code geass r2 8 discussion

Since there’s no Code Geass R2 this week, seems like a good time for a discussion post. From last time


Saberin: My 10 year old sister likes Code Geass far more than I do, does it count as a shoujo series yet? Or is the lack of a shirtless Suzaku holding it back?

Code Geass R2 would dominate the shoujo market if we found out that China was actually run by Sakura Kinomoto with Syaoran Li as her top knight with his Cerberus knightmare frame. You can probably tell that my dream anime-related job is to head up one of these studios and toss around ideas like that.

(But for your awesome comment, have some shirtless Suzaku. I’m sure your sister would enjoy it.)

Keiya: By the way, about the whole “Everyone can be called by an object and an honorific thing”, I nominate Suzaku as “Twinkie-dono” or “Fruitcake-dono”.

I dunno. I think Saberin’s sister would prefer Shirtless-dono. You two work it out and get back to me.

Eaglearcher: Uh, does no one seem to mind that Zero freaking have one million spare uniforms in his closet? Why does a man have one million identical uniform? Obsessive compulsive disorder?

icarus: The blatant V for Vendetta reference was sort of spoiled by the fact that the scene just wouldn’t stop being absurd. How many clothing factories did Lulu have to geass to make a million costumes and a million pointy helmets? How did a million people change so quickly? And how was it not obvious that Zero!doggy was the real Zero?

Yeah, the biggest absurdity that last episode was that they were able to mass produce one million Zero outfits so quickly and without anyone noticing. It wasn’t just one million Zero outfits… it was one million perfectly tailored and slightly different color-wise Zero outfits. If the rebelling Japanese can put so much effort into making clothes, they can surely do better rebellion-wise. I also liked how everyone brought along a duffel bag… no one used a backpack or a rollerboard. But that really wasn’t a million people. A million is a frickin’ huge amount of people, and I can’t imagine that all one million would be so coordinated. At least in V for Vendetta, V spent a lot of time prepping for his move.


Seeker4life: Cecile outfit was worth to look at but did anybody notice but the way Lloyd was sitting. Make me think that Lloyd was the one to told her to wear the outfit :P Just give that man a pink hat and a cane for the rest of the season for the biggest pimp I seen yet.

Cecile’s outfit is still inexplicable, even more so since the other characters weren’t dolled up the same way. But Lloyd is kinda like Lulu… he has all these hawt women throwing themselves at him, but he’d rather tinker with Lancelot Conquista than pay any of them proper attention. Of course, Lulu’s the same way, only he wants to tinker with Lancelot Conquista’s pilot.


Or maybe they both prefer the pilot… OH GEASS NO!

Val: I like how Cecile is all dressed up yet right next to her Lloyd is in his normal lab clothes and slouching. Perfect “ah screw it” imagery.

I was thinking more of a “screwed it” imagery.

Incarnadine: What are they all wearing underneath? The clothes a lot of them were wearing before wouldn’t fit underneath the Zero Costume.

Lots and lots of chocolate. I’m just amazed that they brought along a costume for the dog.

Keiya: Also, well… wouldn’t it be awesome if they all appeared out of the smoke as Maid Guys? Hehe, Gilford would think twice before attacking THAT crowd. Hehe.

Kukuku. Maid Guy Geass!


cpbong: I don’t know, I can’t see Ms Romeyer as Cornelia, since I don’t see Gilford all over her

There you go. The definitive answer.

Neriya: In lieu of more important plot events this episode, like Kallen and Lulu correcting their mistake from last week, I was left wondering at the end “Where do we go from here??”. Going to the presumed destination of China seems like pretty much a dead end plotwise, so the only other logical places would be the EU or Britannia itself. And who knows how the school bit’s going to be handled now… I liked Anya’s screentime though, and her “Suzaku, are you a masochist?” line from out of the blue was the funniest thing this episode.

I don’t think Lulu and Kallen will ever get together outside of our imaginations and thousands of doujinshi. Judging from the 9 and 10 preview, it seems like Xing-ke is going on the offensive against Lulu using a pilotless mobile suit. There’s no such thing as a plot dead end to Sunrise. If there’s a wall, they’ll smash through with their drill. Even with the disjointed narrative, Code Geass R2 has been a tour de force.

As for Anya, she needs more screentime. She’s already like the fourth most interesting thing in the show, and all she does is twitter.


K.K.: Best Zero = Rakshata. I wonder how she plans on smoking that hash when she’s got a helmet on.

You know how the helmet opens up for Lulu’s eye? Maybe it opens up for Rakshata’s mouth. Okay bad choice of words.

Nekonron: With the help of the Black Knights, Xing-ke plans to have China overthrow Britannia and take over the world! Well, it’s possible…

Except that the previews make it seem like Xing-ke is going up against Lulu. Is Code Geass R2 going to become the Old Testament where Lulu leads the Japanese around Asia like Moses leading his men?

Sheba: Wake me up when he will divide the water of Sea of Area 11 through the power of C.C.

