their love is eternal

Pure, innocent, and eternal. Glad we didn’t censor it.

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  1. Welcome to the club Jason. Damn it, I need to make this picture int oa WallScroll ASAP.

  2. Konata: do touch

  3. Kagami really looks cuter as a bride than as a groom. I don’t like her groom look >.<

  4. Yes, their love is ethanol !!

  5. A-chaa, the now-infamous (recent) Megami LS Honeymoon poster. Does anyone still have a link to the poster that came before this one?

  6. Secert Lovers… that what they…. are Lol

  7. wow… and LOL……

  8. Myssa Rei – the Kagami-as-groom one? It should still be on Danbooru or moe.imouto.

    Jason – this picture isnt that innocent. Any picture with Konata is not that innocent – she plays way too many h-games for it. Now, a pic with Minami and Yutaka in a similar situation would be innocent… unless Hiyorin was drawing it.

  9. Added the image from the previous month. Wedding -> honeymoon -> ???

    >> Jason – this picture isnt that innocent.

    I’m not saying that the picture is innocent. Just their love.

  10. >>Added the image from the previous month. Wedding -> honeymoon -> ???
    Jason, you forgot to add -> PROFIT! onto the end of that.

  11. I think in this case the PROFIT came before the wedding.

  12. Their love is not that innocent. Konata’s erojiji makes sure it will not be innocent. Then again, Kagamin did buy that ‘captured’ SousukexGauron doujin from ComiKet so she isn’t that innocent either…

  13. The spoiler tag has failed me!

  14. Good God, they are really playing with us with those two, aren’t they? I mean, that’s just pretty blatant (yay for Kagami in a suit, though!).

    Though seriously, if you were to look through my Lucky Star folder you’d think the show was a yuri romance about Kagami and Konata ala Marimite.

  15. Also, there’s a “Kagami as bride eloping with Konata from the church” poster in Comp-H…

  16. A poster at Kurogane’s blog posited that, a logical progression of these posters would see ‘Post Honeymoon’ and ‘Moving to Europe for an Adoption’ spreads in Megami in the next few months. Scary, but makes darn sense.

  17. >> Also, there’s a “Kagami as bride eloping with Konata from the church” poster in Comp-H…

    Thanks Haes, got the e-mail.

  18. You’re welcome, Jason. I figured, since you had this post up, that we needed the Trinity of Konata/Kagami Wedding Pictures. Thank CompH for that one.

    Myssa Rei: Enjoy!

  19. Though I don’t get that Kagami was the bridge in the Comp-H one but the groom in the Megami one? I don’t tolerate this kind of slapdash plot holes from Kyoto. :)

  20. Here’s the logical explanation, Jason:

    1) Comp-H: Konata’s eloping with Kagami, since Kagami was engaged to someone else.

    2) Megami: Konata becomes the bride, and Kagami the groom.

    3) Megami: Honeymoon.

  21. Why the hell does the last one make sense??? The first few, for some reason, I need more time to wrap my confused mind around, but the last one…? How on earth…?

    …aw screw it. I’m zoupzuop2, and I’m broken.
    *cue ad for “Derailed by Darry. Break Different.”*

  22. Leave it to Haess to make sense out of the poster timeline. *shakes head*

  23. The Konata X Kagami love is pretty much official. There was an entire article in Megami Magazine comparing the characters and whether they were “friend or lovers” a while back. They determined hands down that they were lovers, and provide very good arguments for their reasoning.

  24. Lucky Star OVA announced.

    *crosses fingers for the Konata x Kagami storyline*

  25. Yay! Region 1 DVD out today (just ordered my copy) and now this.

    I second the Konata x Kagami yurifest plot, as long as we get some Yukata x Minami too. (Kyoani must be getting really terrifed of the possabilty of Haruhi S2 getting a bad reaction, they keep going ‘hey, lets do something else instead’ (rather like me and hoovering)


  26. Myssa Rei: I had to borrow Crusader’s yuri goggles to make it work, but it’s something.

    Jason: I’ll bet you that it’s mostly Haruhi… again. But Haruhi references in Lucky Star land.

  27. Saw this on 4chan, no idea what it is about but seems very relevant to this topic:

  28. This post is genius. I should surf some more. Oh, btw, It really reminds me of a lot of Otome Boku Wa Koishiteru moments. Well, the most of them…

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