minami-ke ~okawari~, starting to be painful? the secret of mako-cakes



One of Hosaka’s greatest moments. He’s had a fill of them, but how can Haruka not be tapping that ass?! There’s just too much to enjoy about the Hosaka mini-story at the end… the fact that he’s slowly stripping like a Chippendale’s, the fact that he asked the epic, “What’s better, to eat or to be eaten?” question that was insanely suggestive in all the wrong ways, or the fact that all the teachers kept begging him to dress properly.

My question concerning Hosaka is… how many episodes to gar? You can technically argue for 1, as it was in episode 8 that he unleashed his Troy McClure impersonation and his first Haruka fantasy, and that was the first episode that he appeared in. But you can also argue for 8, as the “if he’s so great and gar, how come he didn’t show up in the first few episodes?” You can also argue that he isn’t gar yet because he hasn’t accomplished anything except make out with a fish. Like how Simon didn’t become gar until he pwned someone post-Kamina, Hosaka might have to make it to third base with Haruka to get the same status. I’m willing to consider all arguments.

Now… on the flip side… here’s someone who is as close to becoming gar as the New York Knicks are to becoming NBA champions:


(And I’m not talking about Fujioka.)

Funniest Moments


I have no clue what Freud would say about Kana’s dream sequence, but it is highly disturbing. I’m not even shure where to begin. The fact she dreams of being consumed by Chiaki? Mako-cakes? Bathing in miso?


But she had a great reaction when she woke up. It’s definitely a “Wait, what have I done?!” reaction before she forgets about it, falls back asleep, and starts spooning her blanket.


Um, interesting pose there Kana. I’m wondering if I have any non-broken readers following this series. If any exist, I bet they’re too scared to speak up because they are afraid of being broken.


Asread desperately needed to show Haruka in full apron glory or at least something Twilight Zone-ish like Chiaki’s Children of the Corn-like ahoge. Haruka would definitely be a contender to Tomoyo in the “ridiculously hawt in an apron” department. Sigh.

(But I did enjoy the blaxploitation music during this scene. In fact, I support more blaxploitation music during anime in general.)


A different apron! We need an “Aprons of Haruka Minami” blog. Hey, that’s actually not a bad blog name. Though I’m still partial to “Broken by Kana.”


Is that a “Ooooo… I wonder where they sell those cute prints” face on Mako-cakes?


I just like this shot of Kana. Is she watching TV through her DS? Japan gets everything! I want to watch TV through my DS as well.

(Andohbytheway, Nintendo should make a DS ad featuring the Minami-ke cast. I would buy another DS after watching that, especially if they made a Hosaka cooking game.)


I don’t even know how to comment on the crux of this episode about how Mako-cakes might have passed the point of no return. I think he passed that many, many episodes ago. There’s just no going back now. Did he even remember his original reason for dressing up as Mako-cakes?

Let’s recap this episode. Chiaki and Mako-cakes go back to the Minami fortress, but Kana refuses Mako-cakes admittance unless Mako-cakes is in proper Mako-cakes attire. So Mako-cakes gets tossed out, sad scene ensues, but Kana allows Mako-cakes to return in proper Mako-cakes attire… only problem… Haruka isn’t home! Mako-cakes should have realized this instantly and had realized that Mako-cakes didn’t have any reason to stay… but the fact that Mako-cakes came back dressed properly despite the absence of Haruka just shows the utter levels of brokenness.

(Very tough on a writer when one doesn’t know what pronouns to use. I feel like I’m writing in pre-WWII Japanese.)

(Also Mako-cakes trying to “retire” from being Mako-cakes was unintentionally funny because Brett Favre announced his retirement today.)


Mako-cakes needs to hire Roger Clemen’s lawyers for times like these. He looks almost as bad as Tomoya when confronted with Fuko’s cooking.


Definitely Mako-cake’s “Wait, mine are bigger than those” face. The huge eyes are proof that Mako-cakes has realized that no dream is impossible. Believe in you who believes in yourself!


Did the Haruka studying overseas subplot get resolved? She won’t do it because of Kana and Chiaki, but I think it would be funny if she did leave for Canada. Because you know Hosaka would follow her, somehow end up on a hockey team, and then start stripping for a fight… only he doesn’t fight but just keeps on stripping. Hosaka ay?


And, finally, from last time

IcyStorm: I demands more Haruka-nee-sama pics. If you ever do find a wallpaper of her, you better post it =P

Nope, still looking. The internet is failing me. Well, more than usual.

Kikimaru: This blog’s readership is made up of horny lolicons. That’s why I love it so!

So, I’m a big promoter of melonpan and thigh meat, and the lolicon faction overruns my blog? What have I done wrong?! Nothing but melonpan posts for the rest of the year!

Dirian: There are lolis in this show? Sorry I was too distracted by Haruka Is Amazing

Dirian, welcome to the new minority. Don’t worry. There will be plenty of melonpan to go around.

