by the flowers in her eyes…

… I’m on the road to shambala. High quality option available on YouTube.

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  1. …I’m in tears already.

  2. T______________________________T

  3. Nice find. One of the few EDs I had the patience to watch after each episode.

  4. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!??? (didn’t they use jail bait Nia…?)

  5. It just ain’t fair… Gainax could make an alternative end OVA or something. And also a hentai series since I’m asking.

  6. NIAA!!

    (I think this is the third time you’ve made me do this…)

  7. It hurts. It hurts so much. The worst part is that this could have taken place during the seven days before Nia and Simon got married. To see them smiling and being so happy…

    why does it hurt so much?

  8. That was the song from Fullmetal Alchemist called “Motherland” This will forever be in my heart because Nia didn’t had to die in the end. This proves that Nia still lives!!!!

    ” The Nia is now dead, LONG LIVE NIA@!!!!!!!!!”

  9. I’m waiting for for someone to put together an AMV of Spice and Wolf and Three Dog Night’s Road to Shambala. It’s a pretty good fit.

  10. Woah this video suddenly gave me this thought, Asian guys with White blonde girls are starting to get a bit stereotypically normal here.

  11. D’awww. That’s cute. And good timing, seeing as I just (!!!) finished TTGL last night.

  12. i have just been derailed, on the inside that is..

  13. sadness T_T
    good fit.

    well maybe I can take comfort in knowing they weren’t virgins in the end…of course, that might also mean something else…

  14. Thats why I was thinking “this totally reminds me of FMA” specially when I saw the piggy back thing. It was like Winry and the dog (forgot his name). Ugh. FMA…..

  15. Not cool Jason.

    Not cool at all.

    Good find >_>

    *sniff* something in my eye dammit.

  16. So sweet. *swallows lump in throat*
    Must not cry. Must… not… *waaahhh*

  17. I won’t cry, I’ll just get pissed off instead. Hold on while I go punch a wall…

  18. Wat it could have been huh? Yeah T–T

  19. Nia 4ever! T-T

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