melonpan goes in here

1920 x 1200

I asked for it, and I got two. Big thanks to hikago and Coke for providing ultracute Shana-tan goodness. Since hikago couldn’t come up with a good background for his wallpaper, I thought maybe someone out there can help. Try to make the most awesome Shana-tan wallpaper you can. Link them here or e-mail me. (I found an old pineapple bun, not the same but only stock photo I could find, and tossed this one together.)

10 Responses to “melonpan goes in here”

  1. looks delicious

  2. Insta-download! For cute and right!

    Although I wouldn’t swap out my Potemayo wallpaper for that.

  3. The “terrified Shana-tan” version is cuter… but that’s probably due to the evil Sabrac laughter and her reaction to washing machines more than anything else.

  4. wait – potemayo wallpaper?

  5. @Sixten
    A Potemayo wallpaper? Post it posthaste.

  6. Lemme see… Used the best of the melonpan pics I had, which ain’t saying much.

  7. Hmm, my comments are getting eaten, it seems, along with the links to the pic I’ve done. Tch.

  8. I can buy some melonpan on sunday and take a couple of photos, if you guys want it.

    It’s not exactly as portrayed in shakugan no shana, but you know, not sure if want…

  9. A Potemayo wallpaper? Post it posthaste.

    It’s not really a wallpaper even if I am using it as my desktop background. It’s the illustration from the Utatane (Potemayo ED) CD, with all the text still there. And the resolution isn’t very good either.

    But for the sake of moeblobs, here it is.

  10. Is it too late for another wallie? >_<

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