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When I was watching the final episode for Shigofumi, I kept thinking, “Holy crap, I forgot to write about that for my Gundam 00 post!” When Mika and Fumi were screaming at each other, it was just so similar to the screaming match that Graham and Setsuna had. I love you therefore I hate you! I hate you! I HATE YOU!!! The best part was when they were screaming at each other, they were screaming stuff like “playing basketball,” “cultural festival,” “writing and starring in a play,” and “day-to with my boyfriend.” Lucky Nagisa! She’s living their dream! Still, Shigofumi feels a bit incomplete. We still have yet to see how Fumi and Mika coexist now, how her mental fragility has been or not been cured, and, of course, Kaname’s answer to Natsuka’s confession. Oh well, enjoyable series that didn’t get as much love as it should have gotten. Go for my prior thoughts here or here.

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  1. Yet it was one of the 3 good ones of the past season.

  2. I already miss this series. It, along with True Tears made this season bearable to watch.

  3. It was horrible to see Fumika’s mother treat her that way. When she said that she doesn’t want to give birth again it really caught me.
    That Kaname guy was pretty useless. Did he do anything significant? (his father already knew Fumi-chan was in the hospital right?)

    I thought Shigofumi was the best show of this season. At least to me it was. Still need to finish True Tears though.

  4. I thought the last episode was crap, even if the rest of the show was good. A little rushed, maybe?

  5. yeah i felt that way too … the end was rushed

    i think if they had taken the time for just 1 or 2 episodes more, it would have been really emotional and touching
    but of course the end was not that bad at all , only it could had been much better with an greater impact
    Overall this anime was nice to watch, in my opinion the best of winter07 season
    But i am unsure if i want to watch a second season of shigofumi and i dont know exactly why

  6. I liked Shigofumi. But best show of the season? No way.

  7. I was expecting Fumi and Mika to make out after they BAAAWWWWWfest.


  8. best PMS moment since Stellvia

    Only show i follow of thw winter season. The spring season isn’t looking much better. 2008 has been very disappointing.

  9. Lol .. you it’s sad when your own alter ego punches you in the face >.<

  10. I’m hoping the incomplete feeling means we’ll be getting a second season.

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