meido pantheon: #4 mariel

Chief MeidoHanaukyo Meido
“S” Tier


Mariel is the Chief Meido overseeing all the other meido, including the three who were inducted yesterday. She is a pure alpha meido in that she is peerless in typical meido tasks: cooking, cleaning, cuteness, service. In addition to a figure that makes even the triplets jealous, she has a warm and fuzzy exterior that rivals the Kozue’s and Akari’s of the anime world. Mariel also possesses the incredible luck and melting smile gene that Belldandy has.

That by itself would be enough to make it onto the Meido Pantheon, but Mariel kicks it up a few notches with a darker background (needless to say, I’m very mad that the manga never finished release in the US). While she seems like a simple meido extraordinaire on the outside, she has a deeper purpose at being at the Hanaukyo mansion besides serving tea and being a calming influence. She is an engineered project to be Taro’s ideal meido (why can’t I order one?!), but the emotional programming applied to her is far from perfect.

Mariel is also voiced by the incredibly talented Rie Tanaka, who nails the role. The Meido Pantheon welcome Mariel, VP of Meido Operations.

Awesome Meido Moment: Watching her put on the meido outfit and finishing with the bonnet. It’s like any good Rocky training sequence, only with meido and melonpan instead of bullets and testosterone.

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  1. I remember you used to make fun of her hair being like jaws.

  2. FINALLY, a Tanaka Rie Meido shows up on the list. About time.

  3. A cosplaying Rie Tanaka miedo is fine, too.

    The question will be who will come first: Maria or show stopper Mikuru. Maria is blogged about first, but only her manga version (she was good enough to be noticed before being animated), where as Mikuru sort of lept out of the screen into Jason’s lap with moe modes that would not stop.

    (Next up will likely be niether of them.)

  4. It seems like Rie Tanaka has some memorable roles as a maid,… of course, my favorite still is Mariel.

  5. I’m totally watching this series, so much meido….

  6. >> A cosplaying Rie Tanaka miedo is fine, too.

    Yes…. yes, she is. Especially when cosplaying Maria

    Oh, and a bonus wallpaper for the Kohaku and Hisui fans..

  7. She also did Saki from Steel Angel Kurumi too.

  8. I can’t wait to see which tier the maid from rose/camellia ends up being.

  9. It’s been ages since I’ve last seen her and she’s still made from pure win and awesome…hmm, it get’s me wondering what would happen if they formed a meido sentai team with Kogarashi as its leader and composed of Mariel, Mikuru, Maria and the Triplets Meido…pure win…or substitute Kogarashi with Wilhelmina…it would still work…good dreams….heheh..^_~

  10. How would a boxer train with bullets?

  11. Speaking of Kogarashi, why is the Clumsy Maid still not inducted?

  12. Clumsy Maid would be the newest additon, so she would be the last one inducted.

    Mmm, live Maria with the proper voice…..though I think she likes “Gin” best.

  13. hmm, when would Maria and the clumsy Fubuki enter?

  14. One of my favorite maid, I would have prefered if she could be n3…. but well I won’t complain ^^

  15. In fact, Jason, the manga isn’t really worth it. It has recently finished being published in France (under the name of “Monsieur est servi”) and it’s far too serious for what it is. I really preferred the first anime season by m.o.e. instead of La Vérité…

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