no meme can contain this post (so i won’t even try)

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  1. Two thigh posts?

  2. AKA: What should happen.

  3. *police chief arrives at the scene of a horrific fatal accident*

    Chief: “What happened here?”
    Deputee: “According to witnesses, the driver was acting normally, when SUDDENLY, EPIC THIGH-POST APPEARS! Apparently he lost control of the vehicle and derailed into the telephone pole.”

  4. “I didnt know Segway’s could derail….”
    “I didnt know someone could die and still have that much joy on their face. So we all learn something new.”

    (“wait, does that mean he DID know Segway’s could derail?”)

  5. I thought Kyou wore light blue, according to Sunohara.

    But striped purple is fine, too.

  6. how long till this becomes a pillow cover?

  7. FGS jason I’ve got work to do!!

  8. I approve of this post Jason. Oh yes, I do.

    *Police chief arrives at the scene of bizarre death*

    Chief: “So what happened here, then?”
    Deputy #2: “According to our preliminary analysis of his computer, he was minding his own business and browsing anime blogs. Suddenly, EPIC KYOU THIGHS POST APPEARS! Probable cause of death: blood loss due to massive nosebleed. That would make the third one today.”
    Chief: “Damn that Jason! I’ll catch him no matter what!”

    *Scene change: BBEG’s secret stronghold, dimly lit throne room. Jason gives a diabolic laugh and swings his Zero cloak*
    Jason: “Just as planned!”

  9. Damn you Jason, you just derailed my day.

  10. I have a lecture coming up you bastard. Do you really want S.E. Asian history to compete with thigh meat?

  11. Now if only we have the doujins.

  12. Oh my, keep ’em coming..

  13. RevyFTW, any sooner than right now is way too long!

    I await the doujins!

  14. *CSI Miami arrive at the accident scene*
    “Say Horatio, what would be the cause of the accident?”
    *Horacio put sunglasses of justice on*
    “The derailing kind.”


  15. I didn’t notice this myself, but the gym shoe on the floor says 3-E, which is obviously a typo, unless Ryou grew her hair out…

  16. …Jason, you just completely derailed my day, as well.

    If I bomb this government paper I’m supposed to be writing, it’s on your head!

    (And Kyou’s thighs…..mmmm…..)

  17. Vector source please? Pretty please with cake on top?

  18. You. Are. My. Hero.

  19. Is that second picture by waveride? I KNEW I liked their work.

    So… in 2-3 more days can we expect another post of meaty Kyo thighs? Though I might not make it that long… I’m loosing both blood and sanity.

  20. More Kyou Thigh. I demand it. She is the perfect wife. She Cooks, She’s agrees oddly fast, and you know with her kind of personality the kids would always eat all their vegetables.

  21. Hmmmmm…..I guess I should start watching CLANNAD again….


  22. Oh god, I can’t wait for the dojins for this to come out.

    And the first picture is so hot, even when nothing is showing. Love the playful suggestiveness of the whole scene.

  23. Animesuki –> Clannad –> Imagethread –> last page ASAP das ist on my mind now :)

  24. That first picture……oh my! And a dojin without comically oversized breasts? The end times are upon us!

  25. >> She is the perfect wife.
    I’ll second this. And since I’m seconding, we can put forth a motion that she should be called Wife Material Kyou. No objections? *raps gavel* Make it so.

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