what ’bout my star?

51 vs. 49 and around 900 votes. Much closer race than Tomoyo vs. Nagisa or Yoko vs. Nia. If you haven’t voted yet and can’t make up your mind, all I can say is do the right thing: listen to both Ranka’s and Sheryl’s version of the song and decide. And then vote for Ranka-puppy because her version is superior. YES WE CAN!

(Favorite line: Point, I don’t care. Dollars, how much fake. Can someone translate that for me?)

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  1. Ranka is the Carrie Underwood to Sheryl’s Britney Spears. No contest. Carrie doesn’t shave her head.

  2. Neither does Sheryl.

    Sheryl is more Jennifer Lopez then Britney Spears, because unlike britney, Sheryl is a mature woman in control of her career.

  3. I definitely prefer Ranka’s What ‘Bout My Star? to Sheryl’s, but I’m pretty sure it’s the difference in background music and the combination of their vocals. Sheryl is great for power but she could never sing Aimo like Ranka whereas Ranka could pull off any of Sheryl’s songs.

  4. I’m still rooting for Sheryl to be the end girl, but I do agree that Ranka’s songs are on top.

  5. I vote for Sheryl because Ranka’s hair is atrocious like the Macross Frontier itself…^^

  6. Gah! What are you trying to do biasing the vote! I demand you post some Sheryl stuff now! Go Go Go! You can do it Sheryl! Or better yet this near 50/50 best deserves a Harem ending!

  7. The correct answer is 50-50. Both…symmetrical docking style.

  8. Give us a Sheryl post!! we Demand it! lol..
    women that do not blush easily are the best!
    Sheryl baby!!!

  9. Ranka’s version is definitely the better version and her voice is much more melodic (and I think on key) than Sheryl’s. Plus, will you just look at that picture Jason posted??? If that’s not cuteness personified then the Chinese don’t consider themselves Communists.

    Quick thought: is singing into a microphone a moe-mode?

  10. I blame the lack of a “both at the same time” voting option for this undecided result …

  11. Sheryl version:
    Loud beat, unnatural sounding remixed voice, the “background” music is often the main sound.
    Ranka version:
    “Natural” sounding voice, background music mixes well with the voice often supporting it.
    That’s how I feel about it. I think it’s like with tits, some like this while others prefer that* (I guess I won’t have to mention NSFW?). Of course there’s a lot in between and around too.

    * Seeing that, I can’t understand how people can take IGN seriously. :-/

    I blame the lack of a “both at the same time” voting option for this undecided result …

    That would just result in Sheryl getting 0% :D

  12. No need for istructions on voting. Ranka all the way. Didn’t even need to think about it

  13. I voted for Sheryl because busty mature woman > imouto-type, but I am really fine with either. It’s a win-win situation for that lucky bastard Alto-hime.

  14. Listened both and for me it’s Ranka’s version. Damn. It kept playing in my head and I had to listen it again. Maybe I should start watching this series.

  15. Thanks for finally convincing me to vote Ranka – Sheryl’s version of the song puts a very bad taste in my mouth…

  16. Somewhat off-topic:

    iRobot to make iSlug precursor for DARPA

    If the iSlug was a vote option, it would’ve won.

  17. Deciding factor for me:
    Nyan nyan, Nyan nyan, Nihao nyan! Gorgeous Delicious Deculture!

    I think I watched that one segment loop for a full 10 minutes straight… <_<;; It was too cute.

  18. Just for the record, Sheryl is 17 and Ranka is 16. There’s not much difference in their ages but in their characters. For whatever’s sake, don’t compare them to BS, JL or any other bastards. Do people watch anime to be reminded of the decultured USA. I doubt it. I could really care less about their songs. The only Macross F song I do remotely like is the opening and the rest of it, I’m fine if I never hear it again. Nothing noteworthy.

  19. I prefer Ranka, but a Sheryl is fine too. Not often that the two lead grils are both awesome.

    hmm, I wonder if, like the hair on her head, Ranka can move other hair on other areas…?
    Oh jeebas, I’m thinking again, not good…

  20. The Chinese really do not consider themselves as communists but rather they consider themselves as “imperialists”…^_~

    On that note, a symmetrical docking is fine too…eheh…

  21. Obviously you’ve swayed some opinion Jason… Ranka gained a percent LOL

    Also, I voted for Ranka before seeing this. For me it was the carrots that put it over the top. SHE IS JUST TOO CUTE! I WANT TO TAKE HER HOME!

  22. I voted Ranka, cause like koryuu i was sold on the Nyan nyan, Nyan nyan, Nihao nyan! Gorgeous Delicious Deculture.

    Also green hair. Green hair is moe.

  23. The carrot song. More addicting than Nyan Nyan, if Sheryl doesn’t come out with her own version there’s no way she’s gonna take the lead.

  24. Hmm, cutesy imouto alien or hot idol tsundere who acutally has something in common with the male lead (being boxed in by expectations)?

    Sheryl 2008.
    Make it happen, people.

