summer looking like weaksauce

Wow, summer is looking as weak as last winter.

(Zero no Tsukaima ~Princesses no Rondo~ isn’t on that list, but not like it makes any difference.)

Ironically, I did write a “screw spring season, gimme summer” post a few months ago, and spring season turned out fantastic. Thank you Ranka, Kogarashi, Suigintou, Coopa, Chizuru, Lulu x Rolo, and, most importantly, Chiko for pushing spring from possibly bad to really good. I’m hoping I can start a jinx where every season I proclaim to be crappy will turn out just fine.

For the third straight season, we have no new series from either Kyoto nor GAINAX. Also lacking new shows from Doumu, Sunrise, Bones, and Nomad. Basically, slim pickings. Birdy the Mighty has trap appeal, and Slayers Revolution will either be great or awful with no in-between. It’s the new Druaga. Blade is done by, ick, BEE TRAIN, but we covered that one already. This might be the first ever season where I don’t have a #1 for thin slicing.

I think everything is gearing up for a monster fall season with Gundam 00, Yozakura, Fist, Nodame, and possibly Kemeko DX. And, oh, can’t forget GAINAX’s Corpse Princess.

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  1. Detroit Metal City cannot be counted out. It’s 4C for criminy’s sake!

  2. how come there is no maid guy blog this week?

  3. Someone remind me when Shina Dark is airing…

  4. Is “Mission-E” the continuation of Code-E? I liked that one despite myself.

  5. Blade of the Immortal is actually a pretty good samurai action comic, so that should be decent at least. Strike Witches will satisfy those who have a thing for mechs and DFC, since it provides both at the same time in the same character. I’m a little interested by teh idea of World of Destruction. It’s a fairly popular Nintendo DS RPG over here, and Production I.G. is working on it. There’s potential at least. Antique Bakery will keep the shoujo fans quiet while the men enjoy our constantly borderline naked fighting in Ikkitousen. I don’t know about Detroit story wise, but Studio 4C always puts out interesting and unique animation. And Koihime Musou fulfills the standard “eroge adaptation anime” role for the season.

    So altogether, I wouldn’t call it weak sauce yet. Though fall does look to be awesome with more Gundam 00 and Clannad.

  6. FUCK YEAH YUNO! Jason fails hardcore for not mentioning Yuno.

  7. Hey, the original Someday’s Dreamers was good stuff. J.C.Staff may not be doing the new one, but Hal might actually do a better job, considering what has happened in recent J.C.Staff sequels.

    And speaking of J.C.Staff sequels, Slayers had three seasons without turning into junk, so hopefully Slayers Revolution won’t suck either. Now is the time to break the seal on my unopened Slayers Try DVDs.

  8. I’m not worried about it, actually. When else am I going to catch up on all the shows I haven’t had time for?

    If I’m unlucky, though, it will be like every other season: Seemingly lacking in quality shows, but with enough that my backlog grows larger…

  9. Slayers and Hidimari Sketch are all I need. I still haven’t even started some of the shows from the current season.

  10. The only way Slayers Revolution will suck is if the entire staff that created the first three series, direction and voices all, forget why the first three series were so fun in the first place. I don’t see that happening. It’s not going to be pierce-the-heavens revolutionary, but with all the old people there it’s going to be a great return for the franchise.

  11. Jason will end up blogging Sekirei; he just doesn’t know it yet.

    Sekirei has everything we like and more…

    MELONPAN: And lots of it. They’re quite large.
    DFC: because not all Sekirei are wielding boobs like the female lead. Also lead DFC is voiced by Potemayo (but Yukarin in the drama CD)
    Tsundere: voiced by Marina Inoue! (but Suigintou from the drama CD would’ve been WAY cooler)
    Megane: Meganekko voiced by Aya Endo, most well-known for having the largest boobs in Lucky Star.
    Trap: more of a genderswap, because cute guy starts out as cute guy, and grows boobs and becomes a cuter girl.
    MILF: Main chara’s momma WEARS AN EYEPATCH. AN EYEPATCH.
    IMOUTO: of the barely legal type, rather than the loli-loli type.

    but most importantly…

    HAREM: It’s got jubblies galore, a DFC a Tsundere, a Meganekko, a trap, multiple concucombined bath scenes with the full harem, and they all sleep with the main character.

    I’ll watch it no matter how bad it gets. With art and animation by Seven Seas (Inukami/Nanoha), it’s guaranteed to be at least GOOD all of the time. The manga’s pretty good fun, so as long as they try not to deviate from the source material too much, it shouldn’t suck, although a series like this is still fun even if it doesn’t become an utter train wreck in motion.

