actual darry-like content

I’ll be honest. I couldn’t think of anything to write today. Enjoy your Code Geass Darry.

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  1. well that was…awkward. You know, when you contrast the GAR of Gurren Lagann against the FABULOUS of Code Geass…

    on a seperate note, i tried introducing Gurren Lagann to a friend, and he claimed that it sounded like “the title of a Bollywood Movie”.

  2. The skinniness!!! This is what the CLAMP diet does to anime characters…

  3. Noodle Yoko is Noodly.

    Viral is, as always, awesome.

    Anti Spiral made me lol.

    Needs more gay engineers.

  4. Needs moar Darry.

  5. Viral is Kallen.

    That’s all I needed.

  6. That song sucks so incredibly hard. Can’t unsee Simon as Zero…argh!

  7. Have fun with this one too,

    The goggles… they do nothing!!!

  8. Whatever do you mean by that? All I saw where Darry along with some mecha fighting and moments of GAR.

  9. should I really comment this post ??? O.o

  10. the level of GAR in Code Geass is far inferior to that of Gurren Lagann.
    King Kittan! Hail The King! Screw Brittania!!

  11. Very fitting that Nia is C.C. Both were the great catalysts for the protagonists in their own way. Just hope that C.C doesn’t meet with a similar end. Still can’t get over what happened to Nia…. *sniff*

  12. omg so crazy.
    very well done

  13. LoL that was great. But why anti-spiral when there could have been The Spiral King? Another day I was watching some TTGL fan vids and I saw something that burned my eyes and left me wondering: Who has this much extra time?

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