K.K.: Best part of the show was the really creepy “Yeah” sound that played with Kana’s sneak attack. I don’t know why that’s hilarious. I think this show broke me.

I think it’s a blogging accomplishment when my readers can form a “Broken by Kana” support group. Though I’m probably not going to include this when I send my resume to The New York Times.

paparaharaha: To make matters worse, I cant decide whether id rather hold Chiaki or Uchida like a princess! Life is not easy, not easy at all.

Yep… these are my readers… and this is their credit card:


41 Responses to “minami-ke ~okawari~, starting to be painful? the secret of mako-cakes”

  1. …Is it utterly sad that I would probably get that credit card?

  2. The best thing about Mako-chan is how he jumps to enter the room. That’s how we know he enjoys it. He doesn’t just trudge in and sit, he glides into the room with panache.

    See also: his Sports Illustrated audition in the last episode.

  3. Why does Uchida look so much like Satsuki from Tsukihime/Melty Blood, It’s so trippy, and hot. She could 236a/b/c me any day.

  4. Looks like Kana also has flotation devices…albeit in a different location. I guess it runs in the family. Chiaki probably needs a few more years before she’s afflicted with this flotation disorder though…

  5. I so said moar blaxploitation music first. But I agree with you Jason.

    Frankly, I’d get a Hosaka card. I’d feel mad gay, but I’d get one. And honestly, Minami-ke without the other Minami brothers, and less Hosaka is mad lame.

  6. Hosaka’s Mini-episodes should be at the end of EVERY Episode.

    I feel it’s going to be a bigger hit than Lucky Channel. MARK MY WORDS.

    Also, how dare you not put up a picture of Kana molesting that body pillow.

    Oh, how I wish I was that body pillow…

  7. Screw haruka wallpaper. I want a mako cakes wallpaper. O go…

  8. Nothing but melonpan posts for the rest of the year!


  9. Here I was thinking Minami-ke was a slice of life comedy show but in reality it’s on a subversive mission to corrupt its audience into lilicon / shotacon, (reverse) trap loving, Haruka-nee-sama is amazing but “I’d go gay for Hosaka” broken individuals. If the comments on this blog are anything to go by, it has succeeded spectaculary.

  10. My thoughts:
    1) Flotation devices run in the family, albeit not always in the same location (although Kana certaintly is filling out upstairs too).
    2) Chiaki’s ahoge has reproduced, the rest of the cast fears for their life. This confirms to me that Chiaki’s ahoge is the elephant in the room, no one dares talk about it in fear of having their brain devoured. Now that it has reproduced, they can’t hide their fear.
    3) Kana wondering if she had broken Mako-chan, then deliberately continuing to do so. Great stuff.
    4) Kana wondering if she herself was broken. Classic irony.
    5) Not enough Haruka nee-sama

  11. The return of teh Plain Yogurt! I was wondering what happened to Makoto’s only male friend, besides that, thinking that they replaced him with glasses-kid whoms name I don’t feel I need to remember… although both characters are pretty boring.
    So I’m wondering, is Makoto that one guy who hangs out with all the girls only to turn out gay 5 years later, or is Mako-Chan going to be a lesbian?

    I need to stop watching this show but at this point it’s like my tobacco.

  12. So yeah, Future Mako-Cakes, how much did your flotation devices cost? And I wonder he starts stealing birth controll pills for his dose of estrogen.

  13. Dang, Mako-chan, what’s in your wallet?

  14. WOAH mako-cakes in a bikini, i can predict the future!
    Now for my next vision i see…..the image of kana with her sheets made into a body pillow!

  15. I’d tap that ass if you know what I mean.

    Well, shit, now I’m broken too.

  16. So, I’m a big promoter of melonpan and thigh meat, and the lolicon faction overruns my blog?

    We have to use our scroll wheels a lot, though.

  17. I think your blog needs more ESPN refrences. Seeing as I sit at home reading it, with sportscenter going in the backround. You need a second writer so you can do a PTI, type post.

  18. Kana, it’s an epic ass… Waiting for that naked. But then again, Hosaka is really gar. There’s the dilemma…
    Now I’m broken too.

  19. I saw Uchida having a staring contest with the bear… not much can top this.

  20. Well, rule 34, haven’t waited long. Kore douzo (nsfw): http://danbooru.donmai.us/post.....nami-kana-

  21. I would totally get that image for my credit card, if only to see people’s faces when I explain that Mako-cakes is indeed a guy.

  22. This show is the thing I look forward to most in the week. (I just checked and I’ll be in Tokyo the day the last episode airs! Not sure if I understand enough japanese to watch it air but will try anyway!)

    Re Hosaka, didn’t he first appear in episode 3? When he was having his sweaty fantasies (Oh dear, the fact I remember that must mean I’m broken too!)

