minami-ke ~okawari~, it’s become dangerous after all

I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. No way there’s a giant centipede here. None. I won’t accept it.


The boy who cried wolf, Minami-style. Another kinda slow episode. It’s almost like Mako-cakes, Hosaka, and Haruka is amazing (honestly, I’m disappointed that Haruka hasn’t been amazing lately) set the bar so high for Minami-ke, the pedestrian episodes seem even more pedestrian. Once you go Mako-cakes, you just can’t go back.

I guess Kana, by herself, isn’t as interesting as Kana breaking those around her. I think one issue how is that Minami-ke has a large cast such that characters like Riko and Keiko get little to no screentime (same with Hosaka– HOSAKA!), and that since most of the cast has already been broken, it’s hard to keep breaking them. I mean, what’s next for Mako-cakes? Kana has worn Mako-cakes down completely, and it’s hard to top what Kana has already done to poor Mako-cakes. Maybe Minami-ke’s just running low on steam, and maybe it’s good that it’s only got two episodes left.

(Then again, I’ll definitely miss the brokenness. I can’t believe I’m developing Stockholm Syndrome with respect to an anime about some of the most normal people on the outside but severely broken in the inside.)

Funniest Moments


We need more blushing and/or murderous intent Riko. For everyone’s sake.


Much funnier if Chiaki was browsing for the Tissue Princess or caramelldansen. Amazing how fast YouTube (or niconico) stars are made these days. I’m also amazed sometimes when I visit YouTube and see a comment directed at… well… “EchoBlast345: I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. No way there’s a ….. on this. None. I won’t accept it. Long live AoMM.”


Asread just cannot animate faces from far away. It’s like they try to draw Haruka’s hair without lifting their pen or something, but their far perspective shots look really bad. Probably not a surprise that Doumu’s version is scoring a 8.4 on ANN while Asread’s is 7.7. By contrast, Shigofumi is a 8.4 while H2O is around a 7.4


I also have a complaint that Asread seems to draw Mako-cakes the best. I’m not sure what this says or implies, but when a studio draws Mako-cakes with more tender lovin’ care than some franchise melonpan like Haruka, it’s probably a sign that the studio itself is broken. “Hey guys, I’m going to just quickly finish up this Haruka scene, but then I’m going to pull an all-nighter properly animating Mako-cake’s bangs.”


Kana trying to costume rape Fujioka should have been the whole episode. I think most of my readers would rather see that than Kana play the girl who cried wolf for 18 minutes. Fujioka’s source of brokenness right now is that he’s attracted to Kana (which is broken in itself), but can you imagine adding cross-dressing to his accomplishments? If Kana had succeeded… and if Fujioka had enjoyed it… OH GEASS NO!


“You’re name is Kana-chan, and your breasts are intently rubbing against me back!”


Aborted Bible Black face? Ugh. Why couldn’t Doumu work on this season as well? It’s not like they have a lot on their plate at the moment. Like what exactly is Doumu working on now besides Koharu Biyori?


Kinda funny that when Haruka and Chiaki return from shopping, there’s an assortment of cold medicines and other remedies on the table, and it still takes Chiaki a solid minute to piece everything together. Andohbytheway, the odds that there’s a doujinshi floating around that parodies this scene only with whips, restraints, and stamina drinks have been taken off the boards at Vegas.


Why does Touma care if Fujioka knows her true gender? I don’t get that… unless she signed a mutual defense treaty with Mako-cakes and is just trying to uphold her end of the bargain.


One word to describe Chiaki this episode: “Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.”


Pop quiz hotshot! What country flags are those? Hint: not Italy! Answer here and here.


And, finally, from last time

Saberin: I for one would let Hosaka date my great-great-great-great-grandchildren without a thought.

Mmmm… okay. So Hosaka would be like 200 years old and your descendant like 18? Should we freeze Hosaka like Aeolia in preparation and start assembling four solar furnaces?

