legend of ranka 10

Probably not a coincidence that we finally get a decent Ranka episode… and it’s the best episode ever.


zomg t3h puppy cuteness!


Probably my favorite Ranka-puppy is cute scene. She’s just stunned by her standing ovation and is just clueless. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is Tsukasa fumbling with her cell phone, this Ranka moment is clearly a 9.5.


If the songstress gig doesn’t work out for Ranka, she could always do scary movies. I think I pointed this out already in my last Frontier post. But warrants mentioning again.


I’ve got nothing here. Just enjoying the scenery.


Another great aspect of that was because the bitch that did won Miss Macross Frontier got shown up twice by Ranka. I hated her the instant she got catty with Ranka, but I was glad that Sheryl just walked right by her… and now Ranka ends up being the star… oh so good. It’s like Harrison Ford over Mark Hamill after Star Wars all over again.


As awesome as a new 3G iPhone might be, it’s nothing compared to Ranka’s iSlug. I want one!


Nyan nyan nyan nyan, ni hao nyan!

(I’d eat at that Chinese restaurant, if you know what I mean.)



More harem leads should convert to the Church of Maria or at least polygamist sects in Texas. Score all the girls, amen.

(Superior end girl: Ranka or Sheryl. Vote!)


Okay, I’m sure people are intrigued about the Vajra and Purple or who Alto should hook up with, but the question that I want to know is who is larger: Ranka or Sheryl. Hard to tell.


Sheryl shows off more cleavage, and Ranka always seems to cover up. Mmm… we’ll have to wait for Ranka’s upcoming gravure book (you know it’s coming) to settle things. More insightful analysis from Derailed by Darry.


Sheryl Nome = Britney Spears of the Macross timeline? Definitely possible. I think at this point, she is almost equivalent to the Oops, I Did It Again phase. I just hope we don’t get to the divorced and coked up stage by the final episode.


Wait, Alto was a trap star? I wonder how many of my readers are demanding a Macross Frontier Zero that’s about Alto’s time at Seio Girls School.

(+10 broken points if you get that joke.)


Reminds me of Baccano. Run, Ranka-puppy, run! He doesn’t love you! He only wants to eat your thoughts!


Alright, some weak points:

1. Why the shirt?!

2. Why dedicate a whole frickin’ colony ship to have nothing but a small island in the middle of a huge body of water. Seems like a colossal waste of money. I can’t picture the designers of such a colony fleet going, “Well, be better make a semi-unpopulated island in the middle of a huge ocean in case the people want to turn it into a movie set.” Well, unless they either work for Sunrise or Halliburton.

3. If they’re just going to CG the VF-25 into a VF-0… why not just do the whole thing in CG? I mean, if they have the technology to build colony ships that transport a small island in the middle of a huge ocean, why is their film technology behind ours?

4. The fight scene was weak and really forced. The animation quality also noticeably dipped.

5. There’s just a ridiculous amount of deus ex machina. I mean, the whole kissing situation was so contrived, even the Mai Otome cast were shocked. Oh well, I can’t argue with the results… it was a highly enjoyable episode, and Ranka helped make it that way. That being said, my two favorite episodes so far has been this one and the Miss Macross Frontier contest.


I think it was clever how they worked in the end credits. I like that song that Ranka sang… sounds very Macross-ish. Sometimes a song just fits, and it just fits perfectly. Though if they wanted to do something lighthearted and cute, having My Boyfriend Is a Pilot (私の彼はパイロット) as the ED would be analogous to Clannad using Dango Daikazoku as an ED. Kyuun, kyuun!

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  1. Yeah, the fight scene animation was so bad that it was distracting.

    Sheryl is tsundre. Ranka is girl next door. Tsundre always wins the fans. Girl next door always wins the main character.

  2. >>”3. If they’re just going to CG the VF-25 into a VF-0… why not just do the whole thing in CG?”

    Because their director is smarter than George Lucas?

  3. [Imagines what sort of havoc Mizuho and Alto could create at Seio Girls’ School. Imagines that Ichiko would probably help.]
    Oh Geass—wait, no, nevermind.
    So, this triangle goes to eleven?

  4. I voted for Sheryl, but I think most people, me included, pretty much know Ranka will be the one in the end while Sheryl either dies or gets push to the back burner. Dammit! Why can’t the tsundres win?!

  5. Wait, this is Macross. Misa won the first time. Wouldn’t she be the tsundres one way back when?

  6. Dammit! Why can’t the tsundres win?!”

    Because Japanese are misogynistic. Girl next door is closer to the ‘ideal girl’ (helpless and needy) whereas Tsundere’s are inherently more independent. The idea of independant, strong willed girls is pretty hard to swallow I guess. So they find subtle little ways to send the message that being Tsundere, tomboy, ect is negative, bad or inferior.

