what the frankenfran?

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Horribly fucked up manga… maybe more so than Mirai Nikki. Frankenfran asks and answers the question, “What if Frankenstein was a ‘typical anime schoolgirl’ who enjoyed fucking around with human biology in ways Oharuhi-sama never intended?” This one’s got potential. Chapters 1 and 2.

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  1. Speaking of fucked up mangas, I just marathoned Yubisaki Milk Tea up to ch74. Features an epic trap, self-cest, siscon, lolicons and ever collarbone fetishists. But…then again it isn’t that fucked up, maybe just abit broken…or maybe I’d built up tolerance for stuffs like these due DbD overexposure.

  2. Somehow that reminds me of those old, hilariously bad splatter b-movies of the 80s. Just so plan stupid, its actually starting to get good in a strange way …

  3. The ending of that second chapter is going to give me nightmares tonight.

  4. Doesn’t do it for me, I’m afraid. Gore for the sake of gore can be fun at times, but it won’t really leave an impression on me, especially if they keep using the same method.

    Both chapters wasted a golden opportunity to wrap their twists around dramatic ironies which would have magnified their impact instead of giving a limp impression that the artist just wanted to draw gore for laughs.


  5. Now that was some fucked-up shit, I can’t even tell if I liked it or not, but it does not jump at me the way other mangas do. Blah.

  6. That was fucked. Out of all of Snoopy Cool’s projects I’d say Deadman Wonderland was the most promising.

  7. Literal neko shounen? What the fuck…

  8. dammit jason, what did you have me read?

    I’m going to have to stare at kyou’s thighs for a few hours to help take my mind off this…thing.

  9. Good lord Jason! That was really… twisted.

  10. It certainly has potential, but some of the pages felt unneeded, such as the last page of chapter 2. It was a fairly good story as is, even if a bit cliche. But the last page felt like just a bad plot twist that takes you no where and was put there just for the laughs.

  11. Whoa! I think I just died a little.
    I was finishing chapter 2 and thought it was turning out good after all. And maybe I could consider this manga again. To be honest it was when I saw that nakkid girl my opinion turned around. Yea I’m that easy :P
    Then comes the last page, kicks me down and laughs how naive I was.

  12. as for the ending of chpt2, guess she should have use a different incest insect.

  13. Well that was… different.

  14. OUCH

  15. So fucked up… I loved it… i felt it could have been done better if the chapters were longer and the pacing was slowed a bit so the end would get a better treatment, but it is a few kinds of awesome at the moment.

    And now, I am on a gore manga spree..

  16. It hurts, it hurts…

  17. What the HELL?!
    If i hadn’t already been half-broken, i would have died >_<

    I need Kyou’s thighs! NOW!

  18. I was warned, I expected something twisted after chapter 1 but the end of chapter 2. I wasn’t expected that!

  19. LOL. That was very, very unexcepted.

  20. I mean it was excepted. LAWL.

  21. Well… Fran is kinda cute…. But no… just no…

  22. Oh wow, with the audience of Derailed – of all places – giving comments like this, I am suddenly very, very afraid. I think I’ll pass, for now.

  23. “I’ve never done this before…”


  24. the female mantis eats it’s mate whole after copulation… yea just keep it in you pants is the moral herevery interesting read. I like the whole meaning well but then it all goes wrong angle.

  25. Crap. If it wasn’t for the fact Fran’s likely to cut a partner up for fun… she’s cute, though. Damn it… the conflict.. is maddening. And the thoughts… so wrong… more wrong than Mako-chan with makeup….

    I won’t elaborate. I won’t even let myself think about this manga for the next while, as I digest it… slowly…

  26. I predict a whole new level of broken coming up for the clones.

    That was entirely f***ed up.

  27. Now that I have everyone clawing out their eyes, this manga is a lot like the old Creepshow movies and specials with the same basic “Be careful of what you you wish” morality. Of course, most of my readers are probably too young to know Creepshow.

  28. It wasn’t that extremely gorish. Seen worse. On another point, it’s fun.

  29. OMG hilarious! I love how the cover minimizes the stitches and pours on some fanservice. This is the perfect manga to send to squeamish young fellas.

    Don’t worry, I’m sure she can put that guy back together after his new GF finishes eating his guts Claymore style.

  30. Holy shit… That was creepy, plus I am a little drunk…

  31. Now that I think about it, why did a mantis come out of a caterpillar?

  32. Turambar: Because it’s creepier that way, and she probably doesn’t know one insect from another.

    Jason: Geez, that’s an old reference. But yeah.. it has a similar vibe to some of that older stuff. You know, I think I know where her old man ended up…

  33. I’m 23, and have probably watched creepshow more then anyone on this board. My old man is a tom savini buff so, much like mako-cakes, perhaps what I used to hate I now love after serving after serving.

    WHERE’S MY CAKE?! + WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I AM!?!?!? + Creepy black ooze that kills topless chixx0rs = Epic crossover win.

    You’ve never steered me wrong, as far as I can remember, in regards to manga. The streak stays alive! ::off to find whatever else is scanned::

  34. Yes, yes we are too young to know creepshow. Just like most of us are young enough that we very distantly remember Isaiah Thomas was a really good point guard who played for the Pistons and not the Godawful GM of the Knicks. He should be out of a job. Scott Skiles on the other hand…I never understood why they fired him, he’s did a bang up job.

    Gore was entertaining, but they really decided to taint a nice moral lesson in both cases with ridiculous shock value gore at the end. Last page of chapter 2 I could have done without. Even though this series shows the power of SCIENCE!

    And then there’s the fact that the ending made no sense. Butterflies don’t eat their mates. They die in like 3 weeks, after they produce eggs. She wasn’t a black widow hybrid.