    I was confused by Mako being unsure if Yoshino knows his secret, wasn’t she was there in ep 13 when they were rehursing for New Years? Still, gotta wonder if the credit limit on that card is high enough to cover his therapy bills? I hope we get a climatic resolution in the last episode, ideally either his parents will find out and disown him, or Kana pulls his pants down in fromt of the other sisters (Yep, I’m definitly broken. have just created a support group on facebook….)

    Finally, I was so waiting for Hosaka to come sit next to Haruka in the park, as he simulated many moons ago…


  23. I’m starting to get deeply disturbed by Mako cakes. She…I…I mean he is really starting to confuse me and my sexual orientation. Especially with those swimsuits….

    God I need to look over some Yoko scans to clear my head.

  24. Kana… heck, all of the Minami sisters, seem to have serious issues worthy of a Bible Black episode; Chiaki’s got serious akogare/lust for oneesama and a general fixation on father/mother figures, Kana has a thing for kissing or being eaten by Chiaki (see the dream), while Haruka… seems to be completely chaste, to judge by her reaction to the idea that Chiaki might’ve made out with someone back in episode three of the first season. And Hayami-senpai almost seems to have a Shizuru-class gaydar, which leads her to hang around the Minami sisters when she’s not making passes or trouble at/for them.

    And there goes Kana, imagining Mako-chan as a girl. I’ll bet that, when the time comes and Mako-chan goes under the knife, she’ll be first in line as a potential suitor. No wonder Fujioka can’t get anywhere with her – she’s playing for the other team. ;)

  25. You know, Haesslich, with all the thought you put into this show, I’d say you’re the most broken of anybody.

  26. Ah, but it’s not broken until you start doing Mako-chan or Hosaka impersonations. At which point, when I start stripping in public and laughing madly, Jason can send the Minami-ke Repair Team after me (Belldandy, Sumeragi, All-Woman Mikuru).

    Or until Mako-chan goes under the knife. Seriously, anyone else bothered by his hollow-eyed stare in the preview for Ep 10? I’m starting think think Kotonoha, for some reason.

  27. Dearest Jim Jason,

    Damn, Kana’s got a huge ass.


  28. 5) Not enough Haruka nee-sama

    There is never enough Haruka nee-sama.


  29. is it possible that hosaka was broken before he ever met a minami?

  30. this episode did it for me. I will never be the same and i cannot stop thinking of makoto as a ‘she’ instead of ‘he’… I was afraid of going to ‘that place’ of no return but I think after seeing that dream sequence is too late… I am starting to think there is a conspiracy to ‘break’ the world…

  31. is it possible that hosaka was broken before he ever met a minami?

    I honestly think Hosaka was BORN broken. But he’s so broken it’s beautiful. Maki apparently can’t see that.

    Whoever decided to put salsa style music in whenever Hosaka was in a scene was bloody brilliant. It never fails to put a smile on my face, and really adds to the overall ridiculousness of the scene. It was just a perfect choice.

  32. honestly, there should probably be a “episodes to broken” stat.

    and i dont really think hosaka is GAR. He’s more moe than anything: hes introduced the “make vertical man love to a fish” moe mode and now theres “strip while trying to steal a bento and then get ass kicked. repeatedly”.

    damn that fish was sexy.

  33. and i’ll agree, hosaka was probably born broken, but then so was kana.

  34. Well, that bikini shot should verify your belief that there’s no trickery down there for Mako-cakes. Or it could still be wishful thinking.

    Yoshino seemingly knowing Mako-cakes’ secret? Priceless.

  35. The fact that Hosaka jumped on Haruka’s obento box without an hint or notice points to him being gar. The fact that Hayami dealt him 2 slaps and a running kick means she is still the most Gar character in the all of creation.

  36. Hosaka may have been born broken, but it took Haruka to make him a broken Iron Chef with a stripping fetish. Before that, he was just broken and obsessive, but without an object of affection to obsess over/develop talents for. Now, he’s broken in an awesome way – he goes out of his way to develop skills to get closer to the person who he never talks to, all the while being encouraged on the path to madness by Hayami-senpai.

    Yoshino being evil was horribly cute. Kana thinking of M ako-chan as a girl? Priceless.

  37. Um, interesting pose there Kana. I’m wondering if I have any non-broken readers following this series. If any exist, I bet they’re too scared to speak up because they are afraid of being broken.

    DAMN!! I wanna go back to Junior High School and make Kana my girlfriend NOW!!


  38. Number of WTFs this episode: 3
    Sympathy for trapped trap: 71%
    Probability of going gay for Hosaka: 5:1

  39. I think I’ve got a Mancrush on Hosaka

  40. In some cultures that’s called Gar.

    And, the Hosaka cooking game? “Just open those eggs on my chest, they’ll fry~”

    (I have NO idea what Hosaka talks like…)

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