perfect service blog: code geass r2 7

Kukuku. Enjoy my perfect service.


Jason is unable to post for the next few days. Seems like he’s too busy running over pedestrians, picking up hookers, and shooting cops while vacationing in Liberty City. I don’t understand his hobbies, but since he is a friend of the Fujiwara family, Master has asked me to fill in on this crappy blog of his. Kukuku. What kind of name is “Derailed by Darry.” Such an ugly name pains Maid Guy. Until Jason returns, this is now Perfect Service Blog.

First on my list is this “Code Geass R2.” It doesn’t seem any different from the crappy cartoons that Master’s little brother watches. Because Maid Guy is too busy honing all 37 Maid Guy senses and making sure Master’s tits are well-protected, Maid Guy generally has no time to waste on such a trivial TV program. But Maid Guy keeps Maid Guy Promises and will review all this shit.


While Maid Guy doesn’t think that even this Kallen character can be an equal mate for Maid Guy, she is still a superior woman than this scrawny one that Lelouch dumped her for. Kukuku.


Only five seconds. Pathetic. Maid Guy Freeze Voice provides 1,800 seconds of perfect service. Maid Guy Absolute Zero Voice provides an eternity of rest.


With hard training, Kallen could at least be a Maid Girl and surpass Fubuki. Maid Guy knows Fubuki has been secretly eating chocolate chip cookies and has been gaining flab. Maid Guy Body Mass Index is absolute.


This Lelouch is a shitty person for not talking with his wife and instead plays around with that scrawny mistress. But his wife does not seem to mind. I do not understand these people.


Maid Guy is unimpressed with such an atrocious wardrobe. Even if these three are part of Lelouch’s harem, those frilly and glamorous outfits are difficult to wash. However, if Lelouch were Maid Guy’s Master, my laundry skills are absolute, and even these outfits will be a joke for me to wash. And Maid Guy won’t say a word about Lelouch’s fetish. Maid Guy understands Lelouch-Master likes thighs. Kukuku.


Even without sight, little girl must have at least twenty other senses. Why isn’t she using her Little Girl Hair Sensor or Little Girl Phased Array Radar? Her hair sensors could even surpass mine.


Maid Guy Anime On Demand tells me that the animators have been lazy. I do not understand why Master’s friend Jason enjoys watching such low class fare from a shitty animation studio.


Such cowardly strategies from both sides. Maid Guy faces all fights head-on, that is the Maid Guy way. Even if Suzaku pilots his giant floating toy, he is still no match for Maid Guy. Finishing everything fast, clean, and like a real man, that is me, Maid Guy. I will also them all to stop fucking around. If you are going to fight, be a man and fight.


Ghost infestations are nothing to Maid Guy. Part of Maid Guy’s perfect service is protection from spirits and ghosts. For my last Master, I not only killed but also ate a wolf spirit to gain her powers. The shitty man she was with was easily taken care of too.


Making a pizza more delicious than Pizza Hut is trivial to Maid Guy. Maid Guy knows over ten million recipes and can make any dish after tasting it once. Maid Guy Tongue Sensor is even more powerful and sensitive than Maid Guy Hair Sensor.


If Master is ever in trouble, she just needs to scream, and at least one of Maid Guy’s Audio Sensor will pick it up. Maid Guy’s voice and hearing are so absolute, I can hear Master speak even from 50 kilometers away. I can also directly modulate wind such that she can hear me from 50 kilometers away. Even though Maid Guy has no use for portable communication devices, Skirt Leader does not have the same ability. So Maid Guy is constrained working with her.


What is this shitty commander hiding inside a tin box. Maid Guy can execute complex sword maneuvers while 1,000 meters underwater. No man should hide inside a tin box. Shameful to Maid Guy.


It is beyond obvious that Lelouch-Master only wants to bone his sister. Maid Guy does not judge but will instead provide him with all the necessary love potions. Lelouch-Master is just so hopeless.


Seems like Jason normally responds to the previous week’s comments about now. Such meaningless labor, but Maid Guy will do it.

Vallen Chaos Valiant: You know, all this comments about Code Geass model kit sales would be more believable if Bandai actually make them…

Maid Guy doesn’t need Maid Guy Wi-Fi or Maid Guy Search Engine to know you are full of bullshit. Since the last episode of this worthless show aired, Maid Guy Omniscan RSS tells me that three new Code Geass models were available for pre-order. Kukuku. Enjoy the shitty Guren Nishiki Type-02, the shittier Lancelot Air Calvary, or the shittiest Vincent Command. There might be more, but Maid Guy is uninterested in such things, and not even Master’s little brother would buy these toys. But he might buy the big breasted cell phone strap.