Errr… dammit. Let my people go!!!

(At least good news for Sunrise. If they ripped off the Old Testament, they wouldn’t have to pay any royalties.)

rikchik: Millay’s analysis reminded me of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. If your enemy is just a popular person, that’s one thing, but what do you do when he’s a symbol, or worse, a meme?

Introduce the meme to /a/ (or /jp/ nowadays) and hope anonymous kills it with fire. Poor Rei-chan. It was only because she was cute that we called her Rei-chan. Of course, it could backfire. Though people should be more outraged… with Britannia controlling Area 11, there’s no niconicodou or 2ch… rebel fanboys rebel!

Arnoldstrife: hum… Other note why is the Meido in the circle of people who know who Zero is? As i understand its a very very small circle, maybe cause he can’t do laundry so he has the meido do it.

Fantastic question. If I were an evil mastermind trying to take over the world, I sure wouldn’t do my own laundry. I’d definitely acquire a Maria-class meido. The funny thing is with how rich and powerful and famous Sheryl Nome is, she doesn’t have a meido or butler doing her laundry, yet when she was doing her laundry at the school, she looked completely perplexed. I can’t imagine Grace doing her laundry… she’s too busy hacking into people’s MacBook’s webcams. Does she just keep buying new underwear and clothes while auctioning off her old used ones at ridiculous pri– OH SHI–

Kaisos: Dear god, It’s a Spartacus reference, not a V for Vendetta reference. Why do you people watch this show if all you do is complain about it…?

Dear Kaisos,

Please read this post.


PS– if it were Spartacus, they (a) wouldn’t change outfits and (b) would have all died. So I think V is a better fit. The biggest thing is that in V, the V mob were trying to get into the building, and the British government had to decide to shoot or not shoot. They eventually let the mob stream in, which is pretty much what happened here, right down to the evil oppressive British. In Spartacus, it was just to protect Spartacus. Remember, remember the fifth of November!

sage: Powersuit Zero x Nemo Nunally HCG now plz.


(Can someone please explain to me why every fan art I stumble across of Suzaku and Nunnally has Suzuaku making a very, very devious smile? It’s far beyond Chiko-class at this point.)


Phuong: You know, if someone ’shopped Schneizel’s hair to make it grayish black, he really WOULD look like Miles Edgeworth. Objection! Seriously, Schneizel’s gonna get his hands on a nuke soon. This could blow up Lulu’s plans.

What is Schneizel going to do with a nuke? Drop it on Hiroshima? OH GEASS NO!

biltwick: The methane last episode is specifically methane hydrate, which is solid on the ocean floor and thought to be a new fuel source, see Darkmirage’s blog for an explanation.

If that’s the case, it brings up another problem. So I’m to believe that a world that has yet to develop a nuclear bomb (with a Table-chan in the Oppenheimer role) can extract hydrates? They’re 50 years behind in nuclear technology yet 50 years ahead in other fields? I didn’t even consider methane hydrate since mass scale commercial extraction is almost as far away the Gundam 00 solar project. Oi. Trying to decompose Code Geass logically is like trying to lose weight by eating at KFC everyday.

(And why are they even bothering with these types of energy when something like Sakuradite is available? At this point, I’m thinking too much. Ow!)


Ithekro: Why does the shot of a the Zeros remind me of the costume ball from “Zorro: the Gay Blade” where everyone comes to the ball dressed as Zorro (including Zorro, but not “Zorro” who comes in drag)? (Yes, George Hamilton as both Zorros)

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. *facepalms at the Chiyo/Otousan pic*

    I’m still perplexed at how the Million Zero setup was done so quickly. As mentioned earlier, in the V for Vendetta movie, it was alluded to that V had a LONG time setting it up. In Geass, it took, what, less than a week?

  2. They probably used the break during this week to prepare it. Then, they mailed the clothes to themselves in the past.

  3. … Zeriyo-chan. No. Absolutely not.

    Myssa Rei: He haz haxed the Intarnets. And yet, somehow, kept the Britannians from discovering it. Or something.

  4. >>>You know how the helmet opens up for Lulu’s eye? Maybe it opens up for Rakshata’s mouth. Okay bad choice of words.

    You know what this… sort of reminds me of? (Don’t worry, it’s… sort of SFW)

  5. Retake>negimaru>code eross

  6. The only answer is that the million Zero suits were mass produced in China, sold to the lowest bidding contractor.

  7. If they’re 50 years behind in nuclear technology, I’d HOPE they were 50 years ahead in something else. Otherwise they’ve just pissed away 50 years. (And this is 2017, remember, they’ve had a little more time than us.)

  8. >>Dear Kaisos, etc.

    Right. Sorry.

    Also, that last image is seriously making me consider what Code Azumanga would be like…

  9. Sakuradite is an efficient super-conductor, not a power source. They used to have problems all the time and needed replacement power packs. Now? Float packs all the way across the Pacific Ocean.

