minami-ke ~okawari~, there’s always time for the pool

“Who’s desire am I going to satisfy?”

Oh oh oh oh! I know this one! Pick me! Me! Me! Me! I know the answer!

Double Ponytail Haruka Is Amazing
200 / 10


If I don’t have a high resolution version of this image as my wallpaper by the end of the week, the internet has failed me. Completely. Utterly. Disastrously.

Kana and Yoshino sitting in a tree…
9 / 10


I think I know why Kana hangs out with Chiaki’s classmates more than her own. She wants to be their Hayami-sempai.

Poor Inflatable Toy
14 / 10


Hosaka delusional fantasy! How we’ve missed you! This one was fantastic. The only way it could have been better is if Hosaka used some tongue on Haru– errr– the poor inflatable toy– errr Haru– the poor inflatable– errr– Ha– GAWDDANGIT!

Red Crossable
15 / 10


What’s better than Hosaka’s fantasy? A sneak attack by Kana! More credence to the “Maybe Kana is more broken then we previously thought… yahoo!” theory.

I have autotext for moments like these…
4 / 10


Once we knew that Mako-cakes would be tagging along, the $100,000 question was, “Hey, how would Mako-cakes avoid being found out?” before I remembered Otome wa Boku 6. Mako-cakes definitely needs to find out where Mizuho gets those scary breasts. I’m not sure what’s sadder– that Mako-cakes wanted to a home equity loan on his manliness or that Touma is his only salvation. At least it’s not exactly rock bottom… Kana as his only salvation would be that.

5 / 10


Loved when Chiaki zoned out after finding out that they were going to the pool. At first, I thought she zoned out because she was thinking of Haruka in a bikini again, but after seeing the episode, it’s, sadly, 50/50 odds between that and dreading swimming. After all, Chiaki didn’t zone out the previous two times that floating occurred in ~Okawari~.

Party Bus
1 / 10


What?! Not DS time? I’m disappointed. And why does Takeru drive around in frickin’ minivan? What single male would drive something like this? Was his train of though like… “Well, the gas mileage on that hybrid kicks ass… the acceleration on the European sport is fantastic… the Hummer is a Borat-class chix0r magnet… but what I really need is a DFC magnet. Minivan it is!”

(I can just imagine losing half my readership because they’re thinking, “Screw Derailed. I’m shopping for a Sienna. And then they hop on toyota.com instead of finishing reading this post.”)

(Also, whatever happened to Takeru after they arrived?)

Don’t get Rickrolled
6 / 10


Definitely, lends more credence to the “Maybe Kana spends as much time browsing for pr0n as a horny 16 year old boy” theory. But why doesn’t Chiaki find how to swim videos on YouTube instead? I’d think that’ll make more sense. I think my readers would enjoy this clip.

10 / 10


Bust a gut laughing when Kana proposed (and Uchida blindly followed) that Uchida go to the bathroom in place of Chiaki. Uchida is the perfect minion for Kana. Though I’m not sure if this disqualifies her from the Rukia All-Stars because Chiaki didn’t need to go in the first place.

Blaxpoiltation Sauce on McNuggets
10 / 10


The best part was all the blaxpoiltation music that was rocking during the pool scenes. Nothing says DFC in two piece swimsuits than good ol’ blaxpoiltation music.

Haruka Is Amazing
Amazing / 10


Seems out of character for Haruka to just go to the pool and sleep. Then again, I probably would have watched 24 straight minutes of Haruka in a frilly swimsuit sleeping on a lounge chair.

8 / 10


Haruka’s :3 face is superb.

(But she should have been working for the shop by holding up a “Cabbage 4 sale” sign while in a bunny suit. That’s the right thing to do.)

Spiral Energy 4tw!
20 / 10


Loved Chiaki’s self-pep talk about trying to swim (because Kyrios knows, she’s not getting a pep-anything from Kana):

“You have to set your sights high. Though you might seem weak, but as long as you believe in you, you can pierce the heavens.”

I can definitely see it… I think for the two episodes of Minami-ke ~Okawari~, we need a time skip. Maybe Chiaki is actually the female equivalent of Simon… maybe after the time skip, where’s she’s like 17 and even hawter than Haruka… with Harukamo-sensei… and Kana living on the streets pimping out Mako-cakes, Touma, and Uchida.

(This episode did have the lovely subplot of everyone’s dreams. Mine is revealed in the last item. I don’t need to know yours. My inbox already terrifies me.)

Refreshing Dolphin Kicks
!!!! / 10


When all the “girls” were showing off their swimsuits (not going to reveal Mako-cakes’, since that’s something I think everyone needs to, uh, experience for themselves), it brought back happy memories of Umisho. I do think that if instead of a volleyball team, Hayami was in charge of the swim team could Minami-ke have an even higher ceiling. Or even Chiaki’s class in a swim meet, with Mako-cakes being the anchor for a Chiaki / Uchida / Yoshino relay?

