cat diary 11

I’d eat her 叉燒包, if you know what I mean.


Her breasts brings dreams and hope. See, a much more even battle than Nagisa and Kyou’s thighs. And if Nagisa is the Darko to Kyou’s, Tomoyo’s, and Kotomi-chan’s Wade, ‘Melo, and Bosh, then Sheryl and Ranka are definitely Deron and CP3.

(I’m only on a renewed Nagisa offensive because next week is the NBA draft, and the Darko parallels are just so apt.)


May have to change Sheryl’s projection from a divorced Britney Spears to Honey-era Mariah Carey. I can definitely picture Sheryl OD’ing on antidepressants while topless. What? You can’t?


Typical harem moment. I just shake my head.


Though Nana is rising on the charts. I think she really wants Ranka to herself, and I can’t complain about that turn of events. In fact, I might cheer.


I see what they did for these two scenes…

(Why are there so many breast shots this episode? I’m not complaining. I’m complimenting.)

(And I can’t take Klan seriously. In one form, she reminds me of the Amazon women from Futurama… snoo snoo! In the other form, she reminds me of Konata. So of course, I get some weird imagery, even without licking poisonous toads or staring at Mako-cakes. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is made of choco coronets.)


This week’s iSlug montage. Silly mortals with their iPhones.


Something’s not right about this scene… shouldn’t she be hugging a Cheese-kun?


Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) 4tw!


Oh wait, it’s Neko Nikki (Cat Diary). My bad. Still, Ranka-puppy ED 4tw!


Great scene. I was feeling bad for Ranka here as her expected rendezvous with Alto turned out to be a huge combo breaker.

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  1. I’m pretty sure Klan is a mistake, a poor mistake born of too many nights drinking cheap beer and cavorting with gender-ambiguous strippers.

    And the poll keeps on swinging percentage points back and forth! When will you close it and declare a winner?

  2. I have to say that Sheryl really did a underhanded tactic by using Alto’s sky fetish to get him to come with her on his birthday. Now I’ve got more reasons to be a Ranka fan, that’s not to say that I wasn’t one in the first place lol.

  3. >>Great scene. I was feeling bad for Ranka here

    Same. And that is very much unlike me—heart two sizes too small and all that. Perhaps my heart has grown?

    Or maybe Megumi Nakajima is just, you know, AWESOME.

  4. Yeah, Sheryl was being a little backstabber there. She knew Ranka was going to give the tickets and even encouraged her with a smile. Then she turned around and WHAM!

  5. Yup. “Sky” to alto is like “sex” for ordinary mortals. Now, Alto’s really a blockhead for not even leaving a message to Ranka…

    One other note: Here’s how I’d caption those two Klan/Cathy shots:

    1) jiiiiiiiiiii~~~~~~ “Hmm… mine are still bigger than yours.”

    2) “See?”

  6. I would have died if Klan had said “Timotei!” during the shower scene.

    As far as Sheryl vs Ranka…so tough a choice. Ranka has the sweetest voice ever, and shes also super cute…buut..kinda empty headed. Guess I’m not a very traditional male, who expects women to be seen and not heard.

    Sheryl is sexy, confident, and willing…but not Moe. Ranka has some of my fav Moe modes. (cute voice, green hair, dancing)

    In a ideal world: Sheryl is superior Waifu material, while Ranka is superior mistress material. I’ll have my Sheryl and eat my Ranka too!

  7. Yeah, it’s not like Alto is outright choosing one girl or the other; remember, he also had a choice of going with his kabuki friend, with whom they assuredly had many homo-erotic moments together while “performing”. I reckon Mr. Actor (forgot his name) is the darkhorse 3rd competitor for Alto’s affection OH GEASS NO!!

  8. Kadian: That’s his brother. Which means, in your scenario, things are even more wrong in that household than we thought – like Kurenai-level wrong.

    Seriously, I think Alto would happily kill Luca, Mikhail, Sheryl and Ranka if someone told him he could fly all he wanted, as much as he wanted, for the rest of his life if he did so. And that he’d never have to face family pressure ever again, acting if he wanted to… but flying when he felt like it otherwise.

  9. This episode made me like Ranka a little more. Also Alto less.
    He didn’t choose Sheryl’s path because he likes flying (pretty tricky for her to say “would you like to fly in a new/bigger sky” rather then “would you like to be my bishounen body guard again”-speaking of which I want an ‘I will always love you’ cover out of Sheryl before this arc is over) more then he likes acting, or the thought of being with Ranka.
    He went with Sheryl because she offered him freedom rather then responsibility. I mean that’s my read on it.

    With Sheryl, there is no pressure or expectations. And I guess that’s not a bad thing, I mean I don’t blame Alto for picking that.
    I think Michael said something along those lines as during the friendly fire episode. He’s “Doing things just for himself” and such.

    It would be hard to accuse him of leading Ranka on, though, so you got to give him a little credit (doesn’t really deserve the Nice Boat ending).