  10. I don’t think Lulu and Kallen will ever get together outside of our imaginations and thousands of doujinshi.

    They won’t get together… but the last part of the preview for episode 9 really makes you wonder. *snorts*

    I’m going to bet that someone slipped. XD

  11. *quote* Can someone please explain to me why every fan art I stumble across of Suzaku and Nunnally has Suzuaku making a very, very devious smile?>>

    um i think thats the ‘i sold your ass to the emperor, and btw I F***ed yer sister’ smile. just guessing

    oh and the chiyo-chan pics are truly great because the emperor and “dad” have the same va. “do i look like a cat to you lulu?”

  12. Me and Suzaku are gonna be a couple of lolicon after this season is over. I just loved when Anya got liked from the cat. :p

  13. Suzaku is always grinning since Nunnaly is blind, otherwise any normal girl could see his evil nature (who wouldn’t be grinning if they could bag a totally vulnerable and helpless DFC?)

  14. >> They probably used the break during this week to prepare it. Then, they mailed the clothes to themselves in the past.


    >> Sakuradite is an efficient super-conductor, not a power source.

    Wait, then what’s the power source for all the Knightmare frames? S3 engines? Those fames take shitloads of energy. At least Evangelion was somewhat realistic in that the Evas could only operate 5 minutes with the battery pack.

    (I’m also wondering what the VF-25 uses… it leaves flame trails… in space. Sometimes I think Macross is still stuck in the danger zone.)

  15. >> Sakuradite is an efficient super-conductor, not a power source.

    And furthermore, approximately 80-90% of it is in Japan, so of course Britannia, the EU and the Chinese Federation are looking into alternatives-there are natural superconductors after all, but you can make new ones, it just takes research and skill. Lancelot, Mordred, and Tristan are expensive because they use so much of it, it’s a material supply problem more than an engineering problem until good quality synthetic superconductors are developed (like carbon nanotubes for example).

    And as for fuel ‘efficiency’, remember how in our world oil use continues despite new, cleaner means of energy production-inertia of past systems, politics, greed has an effect.

  16. Oh mah gawd,
    The emperor of Brittania is an FOE!

  17. This is all boring, including whatever I might type, but whatever.

    It’s all very over the top, that much is obvious and shouldn’t be surprising, but if one cares to do so, there are ways to explain it, at least to a certain point.

    Assuming that it’s “too quickly” is pretty subjective when there is no actual indication of the time, and in fact there are details which hint at the opposite (Zero’s taking longer to convince the other Black Knights, for example, than the Britannians expected). Convenient, yes, but that’s how it is.

    Also, why did the production of the suits have to be done in Japan? Not really necessary. Diethard’s in China and Li is cooperating with the Black Knights. Off-screen arrangements aren’t that hard to extrapolate. A cheap production line wouldn’t be that hard to arrange given enough time and those two connections, relative to whatever the Chinese Federation’s production runs are like, which we probably will never know but could be enough for the purposes of making the suits in an X amount of time.

    From a real world perspective, it’s still a stretch and requires certain coincidences, I do not deny that, but then again that’s to be expected of the show. I still found it funny, but not OMGTHISMAKESNOSENSETHEREISNOINDICATIONOFHOWITHAPPENED. Yes, there are certain indications, no matter how vague or convenient they might be.

  18. By the way… it’s disappointing that there’s no more product placement in the US Version of Code Geass. What a wasted opportunity…

    Get a free Code Geass Bobblehead when you order at least $20 worth of crappy pizza at Pasta Hut! I mean, Pizza Hut!

  19. Xing-ke going up against Zero is kinda puzzling to me. Why help out the Black Knights so much if he plans to get rid of them right after arriving in China?

  20. Xing-ke is nutty..that’s the only possible explanation.
    he’s got some weird blood puking sickness that took away his sanity and now he’s plain nuts

  21. The 1 million zero costume can be explained using the Cosplay theory. Do you think there could be 1 million Naruto costume right now? Similarly so, since Zero is uber popular among the Eleven, there’s probably lots of costumes already produced to satisfy the fanboys, and therefore they can collect them fairly fast. And where did Lelouch got the costume in the first place? Seems like he just grabbed some tuxedo and modify some helmet a little bit.

  22. “They’re 50 years behind in nuclear technology yet 50 years ahead in other fields?”

    Dude, Giant. Robots.

  23. @ Keiya
    >>> By the way… it’s disappointing that there’s no more product
    >>>placement in the US Version of Code Geass. What a wasted

    What did they end up doing with all the pizza hut and cheese kun scenes? Are they edited out, or is the pizza hut logo just obscured?

  24. They won’t get together… but the last part of the preview for episode 9 really makes you wonder. *snorts*

    I’m going to bet that someone slipped. XD

    Yeah it’s not going to happen. That quick clip just screams typical harem moment, meaning that something or someone is going to come by at the last second and they’re going to quickly push each other away. Plus look at their eyes. Both of them have the wide/shocked/surprised look. Typical harem moments are good but they almost never end the way you want.

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