(The funniest part is that Fujioka wasn’t as brain damaged after seeing Kana’s, uh, assets this time around. I wonder if the opposite occurred… Kana isn’t ruined for marriage; she ruined Fujioka.)

Forgotten Characters
8 / 10


Enjoyed Keiko’s and Riko’s cameo. Riko definitely needs more screentime and a knife. Keiko is like the only normal character and unbroken (being broken as I write this probably) left in this series, so whenever she’s around, all the characters just seem even more broken than usual.

(Kana at least used to hang out with / torment Keiko before ~Okawari~. Maybe once Kana discovered the joys of Mako-cakes, she had a much more interesting toy to play with.)

Are you bullying me?!
Kotomi-chan / 10


Bullying 4tw!

Yes Princess
8 / 10


Remember this? When I saw Chiaki in Princess Mode, I kept thinking of Zelda and Link with Link going, “Yes, Princess!”

(Bad times. Very bad times.)

New York Style Quality
-10 / 10


Quality pizza. Is that supposed to be a pepperoni? OTL.

Thong Thong Thong
2 / 10


Life is nothing but a series of disappointments. I mean, it’s one thing for Haruka to pass up the delicious yellow number, but to also pass up Kana’s gift to her? Disappointment.

(Andohbytheway, I checked up on the numbers, and I had almost double the amount of hits for Meido Mako-cakes than for Yellow Bikini Haruka. And, yes, that’s one week of Meido Mako-cakes vs. almost four months of Yellow Bikini Haruka. Why do I even bother writing this blog anymore?)

Yep… these are my delusional fantasies.
Ridiculous / 10


And, finally, Haruka’s sleeping face to taper off with.

(And, yes, very disappointing that we didn’t see the flotation devices… uh… float. They should be like the emergency flotation devices on a plane where you gotta inflate and check them out every once in a while, you know, just to make sure they have the proper amount of flotation in them…)

(But, left to our imagination, Haruka would definitely enter banchou mode after being tossed into the water… she would demand penance, and… I just derailed myself. Thankfully, end of post.)

32 Responses to “minami-ke ~okawari~, there’s always time for the pool”

  1. The answer is to the Takeru mini-van question is rather simple, either its not his car and his mummy bought it for him…or he has resigned himself to the fact that the only chicks he’s ever going to pick up are his nieces and their friends.

    Remember this? When I saw Chiaki in Princess Mode, I kept thinking of Zelda and Link with Link going, “Yes, Princess!”

    (Bad times. Very bad times.)


  2. I demands more Haruka-nee-sama pics.

    If you ever do find a wallpaper of her, you better post it =P

  3. Pretty disappointed we didnt get to see haruka’s reaction when she got owned

  4. Oh god Uchida. I love how she didn’t realize that going to the bathroom for Chiaki didn’t make sense until she was on the toilet.

    I’d hold her in my arms like a princess.

  5. I’m going to remember this episode for the rest of time, I know it.

  6. Seems like the episode was jumping from thing to thing a bit fast, i don’t remember minami-ke being a 4koma.

    Also, i’d inflate haruka, if you know what i mean.

  7. >> And why does Takeru drive around in frickin’ minivan?

    You know, next time you’ll see him, he’ll be waiting outside grade schools wearing a longcoat.

  8. Breasts? Mako-chan doesn’t need no stinkin’ breasts!

    …………Godamnit Japan.

  9. Hosaka continues to amaze me, even though his fantasies are cut painfully short. I think he’s the only one I’ve ever seen in anime actually perform CPR in a believable fashion.

  10. “Why do I even bother writing this blog anymore?”

    You’re a sports fan.

    I keep enjoying the Makoto-Touma alliance, and I’m wondering how long that’s going to work out. Hopefully not in a couple of years, since I could totally see a Yubisaki Milk Tea style situation for Mako(to)-cakes in the future. :/

  11. Somehow, this blog post has given me a better impression of Takeru. I never really thought of why the man drives an MPV, and now i realize it can only be a good reason.

    Dissapointed on two counts, one that we didnt get a nicer two piece for Mako-chan and that Kana wasnt frightened by the return of the Hayami.

    To make matters worse, I cant decide whether id rather hold Chiaki or Uchida like a princess! Life is not easy, not easy at all.

  12. >>To make matters worse, I cant decide whether id rather hold Chiaki or Uchida like a princess! Life is not easy, not easy at all.

