random walk, delivering letters from the departed

Shigofumi: letters from the departed.


From: Mom
To: Louise Halevy

I know you’re in good hands with Saji, and the handsome young man will take good care of you. I know he will handle my beautiful daughter handily. I couldn’t have hand-picked a better suitor.

(PS: Momma loves to give him two-handed shoulder massages.)


From: Raigomaru
To: Crazy Girl Who Feeds Me

I know you were just fattening me up. Please don’t eat me. kthxbye.


From: Penis
To: Self

I never existed.


From: Nia
To: Simon

I knew making out with that doombitch Yoko during the bachelorette the night before the wedding was a bad idea. Why did we order that bottle of Patron?


From: Self-dignity
To: Self

Hikari ni narue!


From: Tomoya Okazaki
To: Kyou Fujibayashi

So I picked Nagisa, she died, and I turned into a raging alcoholic like my dad and ended up dying for failing to pay a massive gambling debt. But an angel who kept going “Nii-pah!” gave me a second chance. So the second time around, I picked Tomoyo, since she seemed nice and healthy… and I ended up dying. I knew I should have picked you. At least the love making would be earth-shattering, and Ryou could have been involved.


From: Pekopon Invasion Plans
To: Keroro

Looks like the plan to conquer Pekopon by winning the Derailed by Darry March Madness tournament and thus gaining the admiration of all with the championship trophy is an epic failure! We’re dead last!


From: Makoto Ito
To: Sekai Saionji

You’re right. It is a nice boat!

From: Leonidas
To: Amateur Director

At least wait for some stabbing to occur before making the 300 parody video. Sheesh. Talk about premature ejaculation.

(Thanks to Shadowbreak for the link.)


From: Lockon Stratos
To: Felt

Don’t look so sad. I’m not dead. It’s Sunrise!

37 Responses to “random walk, delivering letters from the departed”

  1. Great, and I thought they would only go as far as mousepads

    What does the small text in the Nice Boat image say anyways?

  2. the 300 parody is hilarious. Shows just what you can do with any source material.

  3. did u just read a Nagisa route spoiler D:

  4. Well even though TT doesn’t seem like the best fit.. I still think it’s a really well done video project, quite impressed really.

  5. For some reason I got to nekko Maria and kinda missed the rest of the post, I’m sure it was great ….

  6. Doombitch being responsible for Nia’s “death” is both interesting and arousing — well done, you’ve made this sadness I’ve felt these past few weeks go away!

  7. You know, it’s not very nice to spoil Clannad AND give everyone a wrong idea of the ending.

  8. It might be too early for the TT/300 parody, but you have to admit, that was really well done.

    So many angry emo facial distortions.

  9. ROFL TT 300 parody is the funniest(and most incredibly appropriate) thing I’ve seen since they made the azumanga/lotr parodies.

  10. Shouldn’t that be “Nice to have known you” in the Mako-chan letter? Also, I see you’ve discovered Hayate 47. Amazing what sorts of things Maria wears when you think she’s not looking, isn’t it? Always good to go for the classic cosplay… and she sure does seem to have a fetish for it, to judge by the outfits she wore during the date episode.

  11. >> You know, it’s not very nice to spoil Clannad AND give everyone a wrong idea of the ending.

    That’s my fault. I didn’t realize I screwed up the spoiler tags. It’s <spoiler> and not <spoilers>.

    >> Shouldn’t that be “Nice to have known you” in the Mako-chan letter?

    But that would imply there was one to begin with…

  12. Jason…

    Mako-chan sent you a letter and a photo. You may want to read it, since it pertains directly to our discussion above.

    PS: Chiaki has a Banchou mode too. And it sounds a LOT like Haruka’s when she’s in Banchou-mode, right down to the voice. I expect, in 8 years, she’ll match Haruka in all respects.

  13. I swear, I’m hoping Minami-ke makes it to the Final Four… but then again, I’m not sure how this blog’s audience can be broken even more.

  14. And… since this relates to this week’s topic, three spoiler shots.

    Yoshino… knows. I think.

    http://img214.imageshack.us/im.....eblll7.jpg – the prelude

    http://img233.imageshack.us/im.....chafz6.jpg – the accidental grope

    http://img523.imageshack.us/im.....inofe1.jpg – Yoshino gets a Bible Black face

    I still say the ‘good to have known you’ letter fits better.

  15. Jason, can you edit the above so the URL’s are in Spoilers too? I thought I’d done it right, but…

  16. And I see you got Mako-chan’s letter. I swear, this is like the fastest post you’ve ever made about the next Okawari ever. But…. not without reason.

  17. No, it’s not fast. I’m trying to get it out of my head. Needless to say, the next post will be about giant mecha, hell or high water.