    For instance, While male leads can just be bad ass by themselves the entire time, a female lead will almost certainly require the assistance of some Kamen mask type male eventually.

    Tsundere’s never get the guy.

    Tomboys are forced into feminizing situations.

    Lesbians are usually victimized, or villains. (except in anime based on the fetish)

    Of course there are exceptions, these are just general trends I’ve seen after watching ALOT of anime.

  7. As Macross continues, I keep getting more Tomoya vibes from Alto. It’s more than just the voice; he seems very much like a more feminine and more tsundere version of Clannad’s lead. He’s even got father issues, though it’s certainly a different case.

    That doesn’t make Ranka Nagisa, though. At the very least, she has more confidence in herself and definitely a better selection of songs. And Sheryl? She’s Kyou without Ryou.

    But that’s all moot. What’s really important is the fact that the episode notes a love scene in Sakura-hime Azuma Bunsho – with Alto playing the princess in question.

  8. why don’t you just post every macross frontier episodes?

    that way we can all enjoy macross frontier even more!

    and vote to Ranka

  9. I normally pick the Tsundere… in fact, I do pretty much all the time, so I can’t quite figure out why I like Ranka better. (Sadly, I have had discussion many times, so I’ve put thought into the choice before voting) – love how it’s a 50/50 split as I am voting at the moment.

    Aimo sounds a lot like Voices from Do you Remember Love. Same BGM I think?

    And lastly… I think that from reading this blog, I have way too many broken points. I don’t think the prize for trading them in is a very good thing either (betting it is probably a rather painful surgery followed by an awkward discussion with the parents). *shudders* I know I’d be sexy, but don’t wanna find out.

  10. I DEMAND trap star! Alto’s too cute. Besides, he was an onnagata. There’s just an insane amount of potential for that.

    Oh, and take a look at this. Another Alto who actually DOES have his time at “Seio Girls’ School.”


  11. I am glad you have adopted the “Ranka is a puppy!” motief. She is the best puppy ever!

  12. Nagisa > Ranka
    Kyou > Sheryl

    Fuko >>> Everybody
    I got a fever and the only prescription is more Fuko!

  13. I like the new Derail Others feature you’ve included and the part where the director got his hands out to look at Ranka made me have a NICE-AH ANGLE! shout in my mind lol

  14. be derailed jason be derailed

    hahah you should post ranka’s seiyuu’s pic

    be really derailed

  15. *adds up tally* alright…I think that brings me up to an even 70 broken points for the weekend so far. Time to break 100 before the day’s over.

  16. Rev>>>

    Just saw Ranka’s seiyuu’s pic. She looks so familiar it’s scary. I derailed myself just seeing her. And now my mind’s broken wondering who the hell I know that looks like her and where I can find her again.

  17. >> Sheryl is tsundre. Ranka is girl next door. Tsundre always wins the fans. Girl next door always wins the main character.

    Love Hina called and disagrees with you. Shakugan no Shana and Zero no Tsukaima texted in and disagrees with you. Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~ sent a telegram disagreeing with you.

    I think Sheryl will end up being the end girl, and poor Ranka will join the Nayuki All-Stars. Or Alto dies and a hawt lesbian scene occurs.

    >> Just saw Ranka’s seiyuu’s pic. She looks so familiar it’s scary.

    Short-haired Aya Hirano is scarier. She went from gravure model to my readers calling her a chipmunk.

    Kyuun kyuun~

  18. >>>I think Sheryl will end up being the end girl, and poor Ranka will join the Nayuki All-Stars.

    I’m not sure about that. Alto met Ranka first and he did the whole save-the-damsel-in-distress thing with her. And since Sheryl is getting all the attention now, it seems like they’re just getting it over with so they can put Ranka up later.

    >>>Or Alto dies and a hawt lesbian scene occurs.

    If only this was the best of all possible worlds.

  19. I refuse to vote until there’s a ‘both’ option, since Sheryl seems just as interested in Ranka as she is in Alto, and he’s not interested in girls at all right now, due to growing up as one. At least there shouldn’t be an OH GEASS NO moment….

    Ranka certainly derailed that Muransa Melin’s career though.