    I’ll hold them both, and more. If you know what I mean…

  13. This blog’s readership is made up of horny lolicons.
    That’s why I love it so!

  14. Lolicons? Where?

  15. This episode had me on the floor crying. Not with laughter mind you, but due to the fact that what little sanity I had remaining snapped like a dry twig when I saw Mako-cake’s swimsuit pose. I even had an emo facial contortion going, that’s how broken that damned show has made me.

  16. You know,I’ve been tabbing between Yellow Bikini Haruka and Okawari Pink Bikini Haruka,trying to determine how much bigger they made her. It’s not much; barely a cup size. I conclude that Haruka was already this amazing :).

  17. Loli? Does Mako-Cakes count as Loli?

  18. This blog’s readership is made up of horny lolicons.
    That’s why I love it so!

    —-> http://www.lolitron.org/

  19. Uchida has made the last few episodes for me …her trying to hold in the laughter in the valentine episode and now her running off to the bathroom because she was told to, to her cute curled up underwater pose….she’s made of win lately

  20. Yay Riko. Shame her character is almost as unimaginative as Haruka’s this time around, although it isn’t bad for a distant minor character.

  21. There are lolis in this show? Sorry I was too distracted by Haruka Is Amazing

  22. Best part of the show was the really creepy “Yeah” sound that played with Kana’s sneak attack. I don’t know why that’s hilarious. I think this show broke me.

    And her being tossed in the water? That’s EXACTLY what Hosaka’s daydream was… *shiver* oh jeez, are his dreams starting to come true? He may have to start ramping it up.

  23. I liked Riko as creepy Fujioka’s fangirl made creepier when she has that Bible Black face.

  24. >>>To make matters worse, I cant decide whether id rather hold Chiaki or Uchida like a princess! Life is not easy, not easy at all.

    >>I’ll hold them both, and more. If you know what I mean…

    What, Mako-cakes too? I fear that the implications of this may lead to a combined Derailing and Just Shoot Me moment.

    My brain hurts now.

  25. Told you that there was Hosaka delusions worth watching. Between that, watching Kana being utterly broken (I think the Hayami-senpai thing IS remembered, to judge by how she herself – Kana that is – is pushing herself on Chiaki’s friends)… that and the Fujioka thing with Chiaki. Oh, and the last shot with Mako and Haruka together in a pool. Which is like 500 steps ahead of where Hosaka is.

    Also, look forward to Episode 9… which looks like the complete and utter breaking of Mako-chan. It should be epic.

  26. I guess Mako-cakes swimsuit was the obvious pick for Touma to do. Very 70’s style to me, a shame that nobody noticed “that” thing between hi/her legs…. Ups, did I said that loud? Anyway, I’m looking forward to next week’s episode where Makoto’s identity will be blow out. Try to hang in there Mako-cakes.

    Anyway, this episode had good moments for every character, especially for Kana and Chiaki. We could clearly see the pattern here; Kana >> Chiaki >> Haruka. Just poor Chiaki isn’t so brave as Kana, so far Kana has stolen her two kisses and dancing very seductively with Haruka (and then pay the price for it). See, this is how a comedy series has to be, not bullshit, just fun.

    Keiko can’t be broken Jason, she’s too normal to be part of Kana’s gang.

  27. “But why doesn’t Chiaki find how to swim videos on YouTube instead?”
    >> well there’s always that final ep swimming lesson presented by the late Yagami Light.

    We need more Hayami-senpai harassments and the Mako/Touma combi. Plus i swear your review’s almost as funny as the show itself – just lacks the traps XD

  28. >> a shame that nobody noticed “that” thing between hi/her legs….

    What the hell are you talking about? There is nothing. I refuse to believe it. There’s no way there’s a penis on that one.

  29. Syaoran: That’s why Mako-chan’s swimsuit had that skirt-like ruffle around it – to hide the hips. That’s probably why he practiced speed-stripping; so he can stuff his clothes in a locker, and not have to worry about changing in the change room there. What I have to wonder is how he expects to dry off and get those clothes on, once the pool trip is done…

  30. Heasslich:
    >>What I have to wonder is how he expects to dry off and get those clothes on, once the pool trip is done…
    Mako-chan never thinks far enough ahead. This is also why he’ll never make a good Go or chess player.

    Why didn’t they animate the sequence after the girls threw Haruka-neesama into the pool? The amount of banchou she must’ve exerted would’ve been ridiculous…

    And delightfully, Touma is not DFC.

  31. Is it wrong that I prefer Yoshino over all of them?
    Is it wrong that I readily admit this?

  32. Just rewatched this, after a certain group got to the subs there. I must say this: I’m surprised nobody ever did a ‘Chiaki Watching the Death Note Swimming Lesson’ clip after that Cuugle search.

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