  18. http://img181.imageshack.us/im.....rotid3.jpg

    http://img508.imageshack.us/im.....kitbu1.jpg – even Kana got broken this episode

    As I’m watching this episode, I’m screencapping and Twittering. And breaking the minds of everyone here, yourself included. Right now I’m halfway through the episode…. Mako-chan’s broken Yoshino, I think – turning her into a regular Hayami-senpai.

  19. One last surprise:


    We’re back to the classics. But SHAFT-style. Including slow-stripping Hosaka and aggressive Hayami-senpai. It’s not the BEST episode… but it’s a very good, mind-breaking one.

  20. The fact that Mako-cakes is sporting better melon pan in that pic than Maria in the pic above fills me with despair….

  21. Actually… I lied. More breakage.


    Just think – even Asread does more with a few lines than Imagin did with Lawrence. It brings back memories of a certain post.

  22. http://img117.imageshack.us/im.....viepb7.jpg

    I think we can declare this contest (March Madness) over. Everything and everyone is broken. Exhibit A is spoilerized for your own protection.

  23. Haha well after finding the true tears parody I found a real funny TTGL/ 300 parody. Though this ones been around for a while already. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3GSMPAZhMU


  24. Haesslich… man… I think you’ve been most broken by Mako-cakes.

    I think we might need an intervention soon.

    The Gurren Lagann 300 parody is ridiculous good. I think ADV should just use that for an advertisement or at least a trailer to put on other DVDs. I mean, THIS IS SPARTA!!!

    (And, yeah, another post derailed. Oddly enough, it wasn’t the Maria fanservice that pushed it over the edge.)

  25. holy shit. Yeah, the True Tears one was good, but holy crap TTGL was epic. And I didn’t even like Gurren Lagann, for the most part. That’s nuts.


    Dearest Jim Jason,

    I’ve got a nice boat too.


  26. >>You’re right. It is a nice boat!
    Nice boat.

    >>We’re dead last!
    How perfectly fitting…


    >>300 parody video
    I don’t really want tt to turn into a Nice Boat, but I loved that video. He should have thrown in some Nice Boats from Nice Boats for good measure.

  27. God, Epic GL 300 trailer is EPIC!!!

  28. It’s post like these that keep me coming back from more. *Gets more powered by PoteMAIDyo*

  29. What????
    OK, so I’m a bit behind on this, but is that picture from some timeskip future Minami-ke after Mako-cakes has invested in hormones and surgery?

  30. Dop: No, it’s from Kana’s delusions during that episode. Got really wierd at some parts, but there was a grand Hosaka moment. ^^

  31. I just finally convinced 4 of my friends to watch Gurren Lagann from that 300 trailer (they hate mecha animes), thanks Jason!

  32. >> Haesslich… man… I think you’ve been most broken by Mako-cakes.I think we might need an intervention soon.

    Anyone who stays away from his inbox for fear of Mako-cakes has GOT to be more broken than I am right now, so I think I’m just a little better-off than you are right now. Just wait till I start cackling madly and stripping in public (a la Hosaka, Ep 13 of first season) before sending the intervention team in. Make sure it includes Belldandy (healing), Sumeragi (probably has a medicine chest full of various antipsychotics; antidepressants, sedatives, mood stabilizers, alcohol) due to her day-in, day-out experience with broken people; and All Woman Mikuru (experienced at being broken and recovering).

    But yes, Myssa, Hosaka got a good episode at the end here – an old-style Minami-ke eyecatch with him adding ‘Okawari!’ and then some slow-stripping… followed by Hayami-assault. And Maki-grabbing.

  33. “better off than you at the moment” even. Bah!

  34. maria…hikari ni narue…have you even seen Inukami by any chance?

  35. Haesslich, I think the people who are breaking my inbox are much, much more broken. I mean, I’m shaking my head at what I see there. Definitely, broken. Most of these are so broken, I can’t even use them for “Yep… these are my readers.”

    >> I just finally convinced 4 of my friends to watch Gurren Lagann from that 300 trailer (they hate mecha animes), thanks Jason!

    I’m telling you, that is the greatest ad ever. ADV needs to use it. See, idiotic decisions like not using that parody is what is really killing the industry. I still can’t believe that they ran the “What would you do if you had 12 sisters?” ad for Sister Princess.

    >> maria…hikari ni narue…have you even seen Inukami by any chance?

    Have you even used the search feature of this blog yet?


    (And 1 hour before voting closes for this March Madness round.)

  36. Jason: You need to post examples, so we can commiserate. Or laugh. Or dive for the whiskey bottle after seeing the images, screaming “DO NOT WANT!”.

    I still can’t believe that they ran the “What would you do if you had 12 sisters?” ad for Sister Princess.

    I can. Then I think I’d probably have run off the island with Saiji too; imagine what happens when the monthlies hit… and with 12 sisters, every damned month has at least one week where two of them will be hell to be around. No wonder he ran off with his best male (maybe-kinda gay) friend… if only to avoid the possibility of all of them PMS’ing at the same time.

  37. I demand a view of your inbox. I am prepared to be broken for lulz.

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