  12. >> Is “Mission-E” the continuation of Code-E? I liked that one despite myself.


    >> Jason will end up blogging Sekirei; he just doesn’t know it yet.

    Isn’t Sekirei really Love Hina with more fighting?

    I was hoping for either Kemeko DX or Shina Dark for summer, but doesn’t look like it. I’m at a loss at what to blog for summer… Birdy and Metal City are probably the most promising in terms of what this blog’s audience likes. Or I could just pick up Ranka Is Cute halfway. I’m open to suggestions.

  13. I actually have some hopes for the summer. Sekirei and Ikkitousen GG should provide copious amounts of melonpan and absurd violence. BotI should provide plenty of bloody violence. And Slayers should provide plenty of absurd and bloody violence. If you’re into violence in it’s many varied forms this summer might not be so bad, at least for melonpan-loving violence junkies like myself.

  14. I agree Jason will blog Sekirei. With the rate the manga is heading no doubt Jason will blog it.

  15. Ikkitousen is one of the few fanservice shows where fanservice doesn’t cut it for me. It is just so freaking insipid and boring. I remember I stuck with the second season for half of it just because I like Kanu. Please don’t blog Ikkitousen.

  16. anyway I had never been anxious about nex seasons, it will be how it will be that’s all. now, I’m waiting for lods of animes there so it should be cool…

  17. So I suppose this means no Haruhi, again.

    I am seriously this close to giving up on anime entirely…

  18. OK, making a 4th season of Slayers at this point is like if someone just kinda turned around and went “Hey, let’s make a 4th Indiana Jones movie. Harrison Ford’s not doing anything right?”

    The originals were just plain enjoyable, and had a rhythm going that can be kept up indefinitely without getting old if you liked it to begin with. Both have essentially been gone from the scene so long the audience they’re likely to attract never saw the originals, and both tossed out some really mediocre prequel matter in the late 90s or so that’s best forgotten.

    I say the best attitude to take in both cases is cautious optimism. If nothing else, the audience is at least being shown enough respect not to have Darker Edgier Remakes shoved down our throats.

  19. HIDAMARI SKETCH X365?! *does a happy dance* I don’t care if anyone else didn’t like Hidamari Sketch, I’m watching it.

    Chocolate Underground, Balde, and Natsume Yuujin-Chou look interesting. So does Sekirei, but I think I’m getting drawn in by the melonpan ^_^;;…

  20. Man seriously how bad could Blade of the Immortal be?
    Just put a slideshow of the manga up with good music and its watchable.
    The Sekirei manga is pretty terrible imo, I’ve tried multiple times to read it and can’t fight through the cringes.
    I’ll watch Slayers even if its terrible for the nostalgia.

  21. i dunno why i’m looking to Ikkitousen GG. but yea, thats not a good blogging material.

  22. I feel like Slayers isn’t running the best risk/reward. If it’s good I’ll no doubt find it entertaining, but if it’s bad it’ll be epic rape of my childhood. Well, early-nerdhood anyway.

  23. Damn, summer is looking even worse than spring! At least there were a few shows I was looking forwards to (like CGR2 and xxxHolic) and some shows I was hoping to not suck (like Macross and Soul Eater). There’s none of that for summer I see, except BotI. The manga is really good, but we’re getting a BEE TRAIN treatment so excuse me for not having my expectations… very high.

    Of course, this spring’s biggest pleasant surprise was “no way that will be good” Maid Guy, so I’m hoping there’s something similar for summer. World Destruction is based on the DS game of the same name I suppose, and game conversions are rarely good – see Xenosaga. Seems there’s a bunch I’ll skip based on previous knowledge like Ikkitousen, MahouTsukai, Slayers, Mission-E, Hidamari, Sekirei…

  24. (X’_’) x365

    (>’_’)> <(‘_”_'<) ^(^_^)^

    Strike Witches doomed to fail because of GONZO. I did watch the OVA, like I did the Sky Girls OVA; so that means I’ll probably stay away yet again…

    I need to catch up on the Slayers franchise.

    I was actually hoping ZnT3 would make it for the summer list with all the promotions and whatnot; they couldn’t upkeep the trend of airing it during the summer season.

    Everything else will be determined by popularity and NON-LACK OF SUBS.

  25. Needs more Minami-ke. Seriously, we do. There are withdrawls happening.

    Lifetap isn’t helping.

  26. Wow, now that I look back at it last Winter really was poor. That said I have heard of like 2 of these shows and one of them is that bakery thing I already know to steer about 1000 km clear of.

    I read something about a Mirai Nikki anime somewhere…where do you find this stuff and how accurate is it?

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