Kukuku. Maid Guy Action Figure is still vastly superior. They took a cast of me after I killed and ate that wolf god. Which was trivial to me.

Auroth: I don’t remember them saying that V.V. was Lulu’s pop…..

Two shitty fansub groups made the same mistake. It’s all of no consequence to Maid Guy. I know 5,610 languages including latin, gumatj, klingon, keron, flathead salish, fortran, and shannon sharpe.


Neriya: Did anyone else think “Oh crap, plug and play’s crashed Windows” when Kallen got all those popup windows during the Guren upgrade?

Maid Guy had no problems plugging in Maid Guy Air Assault’s USB connection into my ear. Maid Guy can interface with over 1,000 electrical connections up to 1Tb/s.

Skribulous: Forgot to add, I’m also surprised there’s no mention that Empress Tienzi’s VA is an actual loli for once. And a really cute one too.

Next time I go bail out Master’s worthless little brother from jail for a similar crime, I’ll be sure to say “Hi.”

zomglazerspewpewpew: wars are always one-sided these days, thats why you have f-22 raptors which are the most powerful fighter in world and there is no chance of taking it down.

Shooting down F-22 fighters is a trivial task for Maid Guy. Maid Guy Phased Array Radar can detect a bumblebee from 10,000 miles away. It is harder to get Master wearing clean panties every day than it is to shoot down such an insignificant toy plane.


Jounin: All of my comments that got mentioned by Jason (especially “these are my readers”-high point) had to do with Felt and her melonpan/fashion. There’s just nothing in CG that inspires me…

Jason has low standards. Maid Guy is unimpressed with everything that you have written and will ever write. Your writing is almost as bad as the dribble fan fiction Fubuki secretly writes. Kukuku. Yes, I know about that encrypted folder on your computer. 256-bit AES is child’s play for Maid Guy. I can crack it in my sleep.

Haesslich: Also, I’m disappointed in Jason not mentioning the OH GEASS NO moment of the next preview, the fact that Kaguya-hime’s wearing serafuku

Fubuki, Master, Kaguya-hime. Maid Guy does not want and does not care. None are a worthy companion for Maid Guy.

Spaniard: So from what I gather China is run by a six-year old girl and a bunch of high-voiced effeminate men? Neat.

Maid Guy is highly unimpressed with all these comments. Jason’s instructions were to award some award to be best one, but Maid Guy sees no one is worthy of a Maid Guy Badge.


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  1. Utter and simple genius. I was expecting some comments to the effect of Kallen’s amazing new outfit, but then again, emo Lulu saddling up to Rolo was a little more than I could stomach. The little ‘twist’ at the end does not live up to par. Zero must atone.

  2. uhh, I want Jason back, I dont like whoever did this post

  3. I love you, Kogarashi!

    Take me now!

  4. I don’t know if this is better than Jason’s shitty sports’ side-comments. I really don’t know.

    Oh well, anything can be an improvement over that, I guess.

  5. Ackbar! We’ve been hijacked! By a superior Meido at no surprise.

    P.S You really did it with the parody of Kogarashi but are we to see more of his posts?? Maybe even a small Seal of Approval stamp of Kogarashi lol

  6. …I guess all they’ll need for the next and final KnMG episode is twenty minutes of nice boat and a still of Fubuki being dragged off in a straitjacket and muzzle.

    Kind of reminds me of George Loves Crappy Movies.

  7. Maid Guy is neither amusing nor informative.

  8. Is it just me or did that underwater submarine scene remind you of scenes from movies like Down Periscope or U-571 (minus the dramatic moments of absolute silence)? What happened to all the torpedoes?!! Doesn’t ANYONE know how to carry out a proper underwater combat scenario? But it matters not since everyone got taken out by “bubbles”, so it all worked out in the end.

    Also, I KNEW I wasn’t the only one who noticed that whats-her-face standing next to Nunally during her speech looked strikingly similar to whats-her-face-Tieria from 00. Simply remarkable.

  9. It’s an honor to have the amazing one and only Maid Guy comment on this blog. Kogarashi, your service was indeed perfect.

