march madness: elite 8 (part 2)

Clannad and Fumoffu advance to the Final 4.


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Wow, the Kyoto domination continues as both Fumoffu and Clannad advance in top lopsided contests. I’m running out of praise for both of these series, and they go up against each other in the first Final 4 match-up.

Elite 8 (Part 2)

These two matches will end around 11PM PST on March 18th. The two Final 4 matches will then begin shortly thereafter. As always, rules are available here.

#2 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs. #23 The Second Raid

Simon. Sagara.
Nia. Chidori.
Yoko. Tess.
Spiral Energy. Lambda Driver.
Gurren Lagann. Arbalest.
Rossiu. Hong Kong Hooker.

As Forrest Gump would say, “Epic is as epic does.”

#3 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya vs. #12 Minami-ke

Haruhi. Kana.
Mikuru. Haruka.
Yuki. Chiaki.
Kyon. Hosaka.
Itsuki. Mako-cakes.
LOL FANG-TAN. Hoshino.
Ryoko. Hayami.
Imouto. Uchida.
Taniguchi. Fujioka.

I would definitely want to see a softball game between these two casts.

28 Responses to “march madness: elite 8 (part 2)”

  1. I cannot vote against Gurren Laggann nor can I support it. So I shall vote for Haruhi and leave it at that.

  2. minami-ke vs haruhi?!?! /suicide

    i love minami-ke, but this is my decision and

  3. I love Minami-ke, but Haruhi is another type of monster all together. Haruhi gets my vote.

    Oh, and GURREN IN A LANDSLIDE. It has to be this way, because the Second Raid was wildly overrated. There was nowhere near enough Tessa in it, and too much emo-Sagara.

  4. Well, Haruhi wins that one. Hands down.

  5. One more vote of Minami-ke. Why? Because Hosaka, Haruka, and Mako-chan have broken the universe in a way Haruhi would approve. Haruhi will have many victories, and a victory for Haruka is amazing is a victory for Haruhi, for her will be done.

  6. Wait, you mean I have to choose between Fummofu and Clannad in the next round? And we’re not getting an epic Haruhi vs Gurren Lagann final? And Kotomi-chan isn’t in hi-res?

  7. AHHHH!!!! STOP MESSING WITH MY HEAD!!!!! I’ve been broken by both Mako-cakes and Kyonko (although technically Kyonko is actually FEMALE). I refuse to vote until the last moment.

  8. I voted for Haruhi because, honestly, I’m a Haruhiist at heart, and for all the complaints that people have given against it, the characters are likeable and memorable — and Kyon is the king of Sarcasm. Gurren got my vote as well, since it’s one of the few GAR-ish shows I’ve watched in recent memory that I enjoyed, which is funny since I’m a girl. No contest.

  9. It absolutely does not matter which shows advance in these two match ups, I will be equally happy no matter what happens. It does break my mind that Clannad is in the final four however. I feel like I’m in some weird kind of otaku Twilight Zone where delicious thigh meat trumps everything.

  10. Haruhi seem set to give Minami-ki the same beat down that Minami-ki delivered for the epic trap fight. Haruka doesn’t have Mikuru’s moe modes, but could probably command legions to battle for her willingly and effectively. Haruhi didn’t break the universe as Hosaka and Mack-chan do. She doesn’t have to, it is hers. She coverts rather than breaks. But I image she would enjoy the breakage and then try to follow through by setting up the entire cast with new moe modes and form the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Brigades in each of Chiaki, Kana, and Haruka’s schools (while the Second Brigade, Those Killer Lolis, continue their campaigns in Hinamizawa).

  11. Genderswap Kyon swayed my vote. Forgive me Haruka-neesama.

  12. Spelling errors….Staying up too late too many nights. Must sleep….Pacific Time Zone.

  13. Vote Chidori for the hot blue haired anime chick moe!

    I’m enjoying Broken Mako-cakes and Season 1’s Hosaka Fantasy life far greater than any of Haruhi’s episodes or jokes, even the boarder line rape of poor Mikaru.

    I mean, I liked Haruhi, but I tried to re-watch some episodes, I got bored. But Minami-ke? I have watched several episodes multiple times and I want to keep going back for more!

    As for the Second Raid vs. Gurren Lagann. Its a little hard to call…

    I love the Full Metal Panic franchise, I own Season 1 and Fumoffu on DVD Box Set, and I’m snagging TSR at the next Con. The characters all feel like family and I can watch them over and over again, and I always seem to get something new every time I see the series. Though they have some weak episodes, the over all story is really compelling, and keeps me thinking.

    Gurren Lagann is an a fast hitting, epic series of insane proportions. But the story at time feels slap stick at best, most the characters are pretty cookie cutter, and useless except for self sacrificing, and other than the Drill innuendos for the penis, it doesn’t have enough substance to stand the test of time.

