five images: you can’t censor their love…

… like I would even try.


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  1. O.O The last Clannad pic., is that for real? Did you put in the sub.? And where did you find all these images???

  2. Such is the power of Kyon-chan… she has even infected Jason.


  3. I bet thats the plot for the next season of 00….
    Kyon-ko has broken me…. and I like it!
    Clannad would have been way WAY better if kyoani had gone the lesbian kyou/kotomi/ryou(lesbian 3some ftw) route

  4. Dammit, now I have more gender swapped images in my SHnY folder than normal ones.

    Of course, judging by the contents of Lucky Star folder, the show has to be about Konata and Kagami’s whirlwind romance – right?

  5. Sooo much wasted potential in that Bamboo Blade scene..
    I was at least hoping for some symmetrical docking.

  6. Lion-chan looks so much like an older Houjou Satoko in that pic.

  7. Kyonko gets her own category…

    I hope this is a sign of things to come.

  8. I though Chiaki wouldn’t give in without Harika is amazing’s approval, or participation. Needs more Haruka (or for those that are more broken, Mako-chan).

    I agree that Lion-chan looks like Satako there, I was surprised that wasn’t Rika about her.

    Kyou is bi and win. (and seems to be a result of Konata x Kagamin.)

    Kyonko is winning the internet somehow.

    Are we should Tieria isn’t a reverse trap?

  9. Sigh…massive mistyping…too excited about Kyou and Kotomi.

    I thought Chiaki wouldn’t give in without Haruka is Amazing’s approval, or participation. Needs more Haruka (or for those that are more broken, Mako-chan).

    I agree that Lion-chan looks like Satako there. I was surprised that wasn’t Rika above her.

    Kyou is bi and win. (and seems to be a result of Konata x Kagamin.) Poor Kotomi-chan.

    Kyonko is winning the Internet somehow.

    Are we sure Tieria isn’t a reverse trap?

  10. bakaneko: I DO believe that the CLANNAD picture was something Kurogane first found. And it was from a parody sub too.

    Ithekro and Kaisos: I know the feeling. The Genderswap folder I have is threatening to overtake my SOS-Dan folder, but it’ll be months before it even comes close to my Touhou folder.

  11. RmX: Thank Mizuho Miyanokoji, Jun Watarase, and Mako-chan for breaking Jason sufficiently to contemplate the idea… after a long trip down the river Denial on a Nice Boat.

    Itherko: That’s someone’s delusion. We would need Haruka-neesama there for her to do anything besides beat Kana… who may or may not like such things, but I digress. We’d need more Mako-chan with Touma for the trap/reverse trap goodness, or else Hayami-senpai in place of Chiaki.

    Myssa Rei: Wait till Haruhi S2 comes out, to see how the God-Empress’ folder swells with holy images of Her glory. Either that, or more Itsuki-playing-Hosaka pictures…

  12. The Clannad subedit came from animesuki forums by *checks* KaneDragon.

    There was a also.

  13. Argh, messed up the html tag. Let’s try again.

  14. Haesslich, I think Vandread broken a lot more people … its funny the way traps are far older in the history of animation that one might think.

    Also what is also funny is how Jun and Mizuho originate from a eroge game as Mako is likely from the manga …

  15. Haess: Oh, I’m not too worried as of yet. I’ll only start worrying when the folder hits the 1000+ point mark (since I think I only have about 1500 or so combined SOS-dan pics). Mind you, I think I have about 3500+ Touhou related pictures, not counting those that I managed to give individual folders to (Moriya-jinja kazoku, etc).

    And while I’m excited at the prospect of a new season, I’m looking forward to After Story.

  16. Fuck you, Tiera, you flaming metrosexual; LOCK-ON’S MINE!

  17. @Haess: Why do you continue to predicate this nonsense that Kyonko has a penis?

  18. RmX: I keep on wondering about that too. There’s a CLEAR line between a genderswap and a trap.


    By the way, am I the only one finding the fact that Itsuki (originally voiced by Daisuke Ono, who does Hosaka) is stripping in this one?

  20. Somehow, I’m not surprise that Kyonko discussion is dominating a post tagged moe:yuri

    … I’m in despair that I can’t find Kirino x Sayako fanservice for the counter!

  21. Drakron: Yes, it dates back to Vandread… but it’s only those recent traps which seem to have sent Jason over the edge into the River. B.C.was good and all … but doesn’t hold a candle to Mizuho or Jun (one busty and elegant, the other just very cute and pretty and bubbly), and barely beats Aoi from YUA or Kousaka from Genshiken, IMO. All of them have specific moe features (save Aoi) that work on several levels, or that’s how I look at it. Just having a bustline doesn’t do it – Jun and Mako-chan are proof of traps who have broken many people and created their own fandoms despite being flat as boards.

    RmX: No, KYON has a penis. Kyonko is merely a blasphemous re-imagining of Her minion/boytoy as a girl. It’s the idea of ‘hey, I know that’s a guy (or was a guy) but it doesn’t matter’ which the traps create that act as a gateway. Otherwise, there’s all those ‘but, damn it, he’s a GUY’ thoughts that would’ve crossed Jason’s mind otherwise. Kyon is a guy – Kyonko is not… but remembering the source material is likely to give one the same queasy feeling that lusting after a trap should.