  25. Based on the two Youtube links alone, thus only on the music quality, I vote Ranka. Ranka uses better natural voice, and her version has better speed. It also shows more depth of mood, and while Sheryl version sounded overly repetitive and contrived, Ranka version had better feel for forward progress to the end. Barring flashy video images, I predict Ranka version to obtain more devoted fan, but marketing may make Sheryl version more widely known.

  26. I fail to care. :|
    Both make me angry.
    I want a third option. :P

  27. Vote Sheryl! Cuteness is all well and good but Ranka is weak. Sheryl may be high maitenance but in a pinch I bet she could actually fight. By the end of the series I fully expect to see Sheryl singing a concert while simultaneously piloting a VF-25 in combat and saving Alto from certain death.

    Is Ranka unfathomably adorable? Yes. But at the end of the day why die knowing you had a cute girlfriend waiting for you back at home when you could live because your tsundere girlfriend refused to patiently wait at home and came out to save you?

    P.S. Both should definitely have been an option, Sheryl doesn’t seem to mind sharing.

  28. “By the end of the series I fully expect to see Sheryl singing a concert while simultaneously piloting a VF-25 in combat and saving Alto from certain death.”

    Except Ranka will be running a Minmay Defense with Aimo version 3.0, thus eliminating the need for Sheryl to do anything.

    The vote comes down to this preference: Sheryl’s mature idol persona is straightforward and focused, but narrow in appeal. Give me the girl who can do Chinese restaurant commercials and run vegetable stands as well as do the idol thing. Versatility and adaptability all the way!

  29. Jason has lectured me before on the foolishness of believing that “cute makes right” is a universal truth that everyone is aware of, but…

    Cute makes right. Vote Ranka.

  30. “But at the end of the day why die knowing you had a cute girlfriend waiting for you back at home when you could live because your tsundere girlfriend refused to patiently wait at home and came out to save you?”

    Bah! More like she’d try to save you but just screw up the situation even more, and now you have to worry about puling her ass out of the fire as well as the rest of your team. Meanwhile Ranka stays back sending song buffs over the comm inspiring you to pierce the heavens no matter the odds. BLOOD FOR THE RANKA-PUPPY!

  31. Sheryl San!!!

  32. Uh, Jason does know that Ranka’s version is a duet with Sheryl, right? Anyway, I voted Sheryl. I prefer my women healthy, thank you.

    (Random Trivia: I’m listening to the theme song of Gekiganger 3 as I type this. “Let’s Go Passion!”)


    Man, the only downside of that song is that Sheryl’s in part of it too, and Ranka has to sing backing vocals. Sure, those backing vocals contain some of the best goddamn “lalalalaaaaaa”ing I’ve ever heard (~2:20ish), but still… they’re quieter than Sheryl’s evil banshee scream. :(

  34. Random thoughts: Sheryl is Miyuki. Well Miyuki after reversing the Mikuru trend and instead of being the cosrape victim, is now the cosraper. Thus Sheryl is Mikuru after turning the tables on Haruhi…just what Jason wanted to see.

  35. http://novus-inceptum.net/~nun.....apuppy.jpg

    That’s only 5.3413 hours in the last two weeks. Must… listen… more.

  36. This is getting scary like the Haruhism fight a couple of months ago. I hope the Warhammer refences don’t start getting thrown around.

    All hail Ranka! My she live forever!

  37. This is getting scary like the Haruhism fight a couple of months ago. I hope the Warhammer refences don’t start getting thrown around.

    They already have:


  38. Wow, Ranka jumped ahead with a 6 point lead. The promo video of Intersteller Flight below might have been the clincher:


    If only all of Ranka’s songs are like that…

  39. Not to knock the cast but if the other charachters are worth a crap they can afford a cute girl freind type.

    Example: Gurren Lagann

    Nuff said.

  40. I’ve always liked girls who could take care of themselves a lot more than the helpless cute type.

    Regardless of the singing though, Sheryl’s ridiculously cool multi-coloured hair does it for me! GOO SHERYL!

  41. We’re talking about the quality of the song here. I feel Ranka’s song is more sincere since it has her singular voice in the beginning and then blooms out with instrumentals later on. It’s like a sunrise. Sheryl’s song seems all techno and soulless and cold and impersonal, like a strobe light in your eye.

  42. Alto: You say that, but I happen to like techno – that and I like the way the chorus in Sheryl’s version sounds better. It’s hard to say though, because it’s like comparing Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan’s legacies – both are amazing, but for different reasons.

    Sorry, I need to make an analogy that the readers here can relate to – I suppose the comparison would then become which one is less likely to be sporting a mantube – Mako-cakes or Mizuho.

  43. If you were Alto and was going into a serious lasting relationship, who’d you choose? Hot, nubile, healthy woman or cute helpless girl? If only there was a 3rd option, BOTH!

  44. Healthy woman….?

    I did notice that the gap that opened up right after this blog was written has closed again. I may have voted Ranka, but a Sheryl is fine too. I was expecting Sheryl to be ahead actually based on the melonpan vote. Seems we have less of those around than we were lead to believe.

