hosaka and Haruka. A Fight Club parody would work too since one of the rules of Fight Club is no shirt, no shoes…

issa-sa: It honestly took much too long for me to finally get that 5 little girls joke.

Yep… these are my readers.

19 Responses to “minami-ke ~okawari~, can’t take back a served tea cup”

  1. At first when I saw the dark angry Haruka scene, I thought she was screwing in a light buld. I must be insane.

    So, how many Harukas does it take to screw in a light bulb?

  2. damn hosaka makes me gay.

    also, where can i get one of those belts he’s wearing. Hosaka is GOD

  3. Oh man…Two angry Harukas in a row, not gonna lie this season has had a much bigger start off than the previous, matter of fact I like everything this studio has done with this series better than the last, minus the black people.
    Definitely my second favorite episode out of these 18 episodes thus far.
    One thing I find sad though is that Hosaka isn’t getting enough screen time, and we haven’t seen a single fantasy yet. I definitely think he gets my GAR vote for the pantheon.

  4. …sweet God, I love Banchou-Haruka.

    Also, Kana twirling Haruka around was glorious.

    Also also, I’d like to stab Kana’s ass, if you know what I mean.


    It’s been much, much better if it’s “GAR”, though. lol.

  6. O-…. Hosaka… Sama?

  7. And thus a new meme is born.

    Hosaka can be MY god any day… *ahem*

  8. Oh, and one more thing…that duffel bag Mako-cakes found last episode?

    Totally Haruka’s. Explains the dominatrix gear PERFECTLY.

  9. From the moment I heard “the break”, I spent the better part of this one cackling maniacally at the palpable dread and crescendo of terror/panic Chiaki and Kana experienced as the end drew near. Those girls needed a copy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide in the worst way.

    And what on earth was with Kana’s “I just got stabbed in the ass” face? That expression is nightmare material for sure.

  10. Kana’s dancing with Haruka was awesome, hmm i wonder if Kana would make a good stripper?… where the hell did that train of thought come from?

  11. Nah… the bag was Maki’s (now Mako-chan’s) ‘wish’ bag for Haruka – as in “I Wish She’d Wear This For Me”. I think that the two best parts for me, outside of seeing Kana’s and Chiaki’s serious faces were Hosaka stripping, in winter while shirtless in front of a police station, and the Demon Banchou, who’s appeal is both undeniable and frightening. Maybe guys really are masochists when it comes to beautiful women, a la SZS where Chie-sensei ends up with a line of guys awaiting her scathing insults?

  12. I am probably the only one who wants a “adventures of Fujioka the bear” spin off. No Dialogue just gory stuffing flying action. Only the most skilled Fujioka survives!

  13. Well best bear anime bear ever
    Yogi-bear (err that was old school..)
    Carebears (oh we though love cures everything still old school)
    Mr.Bear (oh punching girls like the one in Alice Academy)
    Bonta-kun ( not a bear but a mecha)
    Fujioka the bear (well does deserve a spot somehow)

    Haruka is becoming more and more like a mix breed of Haruhi and Yoko as the episodes go by.

  14. I’d want to see Mako-cakes in the Astrea Hill (Strawberry Panic), or a Hosaka spin-off.

  15. Is it so wrong that the first thing I thought when I saw Chiaki’s crying face was “Wow, she must have gotten the spanking of a lifetime, and I’m just annoyed that they didn’t animate it”?

  16. Kana’s face when Chiaki poked her in the asshole with a needle… You missed Kana’s face when Chiaki poked her in the asshole with a needle… I’d so Kana’s face when Chiaki poked her in the asshole with a needle…

  17. what? no bible black segmentin this blog??????? you got bored of it?!!!

    and you should make a post on all time useless people in anime

  18. Fsck me,Haruka’s scary. I actually got chills alongside Kana.

  19. Hosaka seems to be catching Mako-cakes in the poll. If my math is correct, they at most 30 votes difference between them now. More like 25 votes. Not that having Hosaka overtake Mako-cakes is needed, just stating that for posterity.

    And I’m liking this series no matter which company is doing it. While it is not impossible to screw this up, it may take a serious(ly bad) studio in the lead to make this a failure.

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