  20. Miranda even

  21. hmm, ranka finally shines, i guess, but my vote goes to Sheryl, all the way.
    just do not see Alto ending up with Ranka, its quite a mismatch..
    er unless he doesn’t end up with anyone, which is quite possible.
    In that situation, Sheryl would be dead, and Ranka becomes a star, too busy for romance.XD

  22. Threesome, yes?

  23. @ Ithekro
    I forgot about Misa! And she was older than Hikaru! Don’t get that much in anime these days. (realistically, not like a 100++ year difference) In a current anime, she’ll be like a cradle snatching MILF.

    @ Eaglearcher
    Most definitely yes. Please. With Alto in trap mode.

  24. Sparky: She was about 5-6 years older than him… or around Lieutenant Glass’ age (24-25). Which puts her into what otaku would call ‘cake women’. The whole maturity thing was what helped her relationship with Hikaru, since she was someone who provided him with stability while being emotionally… underdeveloped, let us say, but light years ahead of Minmay.

    Eaglearcher: Sheryl seems like she’d go for it. I still think she’s bi, just as Alto seems to be gender-confused due to his upbringing as a girl who just happens to be a guy playing a girl…

  25. One other note – Monica, the oyaji-lover, has been broken by Sakuralto-hime’s history, to judge by the amount of interest she showed reading his file along with the others. Including Lieutenant Glass.

  26. @ the last picture:
    "Homer: There’s only two kinds of guys who wear Hawaiian shirts: gay guys and big fat party animals. And Bart doesn’t look like a big fat party animal to me! "

    Poor Catherine Glass :(

    My vote goes for Sheryl, I can’t get enough of her awesome multicoloured hair. That’s one part of the animation budget which was well spent, her hair is always perfectly animated.

  27. "5. There’s just a ridiculous amount of deus ex machina. I mean, the whole kissing situation was so contrived"

    Someone hasn’t watched SDF Macross properly ;)

  28. oh no…the count for ranka has overtaken sheryl…>.<

  29. I think Sheryl will end up being the end girl, and poor Ranka will join the Nayuki All-Stars. Or Alto dies and a hawt lesbian scene occurs.

    This is Macross, bucking trends since 1982. Mark my words, it will end in a lesbian threesome.

  30. >> This is Macross, bucking trends since 1982. Mark my words, it will end in a lesbian threesome.

    I was wondering when Catherine Glass would get her rewards for years of unrewarded affections. I didn’t know she liked them THAT young though…

  31. Who said anything about Caitlin? He’s clearly referring to a Ranka x Sheryl x No Way Just Shoot Me Alto

  32. And oh, by the way, that guy buying the tissue from Ranka in the previous episode (12th pic down in your post) wasn’t the captain, it was the director of the film.

  33. Ranka’s purple haired friend has a nice figure and glasses. You guys can have Ranka and Sheryl, I’ll take the purple haired girl in the short Chinese serving outfit.

  34. Regarding the VF-25s and then CGI-ing over the VF-0 imagery, what Luca means is that rather than the movie animators pulling out guesses for how a valk will move, they’ll flim the real movements of a VF-25, then overlay with the VF-0 in post production, resulting in smoother more realistic looking mecha action.

    Yes, yes, I know, Valks run on rule of cool, not realism :p

    It’s basically a similar idea to motion capture, only employed in a different way.

  35. Wild Goose: There’s also another reason to use a VF-25: its design is more similar to the VF-0 than any of the current fighters, whose profiles (delta wings, reverse-V wings) don’t quite match the original.. and so it’d probably be easier to drop the CGI model over.

    Plus there’s another reason: the VF-0, IIRC, was powered by normal turbofan jet engines as far as flight was concerned… so it had no exoatmosphere or space capability… and thus, they’d have been strictly Earthbound. With the nuking of Earth, there are probably none of them left, and any factories on SDF-1 were designed solely for VF-1 production… and we don’t know how many VF-1’s are available to the Frontier fleet. We KNOW those fighters exist in civilian use… but we don’t know if there are certified pilots who own such jets with the Macross Frontier fleet. In the end, it may have been easier to hire a military contractor with their own planes, then CGI the VF-0 over the VF-25.

  36. Actually, there’s two possibilities for the island-in-the-sea-dome colony ship…

    First: It’s part of one of the Hollywood class entertainment vessels. They’re very large, and have their own movie studios, TV stations, and so forth.

    Second, is a resort type vessel, which contains a beach, and island, and is used to let people take a vacation at the beach and so forth..and to raise fish and other sea life for food and air.

  37. The more glaring Deus Ex Machina isn’t the kiss (which I found awesome), but the way Alto was at the beach one moment and suddenly found Ranka the next. GRRRRR CHARACTER JUXTAPOSITIONS!!!!

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