adventures of shana-tan, konoe strikes back

The cutest and most murderous 9 minutes of my life.


Naze Nani Shana-tan is the cutest thing JC Staff has ever created. It’s not even up for discussion.


Uh… D-A-M-N!


I almost died laughing at Shana-tan’s melonpan beam.


That’s not natural, is it?


Liked all the bug eyecatches, but you’re probably not surprised that I enjoyed the nakkid Wilhelmina butterfly the most.

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  1. I’m very surprised that you didn’t mention anything particular about the Pimp Sabrac.

  2. Pimp Sabrac with Wilheimina and Margery was the best part – better than Konoe and her “I win” face, or Shana-ran’s horror at the washing machine metaphor. Margery talking about Sabrac’s weapon as Wilheimina fawned all over him was even better.

    Who’s tgebharem master now, Yuuji?

  3. My favorite was Hecate’s “Mission FAILED” when all she got from Konoe was food and birds.

  4. The Sabrac sections were very nice, but I’m surprised that Jason only gave them a passing glance. I mean, isn’t a *successful* (-looking) harem master like Sabrac worth it? :)

  5. Naze Nani Shana-tan is the cutest thing JC Staff has ever created.

    And that is saying a lot.

  6. I say he’s jealous and so minimizes the amount of screencapping Sabrac gets.

  7. First two pictures.


    Becky Miyamoto’s back!

  8. I was derailed by Wilhelminia’s strategically asymmetrical dress. She, Cecile, and Blair would make a great foundation for any hostess club. But URACHI is still and always the star. My gosh, how could you not laugh-moe at melonpan beam spam? What kind of monster are you?!

  9. >> My gosh, how could you not laugh-moe at melonpan beam spam? What kind of monster are you?!

    The type who would kill to be in Sabrac’s shoes during this episode… first by being Becky Miyamoto, then by being Da Pimp with Margery Daw and Wilheimina in those elegant, yet sexy, cocktail dresses. Mind you, I think I’d rather have someone ELSE besides one of those abovementioned girls manning the kitchen.

    Too busily ogling meido to comment on melonpan-beeeeeaammmu.

  10. Haess, with respect to Jason, Shana-tan WAS adorably cute in this episode (and paired VERY well with the grouchy Yoshida too). Also, there was the Melonpan dance at the end of the episode too. :)

    No mention on the Yoshida twister Jason? :)

  11. That’s it Haess, I’m dumping the Black Lagoon girls– I want that first picture vectored and made into my new desktop in the most adorable way possible.

    I love murderous intent Yoshida. She’s a lot more awesome than the normal Yoshida, and I’m positive that murderous intent Yoshida wouldn’t get dumped by Yuuji… and if she did… at least Higurashi season 4 would break out.

    The twister part was funny because I was thinking, “If anyone would animate a Shana-tan panty flash but keep Yoshida covered with a medium length skirt during a twister scene, it would have to be either JC Staff or Sixten.”

  12. Myssa Rei: Yes, having her say ‘let’s kill her’ was nice… although hearing Konoe using the “Angol Mois” voice was a treat, especially when it was later followed up with the “MISSION FAILED” response Hecate had during their sync. But I’m still too distracted by REAL melonpan to focus on melonpan-beamu.

    As for Murderous Intent Yoshida, I also like how he immediately retorted, at least in his head, “No, that’s NOT what I said… (‘you crazy bitch’ was left unvoiced, but was obvious in the way he looked at her)”

  13. Haesslich: Ha-ha, by the God Empress, the Hecate/Konoe synchronization scene was funny (nowhere as cute as Shana-tan), since Hecate kept on trying to match Konoe’s voice, whereas Konoe kept on going up an octave. Then there’s the fact that Konoe seemed have only absorbed memories of food and birds… XD

    Also, there’s Sabrac’s (Sabu-chan LOL ) enthusiastic rebel yell as he rode his Flame Wave… down a red-light district.

  14. Yeah, evil Yoshida is the best Yoshida. Here “tsumitsukurina o-n-na” was awesome, and I enjoyed her cruelty to Ike. The Shana-tan specials, Shuffle, and Mirai Nikki are proof that harem enjoyment is proportional to the amount of murderous intent in its members.

  15. OMG why haven’t I downloaded this yet?!? GET-O!

  16. I think it’s more that Sabrac got derailed from his main mission by meido… sorta like a certain blogger I can name.

    Can we say “Derailed by De-arimasu“? Sure you can. I know –I– was. I’d visit Bel Peol’s place anytime.

  17. I never thought this would be so fun! Now I regret not watching the other Shana-tan eps.

  18. I’m glad I’m not the only one to recognize the genius of the Melonpan-ha technique. But it was Kazumi who really shined in this. Her performance was far more entertaining than anything she ever did throughout both seasons.

  19. Awesome. Gatling Melonpan, Melonpan beam, and a totally unrecognizable Yoshida.

  20. Ok, that episode was too funny. I cant really pick a moment, as it had me in stitches the whole time…

    Though, I did quickly pick a part randomly before closing it, and managed to pick a moment about 3 frames before the Butterfly eyecatch… so maybe…

  21. :D These Tans are great. And we can wait for one more to come?
    There’s some perverted minds behind shakugan no shana.
    Gotta say that I too liked Sabrac part. Riding with his wave. Did someone else get seto no hanayome feeling from that lesson?

    But you see. I’m a natural airhead-type.
    That totally turns me on!
    Doesn’t it?

  22. Both the Konoe moments at the start had to be the best. MISSION FAILED was hilarious.

    Shana-tan is pure genius <3

  23. I need Shana-tan wallpapers ASAP !
    JC must do a mini series of Shana-tan.


  24. Wow, I loved this one, much better than the previous Shana-tans. Lower-voice grouchy Yoshida was fantastic. Konoe was a teyuka away from melting me. And butterfly Wilhelmina dropped a grand piano into my heart.

  25. Kazumi had totally abandoned her goody-side and completely went over to her psychopathic killer mode. I find that strangely attractive…

    The bar scene at the end was really made of pure win XD

  26. God damn it, I can’t find this anywhere… wtf? Q_Q I WANNA SEE TOO!

  27. Wilhelmina’s voice when she was with Pimp-Sabrac had me creeped out. So so different.

  28. Deranged: Actually, Shizuka Itou was using a voice that was similar to Hinagiku (Hayate no Gotoku, who she VAs) in the bar scene. The lack of -de arimasu was a dead giveaway.

  29. … except Hina is NEVER that flirty, or giggly. Which really scares me even as it makes me interested.

    And I think I’ve discovered what makes the psycho-moe types attractive. Hoo boy.

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