    As for the episode itself, right after the moment with Kallen all I could think was “And now how, in what OH GEASS NO way, will Sunrise atone for their almost making Lulu act even semi-heterosexual.” Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed. Congratulations, Sunrise, you’ve made Code Geass live up to its usual standard of “train wreck” once again.

    On a side note, I thought the torpedo trick at the end was really damn clever. Now would it really work? Eh, I was willing to buy it.

    I don’t understand why Sunrise mucks up such great mastermind vs. mastermind action (the chess analogy playing out before me is always awesome) with OH GEASS NO and its ilk. Is the fanbase for Code Geass really that full of Yaoi lovers? Sunrise thinks so, and they want to provide those people with all the fanservice they can fit in amongst the semblance of an actual plot! YES THEY CAN!

  10. Maid Guy Pedo Sense Alert: At 5:20 there is a weak looking purpled haired wuss with glasses and wearing a red bandana is blushing while looking at blind and cripple Nunally’s speech. (Also note that during this scene someone is saying: “This is getting out of hand”)
    Obviously in episode 12, we will see this person humping a vacuum cleaner while drooling over her picture. When Nunally dies in episode 22, this person, who we shall call “Pedo Bandana” for the moment will team up with Nina to form the dry humping brigade under the leadership of Chizuru to attempt to capture V.V. for “experiments”. Of course Pedo Bandana will also secretly be gunning for China’s empress.

  11. Spaniard: So from what I gather China is run by a six-year old girl and a bunch of high-voiced effeminate men? Neat.

    Kazakhstan is the only country not run by little girls, that’s why it’s so great.

  12. Jason’s blog got hijacked by Kogarashi? I am not sure if I should be scared and running for my life or fall on my knees, melted by Kogarashi’s aura of awesome just like the nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  13. Sorry, didn’t really find it that amusing…

    I kinda want Jason back.

    A genderbender jason is fine too.

  14. Why does maid guy sound like Mojo-jojo?

    Now as for Code Geass, whys Lulu being a despairing twit? I for one would be more than happy to let Kallen slap me around….. all night long….

  15. Come back Jason : o

  16. God Damn. I almost pissed myself when I saw the banner, for I was half expecting a ”く く く 、メイド ガイ フリーズ ボイス!” followed by fish man wang. Whew, scary. Now that I think about it. Meido Gai probably would speak like Mojo Jojo in English. Oh yeah about the episode, nothing in this anime really completes fast and clean, or often permanently (Orange kun *cough*)

  17. Derailed by Darry is good blog name! Take your freaky yellow sun-monster and bring Jason back!

  18. They were rather lucky that methane-container happened to be there, and whose location was included on a rather mundane looking map.

    I am beginning to worry Rolo wants to lulu Lulu.

  19. maid guy = the win

  20. Code Gayass FTW.

  21. They were rather lucky that methane-container happened to be there, and whose location was included on a rather mundane looking map.

    This is the kind of stuff that made me go “LOL Geass LOL, enjoy your masterful writing”.

  22. I’m having a hard time believing that this is Darry’s little brother taking over the blob.

    I mean… To call “Leilouch’s Extention of Athrun’s Penis” $hit and not call “Ze Maid Guy” $hit… Has society failed in keeping companies like Bancolding$ from telling worthless people to basically stay worthless?

    Newsflash: Japan has the highest suicide rate out there. The public basically condones it (except when people throw themselves in front of trains).

  23. lol bubbles

  24. Since when did Lulu have a fiance? From being a prince of Britannia?

  25. Oh yes, Lulu finally noticed Kallen is a girl. It’s about time. Also love that (homo) scene with Rolo, that kid will honestly kill Lulu if his brother falls for any girls. Jealousy! …. Rolo just might wipe Nunally out. =)

    I want Jason back too, Maid Guy simply can’t replace, even with all his 37 senses.

  26. Is there a full body shot of Kallen in this new exposed shoulder’s outfit? I’m wondering what the rest of it looks like (on her).

    I will assume we shall have the Perfect Service of Maid Guy for the duration of the week. All hail the Maid Guy.