  10. Heasslich: it’s not his blood brother though. They aren’t actually related, so it’s not actually that spooky (well it is, but least it’s not incest spooky).

    Also, blog needs more mirai nikki posts.

  11. i can’t believe that Alto left Ranka there alone… at least try to call her again!!! i hope Ranka snoo snoo Alto to his death.

  12. >> i hope Ranka snoo snoo Alto to his death.

    No, hope that Klein does it. That way, Klein’ll be happy… and Alto will be killed by his senpai. Everyone’s happy, since it frees Ranka up for Sheryl. ;) Plus, imagine the headlines…

    I still can’t get over Klein-sama. So…. cute…

  13. I’m relieved to find out it wasn’t just me seeing the large increase of BOOBIES shot in this episode.

  14. As bad as I felt for Ranka when she was stood up, I wanted Alto to choose the sky. He hasn’t necessarily chosen Sheryl by doing this, but he did what he wanted to do according to his dreams and I applaud him for that. I’m also rooting for a Sheryl end, so that helps as well.

  15. man, Alto-hime really is addicted to flying..he just can’t say no to the skies huh..its like drug addict going for his choice of drug.
    but but, even though i feel kinda sad for Ranka getting stood off by Alto, its still Sheryl all the way!

  16. Errr… what size bra would Klein wear in full Zentraedi form ? Enquiring minds would like to know. Then again it doesn’t look like she’s using one in the 7th picture

  17. All I can say is…..


  18. I don’t she sells 叉燒包. It’s tuna bun instead. 叉燒包 is pork.

  19. You guys are really harsh on Alto. Look at it from his standpoint.

    On one hand you have this girl you saved who is now obsessed with you. She acts like a little girl (imouto-moe-mode) even though she’s almost the same age as him (and guys who are 17 who aren’t readers of this blog aren’t infatuated with lolis :P), and chases him like every other girl in his school who’s obsessed with him.

    Meanwhile on the other hand, you have a confident, fully grown, girl who treats you like an equal for once (instead of on some remote pedestal like everyone else) and is just mysterious enough to be intriguing. I think the choice from his part is obvious.

  20. Actually, the choice was more like this:

    1) Girl who clings a bit, who he feels protective of.

    2) Girl who annoys him, but who he still feels somewhat protective of, and she provides good insights into his reasons to do things.

    3) Freedom from girls, from his past, through flight.

    Alto chooses #3 pretty much every time. The fact that #2 gave him the opportunity for #3 is meaningless from Alto’s standpoint. I -still- suspect he’d kill both of those girls, if told that by doing so he’d earn eternal freedom from every obligation and the ability to fly as high as he wanted, as far as he wanted, forever and ever.

  21. Well, it looks like Alto made up his mind going for option 4, atmosphere…

    On the upside I think Ranka would totally be down for a 3 some with Alto and Sheryl

    Nipples… so huge… does want.

  22. >> On the upside I think Ranka would totally be down for a 3 some with Alto and Sheryl

    No, it’s more that Sheryl would be interested. She’s interested in both Alto and Ranka, if for different reasons, and she’s the one who was ogling Nanase in the showers.

  23. >>Alto chooses #3 pretty much every time.

    Two words: VF RealDoll
    Those poor girls would never have a chance.

  24. Further evidence that Jason’s just pretending to be broken – otherwise he would’ve said 小籠包…

  25. Apologies – I forgot to add the requisite


  26. I can definitely picture Sheryl OD’ing on antidepressants while topless. What? You can’t?

    I can picture myself administering CPR. Does that count?

  27. Alto choosing freedom is the correct view in my opinion. He’s spent most of his life oppressed by his father and family reputation. Given that, it’s surely a given that he’ll choose to run away or in his mind freedom.

    At some point later in the series he’ll grow some balls and actually confront his father/family.

    Alto is a jerk for the way he treats Ranka. He’s ignorant and selfish. At least he’s not malicious.

    I’m not aware at any point in the episode that indicates Sheryl new about that specific meeting between Ranka and Alto. So how exactly is that Sheryl backstabbing Ranka? Neither of them are exclusive with Alto, so he’s fair game.

    My vote is for Sheryl at the moment only because she at least makes herself visible on Alto’s radar. Ranka barely exists in Alto’s mind. Once Ranka get’s some self-confidence the love triangle will become a lot more interesting.

  28. Just got caught up on Macross Frontier today. Jason sure has gotten me involved in a lot of animes.

    Klan really reminds me of Aisha Clanclan from Outlaw Star – which of course means I couldn’t possibly take her seriously either.

  29. If they could make humans larger just like how they inversely shrink the Zentradi I’d be dating Klan in an instant. She’s the best of both sides of the spectrum. She has a plentiful melon-pan mode and DFC mode. To top it off, even in DFC mode she’s technically legal. Though even DFC only mode isn’t something that I’d ignore.

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