summer eroge season!

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Maybe the summer anime season isn’t looking so hot, but things are looking up for the summer eroge season. I shake my head when I see that ef‘s game animation far surpasses the anime’s animation. (Oh, someone started an Anime Paper Rip Blog.)

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  1. That blog is forgetting about Tears to Tiara, an eroge originally on PC produced by Leaf (AKA Aquaplus, the same company that brought us Utawarerumono) which sees its port to the PS3 this July 17th.

    On that note, Tears to Tiara also has an anime adaptation already in the production with a rather impressive voice cast featuring our beloved Mikuru-chan among others.

  2. In ef and Shaft’s defense, Minori had Makoto Shinkai direct the animation for the game Ops. Honestly, to compare Makoto Shinkai to generic Shaft is not anywhere close to fair; the difference in skill alone would make it hard for Shaft to compete.

    Of what Shaft did try to bring from the game, they did a pretty good job and if you look at the blu-ray rips, it’s some glorious eye-candy.

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