  27. You people should stop complaining or Maid Guy will probably snap you neck . I want a free maid guy badge..

  28. (Wolf General) I don’t understand why Sunrise mucks up such great mastermind vs. mastermind action (the chess analogy playing out before me is always awesome) with OH GEASS NO and its ilk. Is the fanbase for Code Geass really that full of Yaoi lovers? Sunrise thinks so, and they want to provide those people with all the fanservice they can fit in amongst the semblance of an actual plot! YES THEY CAN!

    There does seem to be a large female Code Geass fanbase in Japan – remember that in the more recent Genshiken anime adaptations, “Riass Mood” has replaced “Haregan” (aka FMA) as the prime interest of the women in the Genshiken and Manga club.

  29. A large female Code Geass fan group also seem to exist in Korea as well.

  30. I remember Jason commenting how Sunrise was being environmentally sound by recycling plot lines, but now they’re recycling within the same series! First we get Lelouch getting his Geass (again) and being interupted by over-powered mecha (Vincent this time) and Suzaku going to Ashford where they try to make another giant-size pizza and C.C. has to go check it out and another good-willed naive girl having her dreams violently crushed by Lelouch.

    At least we are safe from Lelouch Geassing Nunnally into killing Japanese, her being blind and all. If they are going to reuse plot lines, I insist on remaking ep19 where Kallen has to bath outdoors and Suzaku has to subdue her (with subsequent DVD version selling well).

  31. Jason, you posted how Suzaku should feel lucky for having those blueberry-filled onigiri that Cecile made. I wonder how you feel about those sandwiches she made this season. Seeing how it is a duty of men to eat what women make and there is one half-sandwich missing, I wonder if it is Suzaku or Gilford who ate it. Probably Gilford from that look he made.

  32. Do not be fooled! Jason is merely ashamed that he decided to dress up as Fubuki this week, and tries to cover it by pretending to be the KoGARashi instead. What we should be frightened of is not how Kallen rejected Lulu, but how Rollo immediately stepped in (too close) to take her place, and to try to be the little sibling that Lulu dotes upon.

    And Kaguya-hime frightens me – so young, but so… geez, I’m feeling like she and Konata could get along, given the way she seems to free with Lelouch being with younger-sister types and little ‘brother’ types so often. Maybe that’s why she decided to put on the serafuku-like uniform, to appeal to his unconscious(?) fetishes.

  33. sigh.

    I was totally indifferent to this post up until Kogarashi informed me that he can actually figure out what Shannon Sharpe is saying! I don’t think even Shannon Sharp knows what Shannon Sharpe is saying at any given moment, none the less on the fly! Can I pay you come to my house once the season kicks up to translate the pre-game shows for me?

  34. I’m absolutely unimpressed with how little Maid Guy used the word absolute in the second half of this post. kukukuku

    I was at least glad to see that Lulu knows that “women can provide comfort” maybe he read it in a book. And then he goes and almost makes out with his fake brother. Honestly, somebody break out the yard stick.. Rolo is probably into that though.

  35. Does anybody else use ‘kukuku’ irl now?
    Like today at work this lady was fixing her boobs in her bra in the break room when I walked in.
    Her:Woops, you caught me. How embarrasing.
    Me: Kukuku.
    Her: What?
    Me: …

  36. As far as I know, the female fanbase of Code Geass is alive and well. My imouto is submitting her latest doujinshi today, and I have little doubt that it features Lulu and either Rolo or Suzaku, probably Rolo.

  37. Pi: That’s because Rolo fulfills TWO moe-modes for fujioshi: shota and otouto. And he’s not as dislikeable as Suzaku is right now… so it’s less ‘hatesex’ and more ‘oh geez, another yaoicest pairing’?

  38. oh shucks jason, snap out of it. do not be affected by the GAR-ness of Kogarashi. As GAR as he may be, blogging is not meant for Maid Guy.XD

    anyways, hands down to Sunrise. No one can fuck an anime better than them. although the part where Lulu got mind-fucked was pretty impressive in a way, i can only predict a total blowout by the end of the series

  39. oh ya, another pretty interesting point.
    just as Lulu decided that he has the balls to jump Kallen, she freaks out and he ends up taking on Rolo.
    seriously, OH GEASS NO!

  40. Dermatea said:
    “But it matters not since everyone got taken out by “bubbles”, so it all worked out in the end.”

    Your pitiful attempt at sarcasm is betrayed by your shitty public school education. Kukuku. Let Meido Guy instruct you where your teachers and popular culture obviously failed to.


    jounin said:
    “Seeing how it is a duty of men to eat what women make and there is one half-sandwich missing, I wonder if it is Suzaku or Gilford who ate it. Probably Gilford from that look he made.”

