hayate the combat butler 44

“So this is how iffy anime is born.”

Hayate and company take a tour of Sunrise headquarters in Suginami, Tokyo.


Every once in a while, Hayate the Combat Butler delivers an episode that pierces the heavens. Hayate is settling in a role very similar to Keroro Gunso where it’s just consistently steady, but, every now and then, I’m reminded why I enjoy the series so much. Unfortunately, doesn’t look like Hayate will shatter 60 episodes while Keroro is break through 200. One thing this episode did well is mix in the internal humor (i.e. the humor caused by the interaction by the characters) with external humor (i.e. sight gags). I got many a good chuckles.


Hinagiku + Yoko lovechild 4tw! Love the Maria wallpaper that she has, but I really want to replace it with…

Epic meido is epic!

Maria (finally) had some good screentime this episode, but her shining moment was when she wrote the “conclusion” to Nagi’s Britney manga that had the main character, who resembles Hayate to a very uncomfortable degree…


“Score all the heroines at once.”

Maria… you win. I applaud that kind of open thinking and honestly. The ramifications of which… well… let’s just move Hayate into the “Wait, Maria just gave you the green light in a dark room, and you didn’t take advantage of her?!” bin. This is as bad a Tomoya passing up a tasty Kyou treat. Hayate needs to score Maria and Hinagiku at the very least.

(And why can’t we get a good Maria and Hinagiku episode? Why is it always one or the other? Can’t we get both?)


I didn’t why we got the eccentric mix of cameos that we did. Then again, is there really anything to get? The Gurren Lagann gals I kinda get, just because we already had the Gainax parody fest, and that three characters on Hayate share seiyuu with Gurren Lagann (including the brokenlicious Marina Inoue voicing Wataru/Yoko).

(Just me, or does Yoko resemble Hinagiku while Nia resembles Nagi?)

(Dammit, the other girl looks familiar, but the name just doesn’t come to my tongue… err… fingertips…)


Think only the typecast wrathful loli has any connection with Utawarerumono, and it’s the wrong character. Oh well, I did enjoy the Hakuoro 24 Season 2 poster in the back. I’m beginning to think they just drew stuff they liked. Which is not a bad strategy.

(Eruru resembles Maria.)


Cancer Girl and Meroko… complete loss as why would they be here.

(The funny thing about Full Moon is that I remember it being one of the first shoujo series I’ve ever watched, and it’s so old, almost all the main seiyuu who worked on it is no longer in the industry. myco? Never had another hit or role after Mitsuki. The seiyuu for Meroko, Chieko Honda, and Takuto, Yasuo Saitou, are pretty much out of the industry as well. Man, I feel old.)

(You’d also think that with this blog the most popular post ever would either be about Haruhi Suzumiya or a thin slicing post? You’re dead wrong. The most popular post ever is this one. OTL.)


Inu Yasha… did they ever finish that series? Did Inu Yasha pick Lum at the end? Or did he find One Piece? Never really understood the point of a shounen action series meant for girls. Sadly, it’s probably more popular amongst the ladies than Suzuka, Perfect Girl Cabbage, and Shugo Chara combined.


And she’s drawing Haruhi playing soccer? Egads, I would make a “Why did Kyoto make 24 episodes of Kanon when we already got a season of Kanon with the same ending, 24 episodes of Lucky Star, and 5 episodes of ‘Dozo! Here’s a starfish!’ when they could be cranking out more Haruhi, more Sagara, and more Kyou?” face. Thinking back on it, they should have done a Full Metal Panic season instead of Clannad just so we could have had Sagara go up against Setsuna. Then pulled out Clannad to go up against Bunny Girl Kallen.


I have a sudden urge to go to Safeway, pick up some honey, then drive to the Japanese market for some melonpan, and then spread the honey on top of the melonpan. I have no idea why.

(Worst cameo? Nabeshin. So predictable and overdone.)

(Best cameo? Deep Space Nine. I did a double take when I saw it. Bet you missed it!)

Who’d thunk that the premier nekomimi meido in anime after Yoriko “died” would be Hayate? Please tell me that there’s another premier nekomimi meido in recent anime.


