colorful, but peaceful, days

He really went crazy and outdone himself. Sixten has completed his newest masterpiece: the victory trophy for the champion of March Madness. I’m still a bit slackjawed from staring at this one, and I lost count of the number of moe modes and meme present. Fantastic job. Makes me wish we started collecting pre-orders for Heart’s Content, but, for now, a round of applause would do nicely.

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  1. Nice, but is it broken enough for the readers?

  2. I wish I had my own Loli-in-a-Bag :(

  3. Nevermind, the readers will make it broken enough.

  4. I salute you, Sixten, before the brokenness sets in and derails all of us. Now excuse me as my mind swims in moe overload…

  5. GODDAMN. I wish I could draw as well as you. All I got is a crappy DeviantArt page.

    A salute indeed.

  6. Great blogs need great banners. I say it’s a good match. :)

  7. zomg there are even Churuya!

  8. Needs more Guchuko. And Mako-cakes. And Shana-tan. And Tieria-chan….

    …Nah, we don’t want to cause the servers hosting this blog to implode from the sheer moe.

    Still, very very cute.

  9. Whoa, wicked banner. I kinda wish now that Derailed was one of those sites that rotated banners, but that’d be cruel to ask for~

  10. Hi ho,

    I’m sorry… but that shoudl be a PoteMAIDyo. XD


  11. At least there still be Darry, and there still be Derailing.

    Yarr, Gurren Lagann still be accounted for on ye banner, matey.

  12. Very nice! My only nitpick would be that Mikuru doesn’t seem to have enough melonpan. :)

  13. Gotta love how Itsuki is fawning all over Kyon

  14. Going to have to suffer the “Itsuki is fine too” overtones…

    But the moe is worth it. Salute to sixten.

  15. Gotta love how Potatomayo there’s looking at Nyoro~n like she was a new toy. Lovely banner.

  16. Well, that’s pretty awesome, very nice job indeed.

  17. Looks awesome!

    Look at that, even after losing, Gurren Lagann is still represented on the banner. Take THAT, Haruhi fans! Fite da powa!

  18. Wait, why is Haruhi eyeing on Yuki? LEAVE YER COSTUME RAPING TO MIKURU DANGIT. On the other hand, helloooooooo nurse Yuki.

  19. I need more than two hands to give Sixten the applause he needs. Although I detect a distinct lack of Mako-cakes…

  20. two lol fang tans, and two itsukii, if it had two kyons I would have been a goner…

  21. For those involved in recent large scale projects:

    “Look Kyonko is cosplaying as Darry.”

    For the rest: Situation normal….

  22. Fantastic work.

    The only tiny fault I can find with it is that Yuki’s hair is a little too short at the back, and a little too dark. But other than that everybody’s brilliant =)

  23. -applause-


  24. Impressive, simple as that.

    *goes back to starting at Meido-Mikuru*

  25. Awesome banner!

    Chen: Haruhi is facing Yuki, but if you look at her eyes, it’s pretty clear she’s looking at Mikuru.

    Also, this post confirmed that I am well and truly broken – my first thought was “hey, where’s Kyonko and Itsuki?” OTL

  26. Actaully Haruhi might have her eyes on Darry for the nurse costume.

  27. speaking of peaceful days, how come Jason has review the School Day OAV Mahou Shoujo Kokoro with its Nipple Suit and Nipple controller?

  28. I want that banner as a poster in the walls of the mental institution I’ll be admitted when the brokenness surpasses my will. That way everyone will know who’s to blame.

    In other knews, Sixten, dear sir, you’re certainly full of win.

  29. Is Kyon staring at Darry’s ponytail?


  30. he is also holding itsuki’s hand ~_~;

    but whatever, ponytail is moe

  31. / applause

  32. Also, LOL-FANG-TAN’s hair is too short.

  33. Smoked cheese! It even has smoked cheese! Nyoro~~~n!

  34. I thought Kyon was holding Itsuki’s hand back from himself while checking out either Darry’s ponytail, looking over Darry at Mikuru, or eyeing Haruhi. His reaction would imply either of the first two rather than checking out Haruhi.

    And yes, the image appears to be broken enough for the readers.
    Good job.

  35. Kaisos:Is Kyon staring at Darry’s ponytail?

    Short answer. Yes/No

    If you notice Kyon is a bit cross eyed…. however he is making a grab for Darry’s pony tail with his free hand.. I say the sheer eye candy is making him look at multiple things at once… and who could blame him…

  36. The sore loser in me is picturing the banner populated by the TTGL kids instead but great job Sixten

  37. Thanks for all the applause and compliments. With all the better art out there on Danbooru and the knowledge that there are at least four readers of Derailed who can outdraw me, this banner isn’t the best it could possibly be. But I gave it my best effort, and seeing that you like it makes it all worth it. It’s an incredible honor for me to have my work on Jason’s banner for the third time in a row. And sorry for all the mistakes. I’ll do better next time, I promise, and I’ll work harder to become a professional-level artist you and Jason can all be proud of.

    The J.C.Staff whore in me is picturing the banner populated by Miss Yukari’s class or the tenants of Narutaki-Sou. Or failing that, even the Strawberry Marshmallow girls. Imagine how awesome this blog would look with a Strawberry Marshmallow banner.

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