  22. Myssa Rei: I’ll be horribly disappointed if that stripping Hosaka thing doesn’t get referenced somewhere by KyoAni in the future.

  23. I have one word for the fourth picture…
    aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww ……. and for the fifth picture…….
    what episode on Clanned I can see that scene. Beside its been a while since I saw Strawberry Panic yuriness.. :)

  24. Should = may.

    By the way, does anyone else find it odd that genderswap references have not noted Jun’s and also Yuuma from the OVA and the Re-Lucks, since technically he counts as both a trap and someone who’s been swapped on-screen?

  25. JASON!!!! WHICH EP OF BAMBOO BLADE IS THAT? THE NEWEST EP?!? EP 25?!?!? TELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Hi Jason,

    Welcome to Yuri Fanboys Anonymous. Today we begina twelve st4p program to…. What the hell.. YURI FTW!


    PS. What is this one from?
    Inquring minds want to know!

    PPS No Urd x Belldandy?

  27. reply @ lol_matt: Episode 24 of Bamboo Blade.

  28. @Haess: I’m not having this problem at all. I’m quite able to recall Kyon’s original experiences and still lust after Kyonko without any guilt.

    So who’s more broken? Me for being able to reconcile the two? Or you who thinks of traps every time you see hawt pics of Kyonko?

  29. The Spoiler tag has failed me! I’m in despair! The spoiler tag leaves me in despair! The end of Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei also leaves me in despair!

  30. RmX: Neither – the most broken of us all is probably Jason, who gets Kyonko posts mixed in with Mako-chan appearances in most of his recent Okawari posts.

    “You got some shota meido trap into my genderswapped Kyonko post!”

    “You got some genderswapped Kyonko into my shota meido trap post!”

    *cue dramatic music*

    A link to explain the dated reference. I expect Jason’s going to be one of the few who gets this right off the bat… which makes him damned old too.

  31. I’m old enough to remember that reference (and eat the resulting product).
    If Kyonko wasn’t so cute and a mix of Shana/ponytail Haruhi looks with Kyon like thought patterns, I would be thinking trap. But because she has been so well crafted, I have no such problem. There is no need for denial when one starts with fresh DFC and ponytail. Mitsuuru on the other hand….well the board wants him to be a part-time shota meido trap. There is where you can come on board waving the trap flag.

  32. Mmm… delicious round chocolate.

    Haess, you derail every other post I write, you answer every question about brokenness with authority, you flooded this post with 4 broken comments in a span of just ten minutes, and you refer to genderswapped meido when there is none in this post… *cue Weakest Link muzak* you, sir, are the most broken.

  33. I concur about Kyonko vs. Kyon. Kyon and Kyonko are still separate people; the only link is that Kyonko has the personality of Kyon, and many of the same opinions. Still got the bits ‘n pieces. It’s a good bit less creepy than, say, the first time you met both versions of Ranma Saotome. (“WAT? GUY BECOMZ GURL WIT KOLD WADDER? LEIK ZOMG WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”)

    And, regarding the third pic… I think I just broke my skull open after smacking it into a wall 80+ times.

    Fourth pic; Tomoya’s not around, why not practice? I’ll, um, give constructive criticism.

  34. Poor Haess has been outed by the Kyonko set of the religion….

    Everyone!! I come not as a prophet, but as a bystander that looks upon the evident religious war that is upon us… and i say it is all acceptable…. Does not your Goddess look for Lulz in every aspect of her life? Would she not at least glance upon this with an inqusitive eye and few chuckles?

    While some of us look at Kyonko as a bastardization of all that was good in the male spirit and is now decidedly ‘moe’ and shake our heads… (me included) you can not deny that this is the epitome of the tsundere character that is as bright as the sun and decidedly captivating. We also gain the quirky and powerful cross god that is now as perverted and forcefull as many of us have become watching anime. We gain possibly the greates Gar known to man. I say… it is acceptable….

    On a broken note…. a Kyonko tag? why? I thought this was a heaven free of gender bending other than a quick mocking post here and there…. are you not broken now Jason? ( says the guy who just wrote a testament entry…)

  35. I got the Reese’s thing too.

    Damn, I feel old…

  36. Another Jason : On a broken note…. a Kyonko tag? why? I thought this was a heaven free of gender bending other than a quick mocking post here and there…. are you not broken now Jason? ( says the guy who just wrote a testament entry…)

    It is for all the good that is to come.

    Where else but up?

  37. >> Another Jason : On a broken note…. a Kyonko tag? why? I thought this was a heaven free of gender bending other than a quick mocking post here and there


    >> Lion-chan looks so much like an older Houjou Satoko in that pic.

    Concurrence. I thought that Rena had finally taken her home.