Haesslich: The idea of a frozen Hosaka one day defrosting to make out with my grandchildren, or the grandchildren of my sisters-in-law is horribly disturbing. Of course, the fact that I’m saying that suggests I’m in the middle of a Hosaka-class delusion myself. But it’s true – the idea of him defrosting to make moves on one of mine and Haruka’s, or Kana’s, or Chiaki’s kids is disturbing.

I think we’re in the “Haesslich is broken” section of the post.

Haesslich: Am I so wrong to want to see Fuyuki…. encounter Haruka’s hidden, axe-murderess side? :D Imagine the trauma it’d cause Chiaki…

Chiaki would still rationalize it and call her Haruka-neesama. I dunno, I think Chiaki would welcome a butch version of– I’ll stop here. No clue what I’m writing anymore.

Haesslich: As for Kana, she may simply not want to be forced into something. Certainly Maki and Haruka don’t get molested by her, and ShizuruHayami-senpai went straight for Kana… twice. Between that, wanting to kiss Chiaki repeatedly, hanging around Chiaki’s female friends, and not seeing Fujioka as dateable.. I think she tripped Hayami-senpai’s gaydar.

I don’t even know how to respond anymore. Oh, wait, I know.

Amati: Mmm, depressed Chiaki FTW. It’s sort of sad that her only real passion involves Haruka, instant food, and the internet, though.

Sounds like 50% of anime fanboys… um… what’s my point again?

K.K.: The fact that Chiaki is an internet fiend who happens to be a DFC and like… way underage probably makes her the target wife for half of the fans of this site.




Nemo_N: So Jason, how does your Haruka folder compare to Chiaki’s?


Giant Humanoid Robot: It’s gotten to the point where every time they bring out the male Mako-cakes I think “What? Who’s that? …..Oooooooh, right.” He needs to show up at school in a dress in the last ep.

I don’t know how much further Mako-cakes can be broken in the context of this series. I mean, they already did a swimming and a hot springs episode… what’s left? Bra shopping. Oh, wait, they did that too. Sure you could have Mako-cakes applying for a job at soapland or others things, but they just don’t fit the context of this show. But for doujinshis, go nuts.

(I’d much rather see them explore more of the Fujioka/Kana/Riko dynamic, as that’s the best possible scenario for stabbiness. I’d also want to see more Haruka and Hayami, as well as more Hosaka.)

Kikimaru: (also, is it bad that I crack up everytime Chiaki hits Kana with Fujioka-kuma? It’s just Kana’s stupidity->bear hit->me having to pause the ep for 15seconds)

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. Why did I get the scary vibes I got from the other “Kana”? You know, the little sister of the prota…never mind.

  2. The answer is Hungary

  3. And Chile

  4. Though I might note that the flags appear to be upside down, and thus may be in distress for being broken by Minami.

  5. Kana… Imouto? *shudders* I’m guessing I should be worried when THAT first came to mind.

  6. “Busty.” I lawl’d.

    The only possible step for Mako-cakes is to get recruited by Chiaki, like how she recruited Toma, to turn him/her into a boy. In other words, she will turn him/her into a him/her/him. This cycle could be endless.

    This show is the only show where I can use multiple /’s for gender and still not seem like a lunatic. That’s gotta count for something.

  7. >> he’s attracted to Kana (which is broken in itself), but can you imagine adding cross-dressing to his accomplishments? If Kana had succeeded… and if Fujioka had enjoyed it… OH GEASS NO!


  8. Oh I want to wear a Tomoyo nation uniform too! Hail to our Lightning Kick Führer!

  9. It seemed like Touma wants Fujioka to look at her like a boy because she thinks she won’t be able to act as boyish towards a Fujioka that sees her as a girl.

    Frankly, I’m shocked that Fujioka even attempted to resist Kana, much less succeeding.

  10. It would have been the epic win if Kana was successful in coustume-raping Fujioka. I mean… The brokeness has already past the point of no return.

  11. Did anyone else notice Kana was reading the Minami-Ke manga while in bed? How’s that for self referencing?

    On the subject of missing characters, whats happened to Touma’s brothers?

