meido pantheon: #2 hisui and kohaku

Hisui and Kohaku
“A” Tier


The two sweet, gentle, semi-murderous meido of the Tohno Mansion are the next meido to be inducted into the Meido Pantheon. These twin meido are a godsend in terms of symmetrical docking fanservice, and twincest potential between Hisui and Kohaku was explored a long before Xia Yu Lan and Xia Yu Fan.

Their charm comes from the fact that one (Kohaku) is a boisterous and active meido while the other (Hisui) is aloof. One is a Western style cleaning machine (Hisui), and the other is a bit Eastern and clumsy (Kohaku… did I get this right?). Best of both worlds, and they complement each other very well. (They’re also murderously broken, and with this blog’s core audience, it might be a plus.) Both are Synchronizers, which is just a great plot device to introduce wanton sex and lesbian blood sucking. I always felt that one of the weaknesses of Tsukihime anime was that it didn’t focus enough on these two. Nowadays, both are known probably better known for their roles in the doujin fighter Melty Blood. The Meido Pantheon welcomes Hisui and Kohaku, the bipolar twin meido.

Awesome Meido Moment: Blood. Extraction. Melonpan.

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  1. It’s more accurate to describe Kohaku as the Eastern Iron Chef since Hisui can’t cook while Kohaku can’t clean. Yes, not enough time was spent on them in the anime and I have no experience with the original game. Although in Melty Blood, Hisui (her animations are funny) and Ren (the token silent, neko loli) are my 2 favorite characters.

  2. Ah man its been so long since I’ve watched Tsukihime, I might have to rewatch this series again for the meido goodness (Damnit, because of that pic, I need to find that episode again)

    Btw I have Melty Blood on my comp, and its an awesome fighting game. You have no idea how many times when I got stuck doing a College Programming Assignment that I just clicked Minimize on my Eclipse Editor, and started up some MB.

    *OhAndByTheWay, I have to say that the cheapest character to play against is Kohaku, I always hated the damn “now I’m going to fly on a broom and drop molotov cocktails, and the spinning bush of DOOM. She’s usually the one I have the hardest time defeating on harder difficulty.

  3. When I read “Hisui and Kohaku”, I thought you were talking about the angels in Wish…

  4. I’m just going to say it now and get it out of the way: If your only Tsukihime experience is from the anime then you’re sorely deprived. The characters are incomplete shadows of their VN selves and the plot was an awkward mash of the different arcs. Although Sacchin didn’t get as shafted in the anime, which was nice.

    (A for both of the? I’m glad you didn’t rank them separately.)

  5. oh you, pretending there’s a Tsukihime anime, almost got me.

  6. twincest bloodsucking vampire twins meido…damn jason, u just made the menu a whole nicer.*licks*

  7. While the anime is clearly not any good, I did enjoy that milk extraction scene… and I was disappointed the anime did not deliver anything stronger than that scene.

  8. Hmmm… that’s strange. Given that there’s no Tsukihime anime, where’d you get those screenshots from?

    BTW, did you finish the game?

  9. Kohaku dresses in an Eastern fashion, and cooks well. Hisui is the Westernized one, her cooking is poison, and she’s aloof while being a Rei-like ‘quiet girl’ as Kohaku plays the Genki version who can’t clean using anything but a broom. And they do much, much better in the manga… surprisingly enough. But then again, they gave us the kickass Shiki versus the anime’s semi-wuss version.

    And Sacchin got shafted everywhere – she didn’t even get much time in the anime. At least she gets some more exposure in the manga version… and the rumored remake’s character arc included her in the list of main characters, which suggests she gets an arc too. Unless they cut it.

    And wouldn’t that be sad, Sacchin? ;^_^;

    Figures you’d post this, given that I have a comment about Kamen no Maid Guy 8 which relates to Tsukihime.

  10. A sign of a true TM fan.
    I love how it’s their story in the game that rounds out the entire plot of Tsukihime.

    I’m a firm believer that it’s Kohaku and Hisui that started the twin meido phenomena, if not the moe-mode entirely. With TM’s popularity, the (over)abundance of Kohaku/Hisui material makes it hard to deny their place in the Meido Pantheon.