Oddly enough, I enjoyed Hayate’s rendition of Magical Girl Britney the second most (nothing top’s Maria “Score all the heroines at once” version), but Hayate’s was good. I guess I’m just not a hardcore enough of an anime fan to appreciate Nagi’s and Izumi’s collective awesome work. But I just timed my cat, and he’s moving at Mach 10 with the new GN drive I bought for him at Petco.)

(Just kidding. I don’t have a cat.)


Though Nagi’s versioning of Britney didn’t add up, all of them had a terrible aura around them.


Complete and utter rip-off of Doraemon. Andohbytheway, I need sleep. When I saw thing, I was thinking, “That’s one well-hung dog.” Then I realized it was a cat.


When I saw the scenes with Izumi’s eyes glittering, it was definitely a “I AM SHINING!” face.


What is this episode about… well… I’m not sure what Freud would exactly say, but definitely something about Nagi’s insecurities with a significantly more uber woman living under the same roof as her and her man. The Maria/Nagi/Hayate dynamic really isn’t any different from a typical Rie Kugimiya role… Siesta/Louise/Saito… Yoshida/Shana/Yuji… Tieria/Setsuna/Nena…

(Definitely looking forward to Macross Frontier, just for Rie Tanaka in a space opera series. Though, I’m very curious about this random show. Seems right up her alley. She can do cute, meido, emo facial distortion, and space heroine. That’s four solid pitches right there. If she does all four at once…)


And some Maria to taper off with.

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  1. Is it sad that I recognize most of the cameos before the Inuyasha look-alike, or even sadder that the latter few pictured flew over my head?

  2. Comment virginity– STOLEN!

    Remember. Use your Safeway Club Card. Can’t go wrong with that, man.

    And, at the risk of ignorant blasphemy… I don’t know who that character is that’s standing by the anImate building. I know he showed up in Lucky Star, but…? What series would I find him in?

  3. DAMMIT! Beaten to the punch, uguu~ ;_;

  4. zoupzuop2: That’s probably one of the easier ones, given his exposure in Lucky Star TV: Anizawa Meito, mascot (or former mascot, depending on who you asked) of the Animate stores.

  5. They probably have a box/hat thingy where they draw out at least a handful of series to parody each episode. And Full Moon was JUST 5-6 years ago… Okay now I feel old…
    As for the random show, Tanaka Rie as on-chan???

  6. Cancer girl *chuckle*

    Hayate’s plan for the story was best. Epic fanservice shots as we’ve come to expect from Hayate no Gotoku. I LOL’ed much at this episode.

    Was anyone else hoping that Maria and Hayate would hook up by the end of the story?

  7. Only one thing makes this a 9/10 for me (Hayate’s average for me is about a 6.7) – LACK OF HINAGIKU. I enjoyed those fanservice shots last episode (thanks again for the vectored wallpaper), BUT WHERE IS HINAGIKU THIS WEEK??? Or did I completely not recognize her in some other character? O_O;;

    Anyways, Hayate’s close to ending T_T. There probably won’t be a second season, but let’s be optimistic!

  8. (Dammit, the other girl looks familiar, but the name just doesn’t come to my tongue… err… fingertips…)

    Wait, you don’t recognize the original catgirl?

    I’m not kidding, she’s Neko Musume, from GeGeGe Kitaro, or also Hakaba Kitaro (the one I’m following right now). Yes, “Neko Musume” IS her name, and no, I’m not talking about a Touhou Project character.

  9. ^^^
    Whoops, I goofed. That was supposed to be tags, not spoiler tags. OTL

    Hinagiku + Yoko lovechild 4tw!
    Isn’t that Lacus/Meer? (Yet Another VA In-Joke FTW!)

    Meito Anizawa needs his own show, Gundammit! If the mascots for their rival, Gamers, gets their own series (several ones, even), why couldn’t they?

  10. Do tell me, sir, what kind of fighting style this mei-do is? I would be interested in meeting someone who knows this ancient art. Wait, what was the topic again?

    >> “Was anyone else hoping that Maria and Hayate would hook up by the end of the story?”

    That would be my favourite end for Hayate, but it is as likely as Kyou hooking up with Tomoya, Mai hooking up with Yuuichi, Takako hooking up with Seiji, Honoka hooking up with Yamato (wait she did! kinda)… if you get what I mean.