  45. The pain inflicted by a tsundere will do naught but ruin morale! The cute smile of the girl next door, will forever make you want to prove your manliness and pierce the heavens destroying all foes in a blaze of glory! Why? Because you know that when you come home, that lap-pillow is waiting for you!
    So now you know. And Knowing is half the battle.

    Heil! Ranka-puppy!

  46. Since the vote only says “Ranka or Sheryl?” I’m going to conveniently ignore any singing samples – and accuse of blogger bias of current vote status ;) – when making my decision. And it shall be… Sheryyyyyl!

    Interesting though how the vote is 50/50. They’ve managed to create two characters that seem to equally appeal to audience. Or at least to Derailed audience, and I reckon we can cast some doubt over that one being your typical anime audience sampling… ;D

  47. I see that the Sheryl supporters got a bot to vote overnight. ;) Now play fair, as your idol does.

    P.S.: Alto is still a jerk, and we now know his price.

    He picks flying over girls any day of the week.

  48. @Haesslich
    That’s not a bot, that’s probably Grace hacking again :P After DDoSing all Ranka’s sites now is time do work on DbD ^^
    Jokes apart, it’s really a bot? The numbers of votes have already increased sharply for Ranka just before Sheryl in a short frame of time, maybe is just due to this ‘call for arms’ post.
    This is turning in some parody of a recount for a presidential election ^^;;

  49. @ Nunka and Jenx

    Who pledged her loyalty?
    The Hime-master
    Whom did we serve in faith?
    The Hime-master
    From whom did we take our name?
    The Hime-master
    Who was denied to us?
    The Hime-master
    But whom shall we remake?
    The Hime-master
    And who shall lead us to victory?
    The Hime-master!

    Sheryl 2008.

  50. Well it could be a bot, fanboys can be scary that way… it seems like the poll jumped bout 200 or 300 votes in 4 hours.

  51. No!!!!! Sheryl is leading!!!! Vote Ranka-puppy!!!!!! Yes, WE CAN!!!! Come on people, Ranka is soooo MOEEEE! More so than Sheryl, who sometimes acts skanky…

  52. sheryl FTW!!

  53. Hooray for Sheryl!

  54. End of episode 6 did it for me, Sheryl > Ranka.

  55. I think the same thing happened to the poll not long ago when Jason tried to bend to bias in favor of TTGL over SHnY……

  56. I’m pretty certain that there’s a bot, or some other sabotage involved like the previous Saimoe which resulted in certain disqualifications due to rampant ballot-stuffing. Going from 47% to 49% then to 51% a few hours later is unlikely, unless a bunch of people, or a few people with an IP spoofer, started hitting the vote button every few seconds or minutes.

  57. I would point out that the vote count was 49 to 51 before jason said anything, then it jumped to 47 – 53, and has now returned to a 51 to 49 level with about 20 votes between them like before…well reversed, but that balance is about the same as it was before Jason said anything. Sheryl was holding her own between 20 and 30 votes behind Ranka, then Ranka “jumped” 30 – 40 votes. Now Sheryl has jumped about 70 – 80 votes equivalent. It looks more like a backlash than anything else. And possibly tied to the recent episode of Macross shifting favor in the ranks.

  58. I’m personally hoping for a Ranka and Sheryl ending, just to piss off the shippers. It also gives everyone what they want (Ranka and Sheryl are both involved with someone), and adds yuri to the mixture along with a possible imouto-con complex on Sheryl’s side given how she’s treating Ranka.

    Alto and Klein would be a good couple too – she can always slap him when he starts getting uppity, and she’s like a nee-sama type character most of the time when she’s not Miclonized.

  59. >>she can always slap him when he starts getting uppity, and she’s like a nee-sama type character most of the time when she’s not Miclonized.

    Wouldn’t her slapping Alto result in him getting squished? XD
    *insert giantess H here*

  60. Depends on whether he’s in the VF at the time or not. Or she could slap him when she’s miclonized, and then it just looks like he’s being attacked by Konata. A sexier version with the potential to kill men in her cleavage when she jumps in the miclonization tank.

  61. >> Haesslich

    Actually, there’s a lot of cheating and vote stuffing going on. I just noticed this since I’ve been out of town for a few days, but all of it seems to originate from either Malaysia or Singapore. I have no clue what do you guys do for fun there, but there has to be more interesting things to do than spike a poll on a silly blog. I’m going to do a sweep and then post the final results.

    Andohbytheway, it’s Macross! Score all the heroines ain’t an option, much like the Code Geass franchise… now score all the Shirtless-donos and all the Rolos, maybe, but definitely not score all the heroines.

  62. >>all of it seems to originate from either Malaysia or Singapore

    I’m not sure of Sg but the ISPs in Malaysia use dynamic IP for private users such as myself. I found out after a thunderstorm when i reconnected my line and cleared the cache enables me to recast my vote…

  63. In episode 15, there is yet another option (option 4, if you will)… both Sheryl AND Ranka singing… “50/50” to Alto…

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