    Probably Guilford as he is a man.

  41. KG: I think I mentioned this big Oh GEASS NO moment in the episode 6 entry… but seriously, Rolo must be STARVED for attention if he’s doing this. Lulu should have promised to get him a full family. Rolo would kill all of the Britannian army if promised that.

  42. Haess: did you? shucks i must’ve missed it then..
    actually, i dun blame Rolo for being’s Brittania’s, no wait, Sunrise’s fault!

  43. Fangirls like the ghey, and there are many, many fangirls.

    Also, I think this balances out bunny!Kallen and all the shots of her chest and butt we’ve had to suffer through. >_>

  44. Lelouch asking “Kallen” to comfort him was probably the only sensible thing i’ve ever seen any Code Geass character do in the entire series.

  45. Kogarashi Dai Sensei! Please teach me pantsu snatchi!

    *raises paw* wan wan

  46. yea whatever we know that you are hidding from everybody and dressing up in a maid clothing. no need to hid it we all know you love maids

  47. Impostor! Fake! You are not Maid Guy! Maid Guy is by far much more gar than an impostor like you could ever hope to be!

    @ Nobuharu:
    Maid Guy does not talk Mojo Jojo, he actually DOES talk like a medieval warrior, with the polite speech vocabulary appropriate for addressing one’s lord, while also retaining direct style speech grammar, fitting for the closeness with which he serves his lord, or in this case master. So If anything he would not sound like Mojo Jojo, but would rather sound like a Medieval Knight, in English.

    As for the Code Geass fandom, if my trips to Comiket and various Doujin shops prove anything, the yaoi fangirls of Geass are just as numerous if not more than the straight fanboys of the show. And considering we have characters like Kallen with delicious thighs, and Lolis like Kaguya-Hime, that’s a lot of doujin everywhere.
    Or to put it in what might be a better example: The Yaoi fangirls not occupied with or fed up with creating Gundam Yaoi (recently Gundam 00 featuring such couples as Lockon X Tieria) they are working on Code Geass. I assure you, I had quite a difficult time finding the good, straight, doujinshi when I went to the “Sunrise” section at Winter Comiket due to all the Gunam/Code Geass yaoi. Oh well, at least the Mai Hime subdivision of the Sunrise section was safe waters.

  48. Forget the struggle against Britannia, I want to see more apathic people-are-toys Lelouch. Especially if he’s going to hit on Kallen at the same time.

    But man, he really screwed that one up. With a little more strategy she’d have been putty in his hands!

  49. > “They were rather lucky that methane-container happened to be there, and whose location was included on a rather mundane looking map.”
    And this is hardly the only or biggest JUST AS PLANNED moment in season 2. There’s enough plot holes all around to drive a squad of knightmares through (like previous episode’s climax when Lulu safely ejects from an EXPLODING BATTLESHIP) but who’s counting? It is all for the “so bad it’s good” experience.

    Also, poor Lulu, you triggered the wrong flag and it’s Rolo route for you now. OH GEASS NO!

    Or was it JUST AS PLANNED instead? Only Lulu knows. And maybe o-Haruhi.

  50. I also liked apathetic Emo Lulu. If he had stayed in that state a little longer we would have possibly gotten a awesome character. (Remember, Simon had to stay in that mode for like three episodes to find his GAR.)

    For Kogarashi: putting down everything around you because your a god-mode character who didn’t earn a dime of his abilities does not make you awesome. Its really pretty lame.

  51. Any one taking bets on when Kallen goes back to school?

  52. Shinji Lulu anyone?

    What happened to C.C? She’s gotten really uninteresting and her mystique is now limited to her flat green hair and “I’m-supposed-to-be-trendy” wardrobe. At least Yukana stays with it…

  53. “While Maid Guy doesn’t think that even this Kallen character can be an equal mate for Maid Guy, she is still a superior woman than this scrawny one that Lelouch dumped her for. Kukuku.”

    Yeah, for awhile there I thought we had confirmation that Lelouche was straight. Now I don’t know anymore.

    Anyone wonder why he doesn’t use his geass to pick up women? Maybe he really does want to bone his crippled sister.

  54. I don’t know why, but I was expected to be Rick Rolo’d sometime during the episode.

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