appleseed ex machina dvd giveaway

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Three copies of the Appleseed EX Machina DVD release up for grabs for US residents 18 and over. Very simple:

– Start a new e-mail post.
– Put as the subject a number between 1 and 9999.
– Put in the body your name and your address. No PO boxes, no international addresses. No, Canada is not part of the United States… yet.
– Address it to image.
– Send.

That’s it! Contest ends noon PST 4/18/2008, and I’ll pick the winners using whomever is closest to Michigan’s evening lucky 4 lotto number for that day. Ties settled by coin flips or dice or whatever random event generator I can find around my desk. Prizes shipped out immediately, and I’m the sole arbiter for disputes. Entries that don’t follow the instructions will be tossed.

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