  11. Hayate+Maria isn´t THAT unlikely, there are hint´s from the beginning for it, especially in the Manga.
    I liked the part where Hayate is asked if he likes older girls/women and, thinking of Maria, he answers yes. (That part was cut in the anime).


    And about Inuyasha, it never finished. Still 50+ volumes…

  13. I dont watch this series, can someone explain the DS9 reference? I really dont want to have to watch this just for that.

    I tried to watch this series…. I tried… It made my eyes bleed.

    So I tried the manga… I feel asleep.

  14. “I’m not kidding, she’s Neko Musume, from GeGeGe Kitaro, or also Hakaba Kitaro (the one I’m following right now).”

    And you can also see what looks to be Kitaro’s dad on top of her head.

    There needs to be a Magical Destroy spinoff.

  15. Now I just can’t WAIT for the weekend!

  16. Unent: It’s somewhat unlikely, since even in the manga… well, Hayate’s still drawn to Maria, but he’s also getting interested in Hinagiku, while the former has yet to admit she even LIKES him, much less tease him the way she did here. Of course, Hina has no problems thinking about the fact she likes Hayate – she only has problems admitting it… but she’s a far better tsundere than Nagi is; her occasional coldness to Hayate (see Volume 6 of the manga, when he asks her for help) combined with her elegance and forthrightness actually gets Hayate’s attention, while Nagi’s attempt at it failed because she got the cold part down… but couldn’t look ‘cool’ doing it, which meant that Hayate didn’t respond to her the way he did to even Klaus (who bears a cold attitude towards Hayate, but is is also competent when he’s not trying to crack a joke or being the subject of one).

    And Hayate DOES know how to plan shots to pander to audiences; Nagi tries to pander to otaku who are just like her (rich, wanna-be tsundere, into weird things)… which limits her audience to like two people. Hayate’s ‘dumbing down for the masses’ actually sells to manga editors, since they know that’ll sell to readers, especially with the cuteness and the transformation sequence which is very much in line/paying homage to/parodying the old ‘implied nudity’ ones.

    However, I wonder if Nagi had intended for Maria to be Brittney, and thus ‘end up’ with Senpai Hayate, or if that was just an accident on the part of the animators at that studio… especially with the way Maria asked if Hayate was going for a Shuffle anime ending, and then suggested (when he rejected it, like a typical harem manga lead) that he decide who he wants, flirting with him all the while like a teasing oneesama character.

    Which, of course, she is.

  17. As an aside, does anyone else here think that the reason Hayate rejected the ‘get all the girls’ ending was because he didn’t want to end up with a jealous loli who has access to orbital killsats (Nagi) or with Katsura-sensei? The latter probably counts as ‘assisted suicide’, if not just ‘suicide’, on a death certificate.

  18. “Score all the heroines at once.”

    ..Good God I love Maria.

  19. You know he won’t listen to oneesama though, even if he should. Then again, Nagi would have everyone, Isumi included, killed if he tried to go this route… so he’s trying to avoid that Bad End – it’ll end in another Nice Boat episode, if he tries.

    That, and they’re all too young for him to think of romantically, except Maria, Nishizawa, and Hinagiku, so it’d be even worse. And Katsura-sensei isn’t even worth considering, although by default that ‘end’ would include her too.

  20. I don’t want to see a Maria + Hayate ending for one simple reason.

    I want Maria for myself–Nagi can find herself another maid. French meido bikini…mmmm. I’d untie her bow, if you know what I mean.

  21. There now needs to be a Hayate reverse gangbang doujin. Make it happen people.

  22. >>I’d untie her bow, if you know what I mean.

    You lost me.

  23. >> You Lost me.

    Well, you see, when an anime character and an internet blog poster fall in love, they…

  24. Am I the only one whose hopes for a Nice Boat ending were buoyed by this episode? (Though I suppose Nagi would have a much larger, much Nicer Boat than Kotonoha…)

    (Not the real ending of course, this being a comedy…)

  25. Maria-sama is amazing.

  26. Maria-sama… ga Miteru?

  27. >>Maria-sama… ga Miteru?
    I’d straighten her ribbon.

    >>Please tell me that there’s another premier nekomimi meido in recent anime.
    Mako-cakes could use a pair of nekomimi, but I think the opportunity has come and gone after Okawari 7… OTL

  28. >> “I’d straighten her ribbon.”
    Only if Hinagiku is doing the straightening.

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