kanokon, can’t take it off anymore?

It’s… it’s… it’s very indecent.


1. I was just sitting down with a cold drink to enjoy a nice episode of Kanokon… and I completely didn’t expect yet another delicious gym storage shed scene. Oh my. Definitely enjoyed Chizuru’s anti-Kyou where she starts fondling and dry humping “poor” Kouta. Kouta’s feeble complaints only made it more enjoyable. Resistance is futile!

(I swear, I must have typed “dry humping” more for four episodes of Kanokon than I have for the other 1,380 posts that I have written.)

(And, yes, I loved Kouta’s “Am I really that defiled?” My short list of other anime characters who need to say that include Kallen, Mikuru, Maria, and Mako-cakes.)


2. Bunny girl + emo facial distortion + ???? = profit! I like where this is going!

(I also like where it went. Most ridiculous act of spontaneous school nakkidness since Fumoffu.)


3. If we’re entering a new golden age for bunny girls, please let it be so. I think the bunny girls are also ending the previous season’s run of gym shorts and thigh highs, much like how 6 wide receivers were taken in the first round of the NFL draft in 2007 but 0 in 2008 but the number of offensive linemen has increased. Highly enjoyable episode with such a stupid premise: girl can’t take off bunny girl suit and uses her embarrassment as an excuse to seduce the poor shouta. I was delighted.


4. Meido! Enjoyed Nozomu’s reflex action there… but she really needs more of a role. Even Reika got more screentime versus Mayu than Nozomu is getting here versus Chizuru. But I think that Chizuru’s ultimate comeback for whenever Nozomu calls her a fat fox or whatever is that, “Hey, if Kouta wants a delicious flat chest, he’d just fondle himself. He doesn’t need you. At least I can offer something unique.”


5. Wait, did I just stumble into the Champagne Room? When they were at the school, remind me again why they couldn’t take a jacket and cov– *BANG*

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  1. First comment… yes.
    I don’t know what to say about Chizuru anymore. But I got I one thing to say to Kouta…
    She just want to get laid, you already gave her a spanking. Must as well go all the way :P giggity giggity

  2. its all a build for the last episode when all the H barriers will be broken,
    then the orgy will commence.
    and Kouta shall be king !

  3. ah yes i guess Kouta is what Harui would call “moe”… wait lets send Kouta to Harui!

    btw doesn’t Kanokon 4 have a part b to it about a youkai taking girl’s clothes off?

  4. Bunny girls and Maids are the last straw, I must now download this series.


  5. jason’s doing a pretty good job of breaking down my resistance to this series bit by bit. Now i have to figure out how to hide this from my little brother and i’m set.

    But seriously, they should’ve just made this softcore hentai and call it a day. Why bother leaving their clothes on? Everyone knows what they’re getting into the moment they click on the kanokon torrent…

  6. I bet when Kouta graduates, he locks Chizuru in the basement of his austrian home… well, maybe not. But I bet I know where he is coming from, he is ashamed of liking her blubber and knows he should be chasing flat wolf girl… well, maybe not.

  7. >> But seriously, they should’ve just made this softcore hentai and call it a day. Why bother leaving their clothes on?

    There’s other anime this season with more nakkidness, but Kanokon’s goal is really just to be a tease. It’s doing a great job.

    I still think TAMNM should have been a full on H series. It came from an H pedigree, and it didn’t have much going for it. Kanokon is at least giving an effort at harem comedy.

  8. It is almost like they changed Mikuru into a shota then matched her up with a horny, convenient version of herself.

    (And there is discussion of thinking of Noto playing as the male version of Mikuru, if only for the futile screams).

  9. TAMNM? is it… tasty?

  10. You know, it should be a good thing for Kouta… she can’t take off the bunny suit right? So all she CAN do is dry hump him.

  11. I felt they did a good job in catering to the majority of cosplay fetishes in this episode, but maybe they believe that all pale in comparison to the bunny suit or something. I tend to disagree myself (maids are awesome). But man oh man, the nurse outfit, especially coupled with the forced pantyshot was awesome. :P

  12. D.E.A.R.G.O.D. I saw a meido outfit wearing loli in a closet who saw fit to rubber stamp Kouta’s face with her personal chop and seal of approval. Her actions were precise and minimal almost clinical as she deposited her personal cargo bulls-eyeing Kouta’s helipad while hovering 10’s of meters above it. Like watching a Navy Seal sniper specialist hit his target 2000 meters away having calibrated his scope to account for bullet arc and a trained eye that could cut through atmospheric distortions.

    This is not normal. This DFC is more than a mere Meid-Okami… she is a Meid-Okamando. A highly specialized solder of ecchi, who once locked on target will not stop for anything until her mission is complete. If this was real life, Jizzuru-chan would have no chance to defeat this enemy. If Nozomu is the Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell fame, Jizzuru nothing more than Duke Nukem… big guns blazing hoping to hit the broad side of barns.

  13. Ok, I sort of understand Kouta, since I’ve known people in real life that share some similarities to him. There are a lot of guys out there that are ashamed of their own sexuality, and would turn down a chance for sex if it were shoved upon them. They usually develop this trait from upbringing, either from strict parenting or from growing up around very sexually active or perverted people. Probably the ladder in Kouta’s case.

    However, all men have a weakness. Just a fetish that even the most sexually devoid of men cave into. Now this is a guess, but I think Kouta’s weakness is empowerment. At the end of episode three, he kept on spanking her despite being terrified of her dry humping earlier. Nothing was forcing him to continue spanking, so I think this is a little bit of Kouta’s dirty side finally coming out. Would make sense, seeing as he has little control over his life as it is, and the prospect of the fetish of wishing control over others would only cause more shame to poor Kouta. But, it’s just a guess.

    One thing I don’t understand about the series though is the love triangle with the wolf. I mean, it was made clear from episode one that Kouta likes Chizu. That “power of love” thing introduced while they were combined is hard to ignore. And seeing as they did it again in this episode, means that Chizu must have already won the battle if she is able to combine with Kouta at all. So what’s the point of creating competition if we already know who’s going to win?

    Then again, I’m over-thinking an echii anime waaaay to much.

  14. kouta must be gay. when all the girl’s clothes were blown off he was the only guy who didnt get a nose bleed.

    tayura is going to be most broken… if it was my sister doing all that i would be broken.

  15. “So what’s the point of creating competition if we already know who’s going to win?”

    As opposed to almost every single harem/ecchi anime ever?

  16. >>kouta must be gay. when all the girl’s clothes were blown off he was the only guy who didnt get a nose bleed.
    I heard somewhere that the nosebleed is from pent up sexual frustration that has no other outlet. That Kouta doesn’t have one while the other two guys do indicates something, but I don’t think it’s what you’re suggesting.

    Speaking of cosplay, the first Lucky Star SE box comes with a sailor-fuku print t-shirt (XL of course). With that and the Haruhi headband someone at Bandai has some very broken ideas.

  17. Feels like i been gone for ever….

    Jason + Anonymous Meme + ????= Profit

    This show and toushkan senshou have saved my season… i’ve been lost in a void know as college and desperately needed an anchor to pull me out of my IRL responsibilities…. Thank god for shota rape.

    my suggestion for the next meme is a post about ‘winnars’ the lovable winnars who should never have been created.

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