    I actually own the original 1st edition gashpon of Kohaku and Hisui. <3

  11. I suck at tags T_T

  12. Well, J.C. Staff has had bombs both good and bad as far as anime goes, but seriously the anime does not do nearly enough for the game, they pretty much took Arcueids arc and then got high and wrote the storyboard. But I can forgive them cause they gave us so many great series. As far as Melty Blood goes, they’re both really fun characters, (moreso Hisui a bit IMO) it sucks that Kohaku is low ass bitch tier, right above White Len.
    @Shadowfox85: You can easily throw her out of molotov, and her spinning bush is probably the only reason why shes not below White Len on the tier list.
    I definitely need to stop being lazy and finish the damn TM game through and through but the second ef game is just so amazing.

  13. I must say the timing on this is epic. My copy of the fourth Tsukihime manga just showed up today with these two on the cover. The anime version sucked, but the manga gives them some good moments, and in the sequel to the original game we see Kohaku in all her yandere-goodness.

  14. AthenAltena: Volume 5 was supposed to have been out in February of this year, but I’ve yet to see it. And yes… Kohaku with her issues was… surprisingly cute.

  15. You can’t top Hisui and Kohaku since they come as a pair. Each one makes up for the other’s weaknesses, while those very same weaknesses give them their appeal. Add to that their love for each other as well as for Shiki, and you get the best meido tag-team around. Oh yeah, and having sex with them gives you power.

  16. for those that dont know what he is talking about, he is refering to the “Tsukihime, Lunar Legend” (Shingetsutan Tsukihime).

  17. oh, and the twincest-deranged-meidos ftw… man, i am going to have those dreams again…

  18. @EvilDevil

    What are you talking about? The only results I get from Google are the Tsukihime visual novel and the bad-ass manga. Those screens don’t look like they’re from either.

  19. Good God Beowulf Lee, do u even know how to use the Web?
    here is a link

    and if that is not good enought, here is the wikipedia lik

    try wikipedia and type Tsukihime, Lunar Legend

  21. …and Beowulf Lee. Next time dont depend too much on google… and i expect an apology…

  22. @EvilDevil

    Listen to the Brainwash Detective next time.

  23. Wow, someone’s a moron.

    Way to totally miss the joke.

  24. @EvilDevil:

    That’s some amazing fanart. Too bad it’s not real.

  25. @Kaisos
    you know, last time i try to play along. it didnt came out as i expected it would…

  26. the tsukihime anime is pretty much an abhorred mess in every way… save for the music and character designs.

    even the manga adaptation is better.

    and I’m not just bitching about faithfulness or anything — an unfaithful adaptation of something can be pretty awesome in it’s own right… rarely. shingetsutan tsukihime, on the other hand, is just bad.

  27. Yes.

  28. a pair of twincestuos meido is fine too.

  29. Can we have Sonozaki-class twincest?

  30. But let’s not forget the key point: That Kohaku’s true personality is that of Hisui, and vice versa. Not only do they compliment each other, but they are actually acting out the role and lifestyle of the other as well. As for broken… I don’t think one gets more broken than they are…. but some how that ends up not half-bad.

    So my question: Will there one day also be a DFC and/or Melon-pan pantheon to follow suit? Or mayhaps even a Tsundere pantheon?

  31. Mmm, tsundere pantheon…

  32. People make me cry with their broken expectations.

  33. Broken is as broken does, sir.

    It will be truely broken if Mako-cakes in miedo is inducted…or K1 miedo…..

  34. This beats this anyday of the week, for sheer badass.

    And MM23, the manga follows the game more closely with some changes taken from the anime… which is why it’s better than the anime, given that the characters feel more like themselves, even if the art occasionally gets funky. I forgive the artist for this by the way they draw Shiki, as per the first link.

    PS: This blog needs more Kohaku, like the below:

  35. >> You mean like these two images?
    I can’t tell – your links don’t work.

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