    Fianlly, they seem to have changed from one plotline per episode (which dragged with some of the slower episodes, and limited the number of characters featured) to one big story and a shorter sketch on the end. Don’t think this works as well as the first seasons 4x 5 minute segements IMO.


  12. Doumu probably got out of the show because their animators got broken doing Mako-chan and Hosaka… so they let Asread do it. Asread got broken faster than Doumu did… which results in 20 hours on Hosaka’s pecs and Mako-chan’s costumes, but zero time on Haruka or Chiaki… OTL.

    As for Kana being… ahem… like Shizuru, I’d have to point to the way she’s behaved since day one – trying to steal kisses and feels from Chiaki (as far as we can see), hanging around Chiaki’s younger classmates (who are mostly girls), going out of her way to moles–handle them, like she did Touma after the latter insisted she was a girl, repeatedly trying to strip them down or seeing them in other outfits, and being locked-on by Hayami-senpai.

    The latter I consider QUITE significant – she even said in episode 10 that she was ‘waiting for Kana’… and yet she had apparently done nothing but drink while she had a roomful of melonpan (Haruka) as well as more modest girls (Maki) to play with. Heck, she didn’t even go after Chiaki… who is quite akogare for nee-sama… but shows a similar sorta-like for Fujioka-human. Only Kana is the target for these.. and only Kana seems interested in being her little sister’s friend’s ‘Hayami-senpai’ as you put it in the review for episode 8.

    Kana doesn’t appear to be a masochist, even if her antics invite (and gain) physical retribution from Chiaki. Otherwise she’d be going out with Fujioka by now; and that has not happened, and will not happen. She didnt’ seem to respond to him sexually back in Ep 1; she was weirded out by being seen by him, but didn’t seem apt to act shyly around him afterwards… and throughout both runs of the series hasn’t treated him or any other male as someone who would be a potential suitor. The girls, on the other hand (specifically the younger ones), she’s all over… physically as well as in the her usual ‘Ah! A new plaything’ sense.

    Now, we need more Haruka and Chiaki time… since we need to see what’s happening with my future wife…

  13. @Andy: She is actually reading “Higashi-ke” (Chiaki brings her Vol. 2). It’s a pun (minami = south, higashi = east).

    Definitely agree that the 5 minute somewhat-standalone segments worked better than the more traditional A-plot B-plot structure…

  14. This episode marks the first time I thought “Hmm, Mako-chan looks kinda cute in that skirt…”


  15. Did Chiaki not remember that she was the one who started the whole Banchou thing in the first season?

    Also Fujioka-Not Bear probably wouldn’t care what Touma’s real gender is, she’s fairly manly, he’s fairly wussy (most of the time) and they probably talk about soccer all the time.

    One last thing: how did Kana manage to get him to remove his shirt? Still, doesn’t compare with HosaGAR (need him and the nosebleeding kin of Touma to get more lulz out of the “Yaranaika” meme)

  16. Re: ‘Why does Touma care if Fujioka knows her true gender?’ I was just rewatching the pool episode (as you do) and she was wearing a two piece, so surely He’d know from that she’s really a girl?


  17. Fujioka’s very unobservant – that’s why he took Mako-chan as a girl even though he’s seen ‘her’ with everything off but the shorts… and Touma DID jump into the pool as soon as he walked up, but he missed the straps of her two-piece while approaching from behind. That’s also why he thinks Kana’s still someone who he can ‘get’ instead of giving up on her as a sane man would’ve done by now.

  18. More importantly, what sort of terrible unbroken person would avoid the chance to wear a seifuku?

    Also, I sort of wish we could see into Riko’s fantasies, although they probably involve continuous different angled shots of Fujioka leering at various class mates with a Bible Black face and several lens flares.

  19. Mako-chan. Lipstick.


  20. haruka loses points for the jumpsuit. horizontal strips, please… vertical are more slimming.

  21. I have come to break you all further.

  22. …or I would have if the Youtube embed worked. Link anyway:


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