  38. So we have:
    1. Yuri
    2. Incest
    3. Yuri
    4. Genderswapped Yuri is still Yuri
    5. I have no idea. (I’m waiting on confirmation of Tieria’s gender.)
    6. Hopefully Yuri (Please Fujibayashi-san, can we have Yuri?)

  39. …you ALMOST killed me with the kyonko picture, then swiftly finished me off with the tieria picture. i didn’t even make it to the hot lesbian kotomi/kyou picture. thanks :(

  40. Can some one maybe… enlighten us who don’t understand the reeses connection?

  41. Woo-hoo!

    Errm, umm, I’m pretty sure I had something to say, but by the time I got to the last picture I had forgotten already.

  42. I think one only gets “broken” they start to play X-Change Alternative to get the Touya ending …

  43. And so Northernshadows demonstrates again the effectiveness of this blog’s namesake…although at the rate things are going, that namesake is gonna change pretty soon.

  44. I just want to share what happened as I was viewing this post…

    “Hmmm… Ohhhh…. Heh…. *sigh*….

    FFS! (but full length) JASON!”

    If I see that damn Gundam 00 picture included in one more post, I think I may have to kill you…. Im not joking. there is only so much of it my brain can take… not to mention you put Kyon-ko before it…

    >> Lion-chan looks so much like an older Houjou Satoko in that pic.
    Yeah, when I first spied the opening picture, my brain also asked itself “Satoko?”

  45. Wouldn’t the Kyonko genderswap thing actually break new territory? I’m thinking something along the lines of Yaouri, or maybe Yuroi.


    @ Haess: That reeses reference also makes me feel old, but I don’t feel bad.


    Because I had Reeses for Breakfast!


    sorry, had a 4chan moment there…

  46. curses, no edit option…

    @ Taltos: Would that make this blog “Hijacked by Kyonko”?

  47. Oh the yuri world. I got in via Utena movie and won’t just come back from it ever. And I don’t regret it.

  48. Damn-IT cheeze-it…. Don’t go making scary projections like that… Im not sure Jason is strong willed enough to avoid the lustful cravings he is undoubtedly having for the gending bending mascot….. You go puting sh*t like that in his head and we will no longer have a refuge on earth free for free speak and melonpan…

    and another request for some one to kindly explain to me the reeses reference… sorry if my slowness inhibts me from understanding but i would like to know…kthx

  49. Lolz… this surely made my day for the Clannad subs at the end alone XD

  50. Watching that gave me an Oh GEASS-NO moment… funny because i have never actually watched that show. Thanks for the explanation…. OTL

  51. Jason: That’s because I got derailed by the traps of the last few seasons, with the Minami sisters (counting their adopted ‘daughter’ Mako-chan and adopted brother/sister Touma). There’s nowhere to go but further off the rails… and not due to Darry.

    And if you want genderswapped meido in this post… here you go:

    Also, I think this picture belongs in the above ‘can’t censor’ gallery:

    I told you Kana would be wooing Mako-chan sooner or later. ;)

  52. … and I think we’ve proof of Jason’s(?) theory of Maki actually being a time-travelling Mako-chan in episode 13.

  53. Let me put it this way: the last pic offers a hint at a parallel universe – in which Kotomi and Kyou do have hawt lesbian sex and Tomoya AND everyone watching the show (that is, ourselves in that parallel universe) watches them – so increadibly full of awesome that I simply don’t want to live in this universe anymore. So as I write this I’m determining the best way to kill myself and then magically appear in that parallel universe.

    Now I’m thinking of another parallel universe where I’m Tomoya and I get to watch Kyou and Kotomi’s hawt lesbian sex. Oh, the humanity.

    After this, I just want to say that I feel like I’m broken for all the wrong reasons But, then again, aren’t we all (at least in this blog)? I’m in despair. Damn you, Jason. Damn your blog. Oh, Oharuhi-sama, I pray thee, help this loyal worshipper.

  54. The God-Empress helps only those who serve Her in spreading Her glory. Go and rewatch episode 12 again.

  55. At least you guys haven’t been destroyed by GAR worship that was initially manly, but now has simply devolved into liking Hosaka and Sunohara more than any of the female characters of either show. Now that’s broken. PROFOUNDLY.

  56. Andrei: No, that’s just an unhealthy love for homo-side characters, with hints of lusting after men. Broken happens when you imagine them as women.

    By the way, I’m tempted to caption the above Kana screenshot as ‘I want to be your Hayami-senpai”.

  57. I wanna be a pop star.. kimi no wo to.. :[

  58. o.O those are some beautiful pictures damn that tomoya and hishot lesbian subcharacter antics

  59. After taking a look at the gender-swapped 4-kama, I actually think that I wouldn’t mind seeing a gender-swapped episode or two if it was appropriately done.

    I know, I’ll probably be consigned to a very deep layer of anime hell but I stand by my convictions.

  60. With the top picture, you could only hope. Ditto for the second picture. :P

    And I still don’t understand how people are so hung up about Kyonko. :)

  61. Simple. They’re surprised at how a usually uninteresting character can be made interesting simply by changing his gender (and appearance to match).

    And, am I broken? Only for Mizuho, but yes. :3

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