meido pantheon: #3 lemon, maron, melon

Lemon, Maron, Melon
Personal Health DivisionHanaukyo Meido
“B” Tier


Lemon, Maron, and Melon are the triplet meido team responsible for their master at night. The Hanaukyo meido are quite numerous and specialized, and the important task of making sure that Taro gets a good night’s rest falls on these three most capable shoulders. Their unique brand of service, which is about nine parts lust and one part tease, as well as their multithreadability earns them a spot in the Meido Pantheon.

The three are part of the Personal Health Division of the Hanaukyo mansion, and they take their task very seriously… if they get ignored, they tend to become surly and will start cracking “Are we sure Master isn’t gay?” comments. In other words, they would be horrible meido for Lelouch. Also, the three tend to be horrible at non bedtime service tasks, which lowers their tier status a bit.

Interestingly enough, the names change from Hanaukyo Meido Tai (Ichigo, Ringo, and Sango) to La Verite (Lemon, Maron, Melon). Whatever they are called, they are still the premier triplet meido service machine in anime. The Meido Pantheon welcomes Lemon, Maron, and Melon, benchmark meido fanservice triplets.

Awesome Meido Moment: Every night at bedtime.

18 Responses to “meido pantheon: #3 lemon, maron, melon”

  1. “the names change”

    Maybe there are six of them.

  2. These 3 were the more memorable meidos that struck me after watching this series…good times lol. However my only quip was that they didn’t have more screen time, their jokes usually made me laugh more then from the other meidos.

  3. Oh yeah and I like the parts when they fight for attention from their master with each other….if I remember correctly…

  4. Based on the pattern of the last few days, I’m expecting meido quadruplets tomorrow. Or at least a 4-part meido team. Don’t disappoint me.

  5. They seem to be coming in order of their getting posted about on this blog. I do wonder when Maria will get in since she was mentioned in manga form long before she was ever animated (the hoped for voice actor even came to be.)

    It is the miedo cosplayers that will be in question…however several of them are grand in their own right.

  6. But are they reentrant? Thread-safe meido ftw.

  7. 3 meidos, 3 times the pleasure

  8. i need a monetary estimate to get pleasure like this

  9. They should play for the Celtics.

    Kevin who? :)

  10. Maria’s still lower than these three? Dang, she must be a sad rabbitmeido right now. Especially with the song she was singing to herself at the end of Volume 6 (Rabbits Die if Left Alone).

  11. Didn’t he mention that these numbers are not the ranking of how good they were but in fact we were only supposed to base that decision off of the tier letter? I doubt Maria would be below these 3 in the tier ranking.

  12. Anyone else notice that the current S rank is one maid, the A rank two maids and now the B rank is three? It’s like the inverse ninja law in action, except with maids.

    Mind, neko-meido is pretty powerful in its own right.

  13. I liked the original much more. They had more personality and beautiful facial expressions. Ringo clearly was the leader and used great lines like “So you’re not confident with your own body, is that it?” In the remake I cannot even distinguish them.

  14. “Maybe there are six of them.”
    Clones!!! They are Clones!!!

  15. Why, oh why do I have a modified “Sesame Street” song in my head now?

    “Triple miedo your the one.”
    “You make bedtime lots of fun.”….

  16. Rrrrrrrrrr. Yeah, these three made into my all star team, betcha.

    Rumpus! Rumpus! Rumpus!

    Now what I want to know is how long until we see “stopgap Mikuru” and Reika…

  17. >>Maybe there are six of them.

    My mind just SNAPPED.

  18. They’re every young man’s fantasy… but their master only had eyes for Mariel.

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