oh geass yes!

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  1. i was waiting to see how long it would take for someone to do something like this for such a suggestive line from lelouch

  2. Wait.. ohGEASSYES.

  3. lol!

    Man, I wish this is what happen… instead of what we get in the *official* version. (- -“)

  4. Yeah…

    This is what you don’t get at a 5pm timeslot.

  5. last panel should have read: “Al-right!” or “Hail to the King baby.”

  6. Too bad Lulu. enjoy your Rolo.

  7. lulu: “give me some sugar baby!”

    Kalen: “ha you used your one irrefutable command up already sucker!”

  8. “…the hell?”


  9. The great thing about that picture is that it was done and translated within an hour of the episode airing.

  10. Seriously, Kallen should be smoking a cig basking in the afterglow. She’s been wanting this for awhile now.

  11. Kay, that was awesome.

  12. Okay, hell yes thats what the episode should of been like. If Sunrise has the guts to look back and see what they made, they would probably /facepalm themselves into oblivion. If they have the brains to put it into a special (limited time only mind you) DVD/Bluray version of R2 some day down the road they would make mega bucks. Heck, if they added Pizza Hut offers for “Buy one pizza get the other one free” and offered some nice half naked C.C artwork? Then my friend that would be the best damn $39.99 video I’ve ever bought in my entire life.

  13. They should title this: “Lulu discovers heterosexuality”

    somewhere in the wilderness, Rolo is crying, alone and forgotten.

  14. … you know, I’m almost getting an image of a reverse version of this strip. Except the lines are the same, but it’s not Kallen. And it’s still an OHGEASSNO moment.

    Yup, this show’s well past the point of no return as far as yaoi fodder goes. Now we need more yuri to balance it, or more Millay time.

  15. Send Sunrise a bunch of letters to rewrite the episode for the DVD release? YES WE CAN!

  16. Haiz…if only…

  17. Hmm, and here I thought that this post would be in reference to that newly-announced bunny girl Kallen figure. Oh well.

  18. It was a good time…she must have rocked him hard to have fallen asleep like that.

  19. why is lulu shacking with fear???… damn u bastard!!!

  20. >>why is lulu shacking with fear???… damn u bastard!!!

    most likely because kallen was the man.


  21. >>why is lulu shacking with fear???

    That’s definitely his “What the hell have I been doing going after Suzaku and Rolo for the last 31 episodes” look.

    At least I hope it was that, rather than his “What the hell, my first time was supposed to be with Nunnaly” look…

  22. I’m sure this question has been answered, but how do they get around the pizza hut licensing issues when releasing Stateside?

  23. This would have sorely saved the episode… indeed.

  24. awesome XDD

  25. Honestly, that was what I expected from Kallen. But nuuu, she had to go slap him instead. I bet she locked herself up in her room crying whole night for wasting that chance.

  26. hah Lulu prolly do not deserve Kallen at all. Kallen and CC should just get together and do a great lesbo scene and forget Lulu for good.

  27. Kallen, you’re one heck of a heroine.

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