kanokon, can i ask this of you?

“Seems so indecent…”

(NBA playoffs edition.)


1. Watching Chizuru, uh, enjoy (since she didn’t exactly take a bite out of it, I can’t say “eat”, can I?) her hot dog with such skill, she wins the Chris Paul Postseason Award. She eats food as skillfully as CP3 yo-yos the rock.

(I did enjoy when Chizuru just jammed it in Kouta. That didn’t come out right.)


2. The eroge board game trap! Poor Kouta fell for it, much like how NBA refs fall for all the ridiculous flopping going on this year, so I’m handing it the The Postseason Flopping Award.

(It literally pained Kouta to play this game. What hot-blooded teenaged boy wouldn’t enjoy playing such a game, alone, with his big bakery girlfriend? Maybe Kouta rather goes for guys like Alto. I can’t think of another explanation. Mind boggling. Kouta’s fear of Chizuru’s breasts is like ten times less sensical than making a 15 year twice handicapped girl the governess of an area currently undergoing an insurgency.)


3. Oh the possibilities with a kimono. The first five minutes of this episode was a guessing game as to “How will Chizuru strip off her kimono.” So predictable, I gave it the Hedo Turkoglu Will Hog The Ball Postseason Award. No shock to anyone who watched the Kings in the early 2000s.

(The number of traditional harem moments for Kanokon is just off the charts, but it does put a twist to each of them in that Chizuru pretends to be “shocked” by Kouta’s aggressiveness, only she’s too busy dry humping him to listen to his pleas. Yes, it’s just as predictable that I’ll use “dry humping” when describing Kanokon and “awesome” when describing Kogarashi.)


4. You’re getting the moe modes confused, but… wait… didn’t I just watch an anime where the apron was worn in front of the school swimsuit? Think both Ninomiya-kun and Umisho did this. Still, just to be safe, let’s give Fubuki one of Naeka’s school swimsuits and her meido apron as well as the Please the Homecrowd Postseason Award.

(I’m amazed that up until last night, the Pistons were the only team that actually won a road game in round two. Amazing. I’ve been watching the NBA for many years, and this rarely happens. There’s been a lot of game sevens this year, especially so early in the playoffs, and it’s been very fun to watch.)


5. The Will You Work On It? Postseason Award is awarded to every Orlando Magic fan who are wondering, “Wait, why doesn’t Dwight Howard work on his post up game in the off-season instead of working on his dunks?” much like how every Kanokon watcher wonders, “Wait, why aren’t XEBEC pumping out hentai? Wouldn’t they make a killing?”

(The scene where Nozomu gets nakkid… wow… that’s beyond DFC. That’s like little boy territory. That has to be flatter than Kouta.)

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  1. hahaha i wonder how many people actually understood the analogies and are watching the playoffs with us :3

  2. At least not me….=.=

  3. The NBA playoffs this year have been somewhat disappointing. Maybe it’s due to how exciting the playoff races were just to get in, there’s a pretty big letdown. Either that, or it’s because the teams left outside of the Hornets have a hard time cracking the 90 point barrier.

    Kouta’s scared because he’s obviously a DFC fan – he seems more comfortable with Nozomu than Chizuru…

    I have no idea how I got sucked into watching this show. ^^”

  4. Did anybody watch the last 2 minutes of the cavs game last night? The flopping was terrible. At one point you can see paul pierce driving into the paint and bounce into James. Pierce got an offensive foul, but in the replay you can see both the celtics guy and lebron both flopping-poorly.

  5. not being a biased spurs fan, but i have found their complete back and fourth blowout wins/losses punching fest with the hornets to be very entertaining. much more entertaining than the phoenix series even though the spurs won handily. MOST other series, i’d say have really pressed my snooze button. if dwight doesn’t develope into a better post player like shaq or his mentor p.ewing, he’ll end up like a vince carter where he breaks his anckle, can’t jump as high and ends up being a waste of a roster slot.

  6. Beyond DFC?????? Do you even know what DFC stands for? Thats what Nozomu brings, going “beyond” is not anatomical. Nozomu has found her niche and is sticking to it, and frankly I prefer her look to old blubber chest. I honestly think Kouta likes chizuru as a person, but prefers the beautiful body of a girl like Nozomu, hence him trying to not get any yet still caring for her. On the last episode Kouta will go to Kururu for help to somehow solve his dilemma.

  7. he’s more comfortable with nozomu becase he likes dudes. all she needs is a penis…

  8. No I think he digs Chizuru well enough. The great erro king is just bogged down at the moment by societies perception of what is indecent. What he’s writing during the footsie scene shows what he’s really think’n about.

  9. Yes … also next episode it shows a “reaction”, then again what man would not show a reaction to that.

    The reason he does nothing is …

    a)This is a TV broadcast and so there are limits.
    b)If he did anything a lot of the humor would be gone.
    c)This is based on a light novel.

  10. Sigh. I’ve dropped this show 2wce now and this blog just sucks me back in… I am now officially “eagerly anticipating” episode 7.

    This show deserves a drinking games based on the following list:
    1. someone says ‘dame.’ – single shot
    2. someone says ‘mo-dame’ – double shot
    3. spot two characters in a Kama-Sutra position – triple shot

    Men are potatoes indeed… sigh.

  11. I sense a correlation between animal spirits and “enjoying” eating things (spineless male leads included).
    Om nom nom nom.

  12. this is either softcore at its best, or worst(in terms of frustrating moments).
    man the urge to just spank Kouta around is so great. c’mon for god sake grow some balls man. yet, he’s terrified of Chizuru’s glorious melons but gets turn on by hot-dog-sucking Chizuru..gawd!!

    he’s just Yuuki Rito, cept maybe Rito is far worst…

  13. The very second Chizuru show her bush area, YOu know Kouta kun will show he’s 11 inch long penis. I can’t believe I am not watching this show. I stop after episode 2 :P

  14. You know, I don’t remember people having to drool so much eating a hot dog…

    *looks at post title*

    Oh right. Kanokon. Silly me. Carry on then.

  15. >> Either that, or it’s because the teams left outside of the Hornets have a hard time cracking the 90 point barrier.

    Um… what games are you watching? Pretty much all the teams are averaging more than 90, and the Hornets aren’t even the top scoring team (Lake Show is). Stop watching the Celtics and Cleveland, they’re not representative of the rest of the NBA.

    #1 Lakers 112.1 ppg
    #2 Nuggest 101.5 ppg
    #3 Suns 100.4 ppg

    #6 Hornets 97.9 ppg

    There’s only 4 out of the 16 playoff teams average less than 90 ppg.

    >> YOu know Kouta kun will show he’s 11 inch long penis. I can’t believe I am not watching this show. I stop after episode 2

    I’m beginning to think that Kouta’s whole body is just a giant penis. It’s the only believable reason why Chizuru would want him so badly. It’s the same as Miya-Miya and Dan-kun. Though I love this show only because it’s a record setter for most “I gave it up, came back, gave it up, and came back” comments and e-mails.

  16. You kidding? once Rito did the gender bent shit in issue 100, he has been considered as “damaged beyond repair” and in my opinion, need to be killed. NOW!!! Then again, all shonen jump males are sexually challenged. Unless it is yaoi.

  17. Seriously Kouta… if you’re that scarred of getting it on, why not just get behind Chizuru and point her at Nozumu? You could even join in later.

    I have to second those who say Chizuru’s breasts are way too freaking large. Especially after episode 7. A medium size with better shaping would be more appealing.

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