    Its like 300. Yes its epic awesome, everyone quotes it, everyone knows it, everyone loves it. But people will burn Gurren out like they Burned out 300. Everyone will keep hitting it up for the quick laugh, and in a few years it will fade. While the four main cast members are awesome, the supporting cast of Gurren Lagann is fail except for everyone’s favourite gay mechanic. It’s a flash in the pants anime that will eventually be forgotten. As much as I love Gurren Lagann, I don’t think it will be an Evangelion, Lupin the Third, or Cowboy Bebop. (Despite it‘s Earlier loss, it is still a series that will continue to entertain audiences years from now).

    People tend to follow a pack, everyone’s made such a big deal about Haruhi and Gurren, most people don’t even “think” about it anymore, and just go, “Oh ya, awesome!”

    Minami-ke and The Second Raid are my votes. Clearly they won’t win, but hey, I’m also a leafs fan, I’m use to my pick losing.

  14. Easy choices, Minami have broken lolis and Hosaka, Haruhi have most everything; Gurren-lagann is the only mecha series that doesn’t suck.

  15. >Nia. Chidori.
    >Yoko. Tess.

    Really? I would of put..
    >Nia. Tess
    >Yoko. Chidori

    One vote for Gurren Lagann because… well as someone kinda said already… O find the whole FMP series overrated XO

    As for Haruhi vs Minami-ke…. I can’t decide >.<

  16. ugh… I can’t vote for either one. I like all 4 of them too much to vote one over the other…

  17. Well, since Azumanga Daioh lost in an unbefitting manner, I shall vote for the underdogs.

  18. Hehe, the outcome of this one was too obvious, really.

  19. Went for Minami-Ke here. Maybe it’s because I don’t really fall for fan service and thus hate Mikuru (hell, the only character I really do like is Itsuki – I hope it’s not correlated), but it seems that the characters of Minami-Ke, since they don’t really have roles in anything significant regarding the state of the world, have ended up with deeper and more realistic personal character. Sure, Haruhi’s cast’s personal motives comes through perfectly, but beyond Haruhi’s (central to the plot, too) bizarre but expected goal changes and some desires, it can usually be attributed to three things: protect Haruhi’s innocence, enlighten/cause Haruhi to react, and for Kyon who does neither, make porn with Mikuru.

    There’s slice of life there too, of course, like that heater episode, but it doesn’t have nearly the scale, possibility, and range of Minami-Ke. I don’t even need to say anything about what Minami-Ke can do with just a normal day at school. This is, of course, because they’re completely different kinds of shows, so I guess it does fall down to which sort of genre or theme (as well as the cast type) you really prefer. And yes, I do know I’m fighting for a corpse in a popularity contest, as I’m only really delusional enough to fall for Itsuki ignore Mikuru’s melon pan at the current time of this post.

  20. The only reason TSR got this far was because of your constant promoting of the series. This is where it ends, only a few of those votes were from hardcore fans. Gurren Laggan will win, even with all the “help”, people’s favorites and anime that appeals to the masses will take precendence.

  21. What in the name of Oharuhi will we do when it’s aliens, time-travelers, sliders, and espers against the ultimate GAR?

  22. >>Kyon. Hosaka.
    >>Itsuki. Mako-cakes.

    Shouldn’t it be

    Kyon. Mako-cakes.
    Itsuki. Hosaka

    ….but I think clicking and saving all 34 pages of kyonko images on danbooru have something to do with me doing this reversal….

  23. This round will be slaughtered for both sides.

  24. Haruhi is stomping Minami-ke… but Mako-chan, Hosaka, and Haruka will hopefully be able to put up more of a fight than OtoBoku or Kanon did last time.

  25. god…
    choosing between haruhi and minami-ke was terrible… all-woman mikuru vs hosaka… choices choices.
    theres seriously something wrong with me if I chose hosaka over mikuru’s godly assets.

    gurren lagann FTW

  26. Bah… and I wanted to see a Hosaka vs. Simon battle in the next round. Bah I say.

  27. How could Azu lose? Grr.
    Anyway,the Gurren-dan will be getting my vote,because I haven’t seen Fumoffu.
    Haruhi vs. Minami – that’s harder. Both are their own shows with a distinct aim;to say that one is better is like discussing the relative merits of an elephant and a giraffe. “The elephant has more intelligence!” “The giraffe is taller,far better constructed and is just funnier!”
    All you can base your vote on is your memories of which one gave you the greatest enjoyment. Haruhi just edges out here…then I think,”Wait,Mako-cakes. The trap/reverse trap combo must win! For Jason; for comments; for brokenness!” Seriously,it’s not half as good without your observer’s commentary and the shouts and missiles from the peanut gallery :D.

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