  35. I think maybe being in medical school has desensitized me to this sort of thing. Once you examine a couple of dead bodies, suddenly this stuff doesn’t seem too out there. Which means that I want to read some more of it. :P

  36. Wow, that was definitely new. I think I prefer Mirai Nikki, but still. Not sure if I want to read more of that or not…

  37. I loved it! Really good gore comedy is what I was looking for. Too bad there are only 2 chapters translated.

    About this insect thingy: I don’t think Fran really cared about which bug she would turn into. I think she was just inspired by the whole transformation mechanism, and got a little careless ;)

    Great read

  38. Oh wow! I can agree that this has potential. Whether or not it’s Yuno class material remains to be seen.

    Also, at the last page of chapter 2, I couldn’t help but think, “What a large organ he has.” I guess I’m just broken like that.

  39. sadly, id have to agree with what someone said earlier, if i wasn;t broken by what i saw in mirai nikki it would have been possibly disturbing, but once i saw it i was all “huh, i guess thats what he gets” yes…brokenness doesn’t only happen by minami-ke

  40. I thought the 2nd chapter of frankenfran was going to end happy but nooo they just had to prove me wrong

  41. Actually I spotted this in 4chan before … so Jason you are too late to make me claw out my eyes.

    Honestly I think that I will pass on this, not my kind of thing …

  42. Another kind of kooky manga you might like is Mysterious Girlfriend X-it involves a girl’s magic drool and its kind of a funny twist on typical school shoujo.

  43. Yubisaki milk tea is some awesome…and yes, it’s perfectly suitable for this blog.

  44. yes i vote for blogging yubisaki milk tea! YES WE CAN

  45. When her eyeball fell into her teacup,I stopped reading.

  46. @Enginer
    2 more chapters are out.

  47. I just read the first four chapters. This manga is awesome. On a side note, Fran is kinda cute…

  48. Just read the next two chapters (5 and 6). It’s less… gruesome than I’d initially feared, and yes, she is kinda cute. Which is kinda scary by itself.

    Or maybe it means, after Minami-ke, there’s no going back to the land of normal.

  49. oh man that was awesome =D

  50. This is what I like about AOMM (I like that name better) other than the thin slicing post.Sometimes you promotes great hidden manga and Frankenfran definitely is to my liking.Thanksss!

  51. Volume 7 and the extra are out. It’s…

    I don’t know how to put it.

  52. Chapter eight is out…
    is one of the few chapters that actually have a happy ending (well, sort of). Althougth, I would like to know why the catguy got surprised when he saw that girl’s portrait… who’s she and why they know her? I hope this will be answered in anothe chapter.

  53. To be fair, the freaky part was right in the middle.. and he’s a dog-guy, not a cat-guy. As for what he saw? I think he just got eyes that could see… well, everything – not just the real world, but the spirit world as well. I think that girls’ either an experiment… or a dead person.

  54. Chapter 11’s out, and has a definite happy ending. Nothing freaky.

    Unless you count Fran’s mad-scientist laugh and the inhuman way her face stretches…

  55. Haess: Naw, that’s just cute.

  56. Eyeballs falling into teacups is cute. Faces splitting almost in two is freaky, especially after she was doing some major dissection and vivisection a few pages before.

  57. >> Eyeballs falling into teacups is cute.

    *cough* broken *cough*

    I think chapter 11 was a pretty good change up. I didn’t expect something like that from Frakenfran, and it’s akin to seeing C.C. eating a taco. I did like the recent chapter about the cockroaches, as that returns more to the original, “Be careful of what you wish for” style. Of course, it’s the same basic morality message of Kaiba, only Frankenfran has a much, much higher ceiling.

    I just hope Gonzo and Shaft don’t animate this one. I’m hoping for either Bones or Gainax. Though Kyoto or Gansis/Feel would be an interesting choice. The worst choice, of course, would be Sunrise… I can just picture Fran summoning her new scalpel that assembes itself in the air and flies in like Impulse. Actually, that might be pretty cool.

  58. Haesslich: I think your priorities are mixed up. You’re taking superficial characteristics over persuing her dreams with a passionate enthusiasm?

    jason: Bones would be great, although I think someone like Artland (Mushishi) or J.C. Staff (Shigofumi) could do pretty well. Gainax would get to do a gainax ending every episode, but the twist endings need a relatively low-key buildup for maximum effectiveness and Gainax is at it’s best doing the complete opposite of low-key. Of course a Kyoto would be fine too, but with a very different feel from the manga. Besides, there’s no Kyon/Haruhi analogue for them to work off of.

  59. Well, as I said, she gives me all the wrong thoughts… but yes, it’s quite cute, and Chapter 11’s a nice change from ‘someone gets traumatized’ – all the trauma’s done by someone else, for once.

    GHR: The problem is that her dreams involve vivisection… including of anyone around her. on the one hand, I like her, but I’m also afraid she’d take me apart if the whim struck her.

  60. Artland? You mean Tier 13 Artland? You joking me? Mushishi and, to a lesser extent, Umisho succeeded in spite of them. GSG… not so lucky.

    Gainax is fine. They’re a big money house, and they have learned from their previous mistakes. I can’t say the same thing about Gonzo, Sunrise, Artland, and a host of other studios.

    Though I forgot about Telecom and Nomad. I’m very impressed with both for Daughter of Twenty Faces and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki. Both could pull off a Frankenfran.

  61. Three words: Definitely Not Synergy.

  62. well.. this manga was.. unique to say the least O_o…, though it absurdely and morbidely enough makes me want to keep reading